Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ego and mediumship

The ego is an intangible thing and yet we all know someone with a big opinion of themselves and we see such people on reality shows constantly. The person with the huge ego is the only one not to see that they speak utter rubbish, that no-one takes them seriously or they make idiots of themselves. Most of us can spot this person, remove ourselves from their company and avoid them but what if you are that person - even just a little?
How do you know when your ego is getting the upper hand of your personality?
When I was a developing medium this subject came up time and time again and it is important to eliminate the voice of the ego - or your lower self - in order to be successful at receiving information from spirit and higher evolved beings.
There are several reasons why the ego of another person is offensive to us but when working in the subtle realms it is dangerous. See my earlier post 'like attracts like.'
There is a wonderful book available written by Eckhart Tolle that describes the ego perfectly called The Power of Now. If you are trying to develop as a medium, a healer or as a person - this book needs to be read. Techniques in the book show you how to quieten the voice in your head - you know the one that natters all the time, it talks away and you are forced to listen. It gives you negative comments, knocks your confidence, tells you that you can't reach higher, makes you believe that you're useless and unworthy, that you'll never amount to anything. It will lie to you and tell you that your life is comfortable as it is, that you shouldn't aim higher and who are you to think that you can be a somebody.
It is a cruel voice. Everyone has one, we all have a lower self after all. We all have a higher self too, the part of us that dreams of success, of love and of wealth. The dreamer in us has it all, the recognition we deserve, the charity we would like to give, the all round good person everyone loves. We all know someone like that too, a person that we gravitate to simply because they are great to be around, they are positive and happy and an inspiration to us.
So why not access the higher self rather than the lower? It sounds simple doesn't it? Too simple to be true even. But of course it is attainable and there is plenty of information to help you achieve it too. The truth is that you have to tell the lower voice to shut up. To go away. That you will no longer listen to it. That it has no place in your life. Then - you have to ignore it - override it with thoughts of success, of change for the better. Imagine yourself being that great person we all have the potential to be, being lucky, having love, having it all. Nurture your higher self, your positive voice, don't listen to self criticism and certainly never listen to others - always follow your heart.
It takes work and a little time, but soon that old nagging voice will quieten and you will have achieved a massive step in your evolution as a person and the growth of your spirit. You will also achieve peace, I don't mean from the noise of the constant chatter - I mean an inner depth of peace that you are in control of your future and able to access the wisdom and creativity we all have within us because you can hear it at last.

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