Thursday, 10 November 2011

the dead don't lie...

...or do they?
Most spirit who come during a reading to pass on love and information are very honest about all situations. They can afford to be truthful when their comment comes with love as we all can do here on earth too. Rather than lie they will answer your questions diplomatically and gently but always with your well-being in the forefront of their minds, their desire is to help - not hinder.
There are other spirits though that will lie and deceive you for their own gain. This is where the warnings come in for novices and those that dabble in contacting the dead. I have heard mediums say that protection against the spirits is unnecessary - not true in my experience. It stands to reason that if there are spirit people who pass to the higher plains and are good then there will be those who do not get home, who linger around the etheric level which is close to us and the earth, and will lie and deceive so that they can stay and draw energy from the living. There may be many reasons why a spirit does not pass over properly, fear, anger, worry, attachment to a home or person, death by violence, lack of faith in the afterlife or not ready to die.
Some people are just plain bad - they do not suddenly become good people at death. These people often linger around the living, causing depression, illness, bad luck and strange thought patterns, arguments and electrical breakdowns.
When sitting to contact the dead these are the spirits you don't want around you. You have to protect yourself against them with varied psychic techniques and this is where knowledge is power. I have spent a considerable amount of time cleansing novices of bad energy or spirit entities that they have collected through bad practice. It's true that the Ouija board is dangerous, but only in the wrong hands. It is a tool the same as cards or crystals. The problem arises with the people that use it not having any knowledge about protection and also the usual method of use which is to drink alcohol from the same glass. Alcohol and spiritism do not mix. I refuse to read for people who have had a drink. Alcohol weakens the natural aura protection which can allow entities inside it easily, but makes them hard to get rid of. If you want to work with spirit, join a circle, find out as much as you can, attend workshops and do it properly. When we do dangerous activities we wear the relative protective clothing and activities of the mental kind are no different. The mind is a wonderful tool but at the same time fragile, to do this kind of work you need to be grounded, mentally strong and determined because at times the questions that you will broach can be life changing. Be sensible and go in with your eyes open. Don't believe everything others tell you - alive or dead - ask many questions and always work with good intentions.

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