Tuesday, 28 February 2012

destructive doggy

I was asked a question not so long ago concerning a dog and his sudden change of behaviour.
Here's the thing - the dog was ten years old. It lived in the same house for years without any problems. The owners of the house started digging new foundations for an extension and were changing the internal layout of the property causing disruption and dust and noise and all the other stuff that goes along with such work.
The dog was fine with the workmen, the mess etc. However since opening up the basement which had been sealed due to damp since before the owners moved in, he had been growling and barking at empty space, scratching at doors to get out of rooms, being destructive and biting the bottoms of the doors to escape. Howling at night and chasing around the house too. He was off his food and stared at his owners alot as well as past them. He was spooking them out but worse - the owners were considering having him put to sleep because his behaviour had changed so much that he was hard to live with. The vet had checked out the dog and could find nothing wrong and could only offer dementia and aging as a diagnosis.
The aging process is a possible solution but I would focus more on the change of energy that had invaded his environment.
The house is old and is on farmland that has been undisturbed for centuries. Perhaps there is an old burial site beneath it and the renovations had disturbed the ancestors buried there. It could be that a victim of crime is risen again after being freed from their hidden grave. It could be something that the builders had brought with them, a roaming or lost spirit. It could be the spirit of an animal. It could also be simply a change in the energy frequency caused by the land being disturbed. Or even an underground waterway that is affecting the energy of the house that sits above it because of the digging in the basement and surrounding area. Or electrical pylons, mobile phone mast, minerals in the water etc.
It could also be that the dog was reacting to his food or other foreign influence such as a poison or natural toxin he had access too.
It's important to consider all aspects when looking into such a case. Just because something appears to be paranormal doesn't mean it is and all logical explanations have to be looked at first.
Personally in this case I thought that there was a spirit of a boy in the house and that the building works had brought him to activity, but I could come to that conclusion because I had investigated properly using my senses and knowledge added to the fact that I could plainly see the spirit of the boy when I went to the house. That's where a trained medium becomes the only person able to deal with the energies being created and the spirit person that needs help. I spoke to the boy, assured him that nothing bad could happen to him anymore and that I could show him the way home to people who cared about him or to the angels who would look after him. After some convincing he allowed me to take him to the path that would lead him into the light and his recovery. He had been murdered by his father two hundred years ago and hidden in what used to be a pond. The boy guided me to the spot, which had been dug up by the builders and new concrete laid. He also guided me to a well in the grounds. No such well seemed to exist until the owner began to dig in the spot and found - you guessed it - an old well.
An exorcist would have banished the child, a witch removed him and cleansed the property but where would the boy go? A smudging or cleansing ceremony would not rid the building of its guest and a healer would not necessarily 'see' the spirit. Only a medium with clairvoyant or clairsentient or clairaudient abilities could help in this case, because the others had been tried by the owner of the house and had failed. As usual - I was a last resort before the men in white coats came to take people away. Sleep deprivation, arguments about differing opinions and lack of understanding meant that it took the owners three years before they found me and the 'problem' was cleared up in thirty minutes. There is a place for healers and mediums in our society, we do a valuable job that no-one else can do but the medium must be genuine, moralistic, compassionate and trained. I have done spirit rescue in lots of situations - some nicer than others - but it is always worthwhile and satisfying when done right, mistakes can be costly - to the medium.
The dog is healed, the house finished and everyone happy about a positive outcome.

Monday, 20 February 2012


I'm currently reading the classic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Although I have read many books and seen many films in the horror genre the character of Dracula is one of the most enduring and fascinating. Bram Stoker's treatment of the elusive and secretive count is masterful leaving the reader knowing what a monster he is but also desperate to learn more about him but further succumbing to the romance of surrender to such a being. Although the writing itself is from a different era it remains clear and tantalising in the language used and I can't imagine it being written any other way and being successful in conjuring such a vivid picture of the era in which it was created.

That said, I began to wonder about vampires and if people believe in them in the Dracula sense or any other way they could be interpreted.

During my experience I have really only met vampires in the physical form of a human body and it's my guess that you all know one too - personally. Each of us knows the person that drains everyone they come into contact with. They always have a drama or a story that pins you down until you have no energy left. Or they are aggressive and critical and take your energy leaving you feeling useless, tired and beaten.

Energy vampires will offload their woes onto you, leave you feeling exhausted and go on their merry way feeling better. Of course they feel better, they have just taken your life force energy and consumed it and you have allowed it to happen.

Spirit vampires are rare and they certainly do not shape shift into the form of a bat or attach themselves to your neck! They are just the same as living ones and will try to take a bite out of your energy field. It is natural for all of us to seek energy when our own is low, the aura needs sustenance and a flow of cosmic and earth energy is needed to complete the circuit of our electro-magnetic body. Just as when we feel tired we might reach for a sugary snack to boost our energy the aura reaches out and searches for a shot of energy in the same way.

For an empath or healer this is a particularly difficult problem to live with but an easy one to solve. Without psychic protection you are open to such feasting from others, they see your energy, it glows and looks attractive and the natural light body part of a person will have a little taste in passing or take a chunk out of you over a longer time, this is detrimental to the empath/healer as they will tire easily and need more sleep to recuperate but then the cycle repeats itself and in the long term can lead to fatigue based illnesses. There is a post on here about psychic protection and how to perform it as well as cleansing the energy field which is paramount before you seal any undesirable energy inside with you.

Vampires in the physical body (as a person) usually try to instill fear in people and particularly children. Anything that promotes a fearful reaction means that the vampire can make a connecting cord that will provide him with a flow of energy over time, therefore he will try to intimidate, frighten, weaken his target. If you stand firm against such a person and resist their belittling attempts, not only will you feel better about yourself but you will have achieved a psychic protection technique I call blocking.

To block a person who is being confrontational, aggressive, passive aggressive or intimidating try this. You can use this technique as a spiritual one or if you have issues with spiritual belief then use it as a mental technique. It works particularly well with children who feel they are being bullied as it empowers them internally. Simply imagine a large mirror in front of you but facing away from you and at the person/vampire, this will reflect back to them the negative energy and thoughts they are sending to you. If you want to take this a step further you can imagine yourself inside a mirror ball, so that all angles are covered. However, I personally use the following technique to stop anything in its tracks. I have no patience or time for negative beings or actions and I give them little of my attention. I prefer to seal the offending being (physical or spiritual) within a crystal orb. I imagine a clear quartz crystal sphere surrounding the problem, I fill it with white light and the pink light of love. The crystal severs any cords that the being has managed to forge and cuts off their energy supply completely. Then I hand it over the the angels to deal with (simply by asking them to take over) and go about my day. I used to suffer with psychic attack on a regular basis (this can happen when you are developing and carrying a lot of light and power or simply through the jealousy of others) but I never suffer with it now since using my crystal technique, negativity is quickly and easily dispensed with at little energetic cost to me. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


There is a lot of talk about 2012 at the moment and the predicted changes that will happen to our planet. We have heard that there will be earthquakes, floods, fires, energy shifts, polar shift, planetary alignment, alien invasion, death and destruction. Sounds just like the end of the world doesn't it?
Some of the above things will happen, certainly the natural disasters, because they happen anyway on quite a regular basis if you follow international news you will know that. No-one can predict such things and maintain their credibility unless they are scientific predictions and precautions can be given to save lives. To predict them as a matter of course is to state the obvious, of course they will happen - in time.
As for the other things listed I understand that there is a polar shift that scientists are aware of that will happen this year in December. Also there is a planetary alignment that rarely happens that will take place. (you can google your own research on these events). As for aliens...well they're already here so nothing to fear there. Why should we fear anything? sometimes mans' sense of self preservation is so strong that he loses his reasoning regarding acceptance of other life forms and the true threat they pose. If we are to die, what then? will the world end, will life cease for ever, as individuals will we be alone?
No. None of these things will happen. We will continue to exist in our natural state of the light body - this physical body is only a temporary vehicle for us anyway. We will continue to love and learn and be in a state of acceptance - so that's not frightening is it.
What frightens me more is when people pass up opportunities, neglect their health, don't live life to the full - because of fear.
There are those groups of people who will fully embrace the energy changes this year will bring and they will immerse themselves in the knowledge and experience of it. There will be those people too who ignore and think ridiculous the forecast changes and that is their choice, they will continue to be physical and ignorant of the sensitivities of the human spirit and the meaning of life. Then there are those of us who sit somewhere in the middle expecting something to happen, but not wishing to be in the centre of things and certainly not wishing to suffer for the changes to occur - we will leave the suffering to others and be thankful that our lives wont be disrupted too much.
In all things there must be balance so there is a place for all of the groups and their thoughts and beliefs. I don't think that worry is a useful emotion regarding 2012 and neither is obsession. What will be will be and as with all things in life acceptance is the key to a smoother ride, so notice the changes, welcome them, be curious about your world but allow those who are in a better position than you to do what needs to be done to manage the changes. All you have to do is look after yourself and those you love and carry on as usual.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

philosophy - channelled 11 Feb 2012

Giving in to human nature is as close as you get to giving up. The human spirit is so strong, so resilient and yet simple will power overrules it so easily. The mind is a powerful tool, hardly used as yet by mankind, but still you give your power away, to a lover, to jealousy, to vices, to those who seem more powerful than you. Never give up your independent mind, will and actions. You are an individual and are allowed to make your own choices, it is the only way forward spiritually speaking. Those that love you will love you anyway.

Sometimes mistakes will be made, but how else will you learn? Sometimes choices will be difficult but the heart must always have the higher ground, you know deep inside what you are to do, who you are to love, anything less is compromise and unfair to the other party - everyone deserves true love, deep, lasting and respectful love.

Our choices are what make us. Some are braver than others, will travel far and wide to seek answers for their soul, others will travel in their mind and dreams more than body, but wisdom will still be sought and found.

Being truthful with yourself is what is most important, you cannot hide the truth from the soul and the soul shares its knowledge with others in the soul group, there is a collective learning as well as an individual truth that must be found. The soul is bright, calm, searching always for more in its healthy state, some souls do fragment or split due to deep trauma but all is healed in time and all learn from it.

The soul wastes nothing, even when things are bad for you individually, your soul is growing. When you struggle with earthly situations and you ask for your angels to help you sometimes they cannot. If your soul has agreed to experience a certain set of circumstances then your spirit will have to undergo them. No angel, guide or healer can interfere with soul choices, but healing can be brought for understanding, peace and balance whilst the situation is present. In the end everything is alright no matter what the outcome.

The light is a gentle power where your spirit feels at home, you can bring it into your everyday life whilst in the body, no need to wait for death. Harness the power you have available to you, ask for it to come to you and it will. You do not need faith, religion or ritual, only the will.

Friday, 10 February 2012

soul groups - in response to a question

It is believed and accepted in spiritual thinking that no-one is alone, we are independent in thought and action but our behaviour also affects other beings who are in our soul group and those beyond that boundary.

For the purposes of understanding think of your soul group as your family, friends and those people who are special in your life - just like here on earth but in the higher dimensions.

Think of a target with the bullseye, the inner circle and outer circle. Now imagine that the bullseye is where you and all your nearest and dearest live, they are closest to your heart and affect your life on many levels so are considered your core soul group.

This group travels together and learns together almost as a collective consciousness. They experience many lives together, all playing different parts during the lifetimes of learning. For example, your brother may once have been your father or you his wife, your dearest friend may have been a sibling or parent once before, the soul group has to act out all scenario's possible if they are going to progress and understand everything that life can teach them. Remember that the soul does not recognise things that are painful or wrong, difficult situations or heartbreaking circumstances - it is all learning and there is no wrong, only experience as far as the intelligence of the human soul is concerned. In order for the soul to understand something it must have experienced it first hand, it cannot take a shortcut and learn from other soul groups, it must absorb the energy itself, process it, understand and then move on to the next scenario in their development.

There will be some members of our core soul group that live away from us whilst on earth. They have chosen or volunteered to diversify and bring other learning into the group aside from the main issues that need to be understood. You may recognise someone from your soul group when you meet them as a person that you feel instantly comfortable with, you recognise them even though you have never met in your physical lives before. There seems to be a bond, sometimes very deep, that draws you to one another.
This connection does not mean that you should be together, does not mean that life would be easier if you were or that you are meant for each other. The contrary many be true however, that you are on very different paths and in fact you would not find happiness together as there would be a conflict of interests between the mind of the person and the intention of the soul.

You're probably asking "how do I know when I meet someone if they're the person I should love and spend my life with?" Easy - time. Spending long enough with someone, doing different activities, living together will show you if there is a conflict of interests, if you are compatible, if your aims and dreams are the same. These days couples get together too quickly for their relationship to develop naturally, before long a baby comes along and changes the dynamics of their pairing and lives are changed through commitment or absence.

Let's move to the inner of the target. This layer of soul group members will usually comprise of friends and colleagues and extended family. People who you are connected to but whose lives do not directly influence your own. These will present with situations, good and bad, that you may be able to influence because your soul has gone through that process already and you are bringing them along with you and encouraging them to keep up with the core group. If just one member of a soul group fails to grow and develop along with the others, the whole group will be held back and the situations experienced will have to be relived. This inner group are also our support network and allow us to observe experiences to deepen our understanding of them.

The outer ring of the target belongs more to the peripheral people in our lives. We may seldom have contact with these persons, but they are there and sometimes touch our lives. Occasionally you will meet someone from any of the circles of your soul group, something about them will stir you and there is always an emotional element to the recognition of them. Trust your instincts, asks the question of yourself and see what answer comes to you - the right answer is always the first.

Guides, Guardians and Angels do not belong in our soul group. They are teachers and when they reach an appropriate level of development they are able to split and work independently whilst still under supervision of the hierarchy that exists in the higher plains.  We are forever connected to our soul group but then we are all connected to each other too.

Look at your family and friends again and see if you know them more than you think you do. What do you imagine they have worn in a past life? what activity do you see them doing in another life? who do you see them with? Above all offer tolerance and love because you are all in this together and what you send out you in turn receive. If you want love you must create love first for yourself and then you will attract love to you.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

working with spirit

Something that really bugs me is the way ghosts and spirit are portrayed in the media. They are shown to be sensational, a source of entertainment and even something to be hounded and hunted.
This is a very sad state of affairs in my opinion for obvious reasons. The ghost or spirit is a person.
Would you expect to see a living person treated in the same way for the purpose of entertainment?
A ghost is different from a spirit, that is true. A ghost is the spirit of a person that has become stuck in the ether of the earth. They are unable to move on to their spiritual home because of their mental state, their emotions, their attachment to a place or person or perhaps because of a very quick death that has left them confused. I have met ghosts who have died unexpectedly and are shocked to find themselves unable to relate to the physical world as they once did. With such isolation enforced upon them they then become frantic in many cases and their mental state worsens. The key to working with them and understanding them is simply to treat them as you would a living person, they are no different and deserve compassion and respect.
There is nothing to fear from spirit or ghosts, they usually only want help. Some might resist though and that's when you need a medium to intervene, someone who can communicate and "hear" the voice of the spirit.
I don't believe that a spirit or ghost should be accepted as living with you in a home either. They belong in their own dimension and should not be lingering here with us, it does them no good and delays their progress and that of their soul group.
I hear of many people who seem to accept that they have a ghost living with them, that they talk to them, are comfortable with them around. I say that if a spirit is hanging around you, watching you dress, at intimate times, giving you their thoughts uninvited, getting into bed with you - you have a major problem.
In the same way that we should respect spirit they should in turn respect us. They must not pry, spy or influence us in any way and if they are doing so it is unhealthy and wont be a spirit who has passed over to the higher realms of life but an earthbound soul who is living through you, experiencing things through your body and emotions as it feeds from your emotional energy. This situation can also lead to negative overshadowing where the spirit can become anchored in the aura (to the mental and emotional bodies of you) and influences your choices, tastes, behaviour, humour and actions. (There is a form of overshadowing that is allowed by the medium and the energy bodies are shared with spirit but this is done properly, with guidelines in place and chaperons to facilitate a safe demonstration). This is not a healthy relationship as it would not be in a normal human interaction. Would you have a stranger living in your home and telling you what to do, what to feel, how to act? I doubt it.
Always apply logic and normal thinking to a spiritual situation, keep your reasoning simple, question everything and use your gut instinct to be successful at reading situations, spirit and living people and you won't go far wrong.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Being a medium

It's a funny thing being a medium. Once your mind has been opened to new possibilities you can't go back. Suddenly you think on multi levels of existence and using the brain for simple day to day functions seems like such a waste of intelligence. You consider how your actions will affect not just those that you share your physical life with but those spirit and light beings that also give you input and guidance.
As a medium you are working as part of a team, no-one does anything alone, here or there, all success is achieved as a soul group and any misfortune is also felt by all that are connected together.
The medium doesn't get much peace and quiet either. You might sit down with a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit or for a little sneaky doze during the day but spirit will have other ideas for your time whilst your thoughts are receptive to them. Before you know it your little daydream has turned into a full blown conversation with a spirit relative of your friend who wants them not to worry about something or other or to get the car tyres checked or remember someone's birthday! The medium is nothing if not a messaging service.
Even when a medium is switched off and going about their own business spirit will find a way of being noticed. You can be on a train, enjoying the countryside whizz by and a spirit might sit next to you and want you to pass on a message to the woman in the seat three down from yours or you might see an accident victim waiting by the roadside whilst you're driving, trying to get picked up and taken home. It never ends you see, they are everywhere. It's all well and good communing with your spirit guides and helpers who you have learned to recognise and know have your best interests at heart but it's a different matter dealing with strangers.
The same rules apply to stranger danger in spirit as they do here. Just because someone has left their physical body doesn't mean they suddenly turn into a nice and trustworthy person, you still have to check them out and  use your psychic protection, they retain their personality always and their anger and negative emotions until they cross over properly.
The biggest hazard relating to mediumship and particularly rescue work is contamination and I hark back to some of my earlier posts about cleansing the energy system and its importance. Without cleansing we become bogged down with problems that aren't our own and without the cord cutting exercise we can even manifest in our lives the problems of others and of those that we help. Remember to disconnect your energy from others, stay as a singular clean being and at least you will know that if any problems do come along they are yours. Check out the cord cutting exercise on here and the energy cleansing visualisation.

Friday, 3 February 2012


I know angels have been done to death with books, films, true stories, cards etc., there couldn't be more about them on the planet but there are still those people who don't believe in their power.
I think the term "angel" can put the sceptic off even giving them thinking time. They think that we're all nuts and talking about angels and their role in our lives just about puts the tin lid on the subject and their opinion of our sanity.
I do believe in angels - there I said it out loud.
I don't believe in them because I read about them or watched a film with them in. Nor do I believe in them because there are pretty pictures of them everywhere you look or because they're in the bible and I might go to hell if I deny their existence. My belief is much simpler. I have seen them. Yes, with my own eyes, sober, in daylight, lots of times and no - I'm not nuts. Nor do I have a brain or optical condition which predisposes me to see feathers or lights or hallucinate or daydream or any other excuse you could chuck at me.
As with any spiritual experience like seeing a ghost or connecting with a spirit person, there is an emotional element to the contact. That's always the key for me you see, the emotional sensation that is so powerful and comes out of nowhere before I see the spirit/ghost or angel. For me it is a measure of how well I am working if I can receive an emotion from the visitor. I'm not an emotional person in nature so to suddenly feel like crying, or be incredibly happy or feel immense love (that can't be replicated by any other stimulus) does not happen from moment to moment, it only happens when I work with spirit, guides and of course, angels.
For you to connect to your angels all you have to do is ask them to come around you and to help you with your life. They can't help you, no guiding spirit can, without your permission and request that they do so.
So give them some work to do so that they're not sitting around on a cloud twiddling their thumbs! Bring them into your life, ask them for the things you need to make your life bearable and happier but remember that angels of the divine light will not make you rich, make you sexier, give you a more interesting personality and so on, they are there to nurture your soul and have your highest interests at heart, not the shallow physical ones we attach so much importance to.
There is nothing to fear from your angel, unless you are afraid of love that is.
One more thing to mention is that the way they work might not be the way you expect but results will manifest and in the end your life can only be enriched by their presence in it.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

philosophy - sex

When we think of love, we think of sex, it is only natural. Sex is a part of human nature and life and should not be frowned upon or regarded as dirty when a couple love one another. It is only when people are promiscuous that this energy of degradation happens but the thoughts can be transferred, through the ether as thought forms, to those in loving relationships.
Sex without love is a barrier to your development.
Sex with love is an open door to your soul.
In achieving oneness with your partner you are blending your energies and sharing your chakras in a way that can only otherwise be achieved in the spirit world and the higher realms of existence.
You share everything that you are and all that you have ever been at this time. That is why there must be love, mutual love, to enable the power to flow two ways and not just one way that would lead to control.
Control of one partner being dominant and ruling the other in a damaging way. True love does not judge, control, manipulate, demonstrate greed or fear. True love offers freedom and security to think and behave as your natural self.
channelled by Avril Green