Wednesday, 30 November 2011

a teenager's energy

A teenager has so much going on their body. Chemicals and hormones flying about all over the place. It's no wonder that they can be challenging to live with. They are impressionable, it is easy for energy to stick to them and for them to bring it into the home upsetting the balance. They are able to throw their energy around, scattering themselves in the process which leads to irrational behaviour, extra fatigue and aggression.
Keeping cool and always sending them the vibration of love is so important at this time in their lives when they are learning to be responsible adults. We are their example.
It is okay to be human, to have disagreements, to argue, to discuss and challenge, but it must be dissolved afterwards with the energy of love and peace. Never go to bed on an argument my Nan used to say - and she was right. The ill feeling and negative energy fester and only serve to make you ill and stressed. Diffuse the situation with apologies and talking, keep the lines of communication open. Never judge, always guide. Our children are not truly ours, we do not own them. We merely have them in our guardianship and it is our job to guide, nurture and give them the life experiences that their soul desires.
Having children in our care is an opportunity for us to soar up the spiritual ladder through our behaviour, kindness and love.
Teenagers may not be cute babies anymore but they need love more than ever. They suffer huge insecurities, have lessons of life thrust upon them when they least expect it. They try to fit into society. They have pressures to perform and achieve. Youth has so many blessings and so many pitfalls.
Teenagers need their space. They need to be alone sometimes. If your teen is having a bad time send them the energy of love and take note of the difference in their behaviour.
Imagine your teen standing before you, imagine that they are surrounded by pink light, the pink light becomes a bubble, the light travels through your teen, it swirls in their aura, it is locked in around them by the bubble. Do the same to yourself and the members of your household, then your house, then your vehicles. Ask for the angels to keep you all safe and guide you.
When you are shouting at your teen or arguing, question if you would speak to or behave in such a way with anyone else's child, or any adult. If the answer is no, then you are disrespecting your child - the most precious person in your life - the person with the most potential to make you proud - the person who is capable of giving you the deepest connection to your heart you will ever experience - the person you made a spiritual promise to of love and raising. Don't fail your children. A teen is not an adult and not a young child. They are in a transitional stage of development and need to have allowances made for the difficulties this can bring. Love and light are the way.
Tomorrow - how to cleanse a teens energy field

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