Friday, 4 November 2011

Sceptisism versus Spiritualism

Many men I meet are sceptics of the spirit world and afterlife as a phenomenon and one they believe to be unproven. This is natural. Men tend to want to see things with their own eyes, to touch them. They think logically, not emotionally. They like to think of themselves as scientific not intuitive. However, spiritualism is a science of discovery. It was never a religion or faith of any kind. In order for spiritualism to be recognised under UK law the term church had to be used for their meeting houses, UK law only recognises such organisations as cults or religions. Anyone who has ever sat in a spiritualist service or particularly a development circle would not be able to doubt the existence of an exterior influence that provides amazing evidence of survival after death every day of the week. I have received such information and given it to others who have often been astounded - as they were sceptics - both male and female.
I don't believe that someone can mock the existence of spirit until they know for sure. So who is the scientist here? the person who denies a phenomena without research or the person who studies and devotes time to discovering the answers for themselves? I know where I sit. I sit with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Daniel Dunglass Homes.
There is a main spiritualist teaching academy at Stansted, England, called the Arthur Findlay College. There in archives lies hundreds if not thousands of tapes, videos and transcripts of evidence of spirit and life after the death of the physical body. Manifestations have been filmed, voices recorded, witness statements gathered. Now, we're not talking about attendees who are nutty, lacking in intelligence or desperate attention seekers. We are talking about professionals, lawyers, police officers, medical staff, bankers and others with responsible jobs and lives. If you look for the evidence there is plenty of it. What most of you see is the celebrity of spiritism. You see Colin Fry, Sally Morgan, people on the road doing shows, sitting in the limelight. You don't see the many years of dedication and hard work, research and personal risk, both public and personal, that dedicated people invest in the progression of research in the spirit world. Science has many fields, just because something remains unseen and unproven doesn't make it impossible.

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