Tuesday, 8 November 2011

like attracts like

Like attracts like. In spiritual circles this phrase is used alot but what does it actually mean?
Basically it tells us to be kind to everyone if you want other's to be kind to you, to laugh and be happy even when times are tough and happiness will surround you. To be a good person to attract good people to you and good events in your life.
Anger and violence will bring more of those emotions to you as will jealousy and fear. So have a good clear out. Whatever it is that you do to make yourself feel good; walking the dog, running, having a massage, watching a funny show on TV, it doesn't matter as long as it lifts your spirits.
As winter approaches and we become swathed in dark nights and gloomy days it's hard to stay cheerful when travelling to work and everything seems like a hard slog. Spending a little time on yourself can go a long way to improving your mood and keeping you bright, so indulge yourself a little and allow your other halves and loved ones the time and space to do the same because you are boosting your spiritual selves as well as the physical ones.

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