Sunday, 12 February 2012

philosophy - channelled 11 Feb 2012

Giving in to human nature is as close as you get to giving up. The human spirit is so strong, so resilient and yet simple will power overrules it so easily. The mind is a powerful tool, hardly used as yet by mankind, but still you give your power away, to a lover, to jealousy, to vices, to those who seem more powerful than you. Never give up your independent mind, will and actions. You are an individual and are allowed to make your own choices, it is the only way forward spiritually speaking. Those that love you will love you anyway.

Sometimes mistakes will be made, but how else will you learn? Sometimes choices will be difficult but the heart must always have the higher ground, you know deep inside what you are to do, who you are to love, anything less is compromise and unfair to the other party - everyone deserves true love, deep, lasting and respectful love.

Our choices are what make us. Some are braver than others, will travel far and wide to seek answers for their soul, others will travel in their mind and dreams more than body, but wisdom will still be sought and found.

Being truthful with yourself is what is most important, you cannot hide the truth from the soul and the soul shares its knowledge with others in the soul group, there is a collective learning as well as an individual truth that must be found. The soul is bright, calm, searching always for more in its healthy state, some souls do fragment or split due to deep trauma but all is healed in time and all learn from it.

The soul wastes nothing, even when things are bad for you individually, your soul is growing. When you struggle with earthly situations and you ask for your angels to help you sometimes they cannot. If your soul has agreed to experience a certain set of circumstances then your spirit will have to undergo them. No angel, guide or healer can interfere with soul choices, but healing can be brought for understanding, peace and balance whilst the situation is present. In the end everything is alright no matter what the outcome.

The light is a gentle power where your spirit feels at home, you can bring it into your everyday life whilst in the body, no need to wait for death. Harness the power you have available to you, ask for it to come to you and it will. You do not need faith, religion or ritual, only the will.

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