Friday, 3 February 2012


I know angels have been done to death with books, films, true stories, cards etc., there couldn't be more about them on the planet but there are still those people who don't believe in their power.
I think the term "angel" can put the sceptic off even giving them thinking time. They think that we're all nuts and talking about angels and their role in our lives just about puts the tin lid on the subject and their opinion of our sanity.
I do believe in angels - there I said it out loud.
I don't believe in them because I read about them or watched a film with them in. Nor do I believe in them because there are pretty pictures of them everywhere you look or because they're in the bible and I might go to hell if I deny their existence. My belief is much simpler. I have seen them. Yes, with my own eyes, sober, in daylight, lots of times and no - I'm not nuts. Nor do I have a brain or optical condition which predisposes me to see feathers or lights or hallucinate or daydream or any other excuse you could chuck at me.
As with any spiritual experience like seeing a ghost or connecting with a spirit person, there is an emotional element to the contact. That's always the key for me you see, the emotional sensation that is so powerful and comes out of nowhere before I see the spirit/ghost or angel. For me it is a measure of how well I am working if I can receive an emotion from the visitor. I'm not an emotional person in nature so to suddenly feel like crying, or be incredibly happy or feel immense love (that can't be replicated by any other stimulus) does not happen from moment to moment, it only happens when I work with spirit, guides and of course, angels.
For you to connect to your angels all you have to do is ask them to come around you and to help you with your life. They can't help you, no guiding spirit can, without your permission and request that they do so.
So give them some work to do so that they're not sitting around on a cloud twiddling their thumbs! Bring them into your life, ask them for the things you need to make your life bearable and happier but remember that angels of the divine light will not make you rich, make you sexier, give you a more interesting personality and so on, they are there to nurture your soul and have your highest interests at heart, not the shallow physical ones we attach so much importance to.
There is nothing to fear from your angel, unless you are afraid of love that is.
One more thing to mention is that the way they work might not be the way you expect but results will manifest and in the end your life can only be enriched by their presence in it.

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