Tuesday, 16 April 2013

spiritual development

The energies of acceleration are still upon us and many of us are feeling the affects. We all know of someone who is really struggling right now. I'm hearing of people becoming ill, in all manner of ways and of all ages. Recently it has been children in my particular circle that have been falling ill with serious and long term conditions. Perhaps it's my age but sickness seems to be everywhere and I'm noticing it more and more.

There is something that we can all do to help and that is to ask for healing and assistance to be given to those we care about by the angels and realms of light. We cannot receive help if we don't ask and they can't interfere in our lives unless we invite them. Those are the rules.

For those people who are more spiritually advanced these continuing energies are causing leaps and bounds in development. Instead of having to work hard for knowledge they will find that they hold it within themselves and are naturally drawn to subjects that will enhance their progression.

I've been giving private readings recently and have been pleased with the feedback I've received. I'm working at soul level and so the readings are very pure and honest. The information given may be too unusual for some people, particularly if they are looking for spirit contact and nothing else because that is not where I work. I like to include spirit people in my readings but they are not essential for information of a healing nature or for spiritual progression. 

The trouble (and charm) with spirit people is that they still hold their opinions of how life should be lived and they still have their character with their likes and dislikes. Just because a person is in the spirit world does not mean that they suddenly know everything and can see far into the future. They have a limited range of knowledge, to match that of their spiritual development, and do not have access to everything and anything. They may be in tune with your emotions and current situations around you and can dispense advice but only as a living person can with perhaps some added insight.

If you imagine the earth as seen from space. A beautiful blue orb floating in the blackness. Then imagine the earth being completely shrouded in cloud cover. The cloud cover represents the spirit world. The place where ordinary people go. Those with no spiritual development. Those with misplaced devotion or no thoughts either way about heaven and hell. Those who expect to go to heaven but don't know what it will be like. Those who have reached the end of their life and are ready to meet their loved ones who have gone before them. Heaven is for everyone and each person makes it their own with their expectations and imaginings. It is a reflection of this world and can be remarkably the same in structure, architecture and daily life. However, there are higher realms and to reach them the mind must desire a higher life. A higher way of thinking and behaving and believing and that is what spiritual development is. It's not seeing dead people, ghost hunting or sitting in circles waiting for ectoplasm to appear. That is spirit exploration and there is nothing wrong with it.

Spiritual development is the learning of how to think. How to love and to give compassion no matter what the situation. To be understanding and to wish for knowledge. It is to be humanitarian, considerate, joyful and thankful and it sounds much easier to do than it actually is in practise.

It is to put your own desires aside and wish only for the highest good for all concerned. It is selfless, egoless but it is also rewarding, calming and fascinating to experience.

It takes many incarnations to reach enlightenment and we must remember that everyone is taking their own journey, at their own pace. We are all part of a team, no-one travels alone, and remembering that others depend on your decisions often makes it easier to make the right one.

To ascend to the light realms we must travel through the spirit heavens to reach clarity and the realm of the spirit guides and helpers. Beyond that are more guides and teachers until eventually the God head is reached. 

If you want absolute truth then the light beings beyond the spirit world must be accessed. That's the  easy part! just ask! 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's not the end of the World...

Did you believe that the world would end in December 2012?
Many people did and made no secret of it, gathering supplies should the worst happen, arming themselves and openly voicing their predictions of what was to come to our planet and its occupants.

You may have noticed that I did not make any such predictions. Also you may not have cared either way, not believing any of the hype that surrounded the ending of the Mayan calendar.

Loving, caring universal beings will not let anything happen to our planet. The earth is such an important entity within the universe that its physical destruction will be prevented by any means  possible. That's not to say that there have not been enormous shifts in energy both for the populous and the planet.

I'm confident that you will have heard of many people during the last 18 months who are having a very bad time, either through illness or situations surrounding them. These scenarios are being balanced by others who are being sorted out at last, with many long running illnesses, crisis, ways of thinking and unhealthy living conditions being improved and releasing those entrapped by them. I have certainly experienced both of these changes of energy around me.

The last 18 months have been a time of acceleration and cutting old ties and habits, but of union also. Take for example the scandal of Jimmy Saville in the UK. So many people have joined together to reveal the monstrous truth about his vile activities. His victims are brave and innocent and their light and willingness to inform us of his actions gives them strength both in spiritual terms and in their earthly bodies. In return his energy body is stripped as all love for him is withdrawn by those who carried affection for him, which will cause his spiritual body to wither and he many diminish completely for the spiritual body must have love to thrive and even exist in the light. Without it he will diminish into the shadows and become the sum of his emotions with his ugliness revealed for all to see. This applies not just to him of course, but to all souls who damage another fellow being.

Of course the higher spiritual beings and healing angels will already be aware of Jimmy Savilles' crimes against humanity and will have held him in isolation, particularly if he has no remorse. He must feel the full effect of the repercussions of the hatred and loathing sent to him to gain understanding of the magnitude of his actions. A soul can only learn this way, by the exchange of emotion, because the soul is pure energy of emotion of all kinds and it is all it understands. However vile the energy is, it must be received, tolerated by the soul that created it and truly experienced to be understood. 

The spirit of the soul, which is the part of the soul that is dispatched to earth in a physical body, experiences all kinds of life and scenarios. The spirit (or person as we would understand) can then choose how to react and it's true that some react negatively and find themselves shadow bound. All is not lost to them though, as light beings will always try to heal a darkened soul and will be persistent in that task. That is the truth of the fight between good and evil, the light and the darkness. Of course the light is more powerful but the soul/spirit still has choice to remain where they are or to progress and begin learning about themselves. 

Surprisingly I come into contact with plenty of people on the earth plane who are too frightened to look at themselves for fear that they are a bad person, or have done things that are undesirable in their view. No light being in the spirit world and beyond will judge a person. Their function (among others) is to heal and teach those of the lesser light to reach higher and to fill their souls with divine light. To dissolve the darkness they carry and to have remorse for others they may have hurt along the way. To heal the damage by learning about love and opening the heart to trust and knowledge. It may sound easy written here, but believe me, looking inside yourself is never easy. All kinds of memories and regrets can rear up and leave guilt and shame in their place. Even someone who appears to have had a good and kind life will find something about themselves to loathe.

Light beings of the highest order could never let anything untoward happen to our planet. Their job is to heal and protect us and our environment. They try hard to give us technology and right thinking so that we treat the earth with respect and this takes time because of the slowness of humanity and our passage of time compared to their swiftness of intellect and lack of time measurement as we know it. 

I can't help but question those who have predicted such drastic changes to the earth as to where they are getting their information. I have never received anything from those masters who surround me but a sense of immense love for earth and us upon it and the idea that they would never allow its destruction. That's not to say that there won't be changes, and not all change is accepted as good when the whole picture cannot be seen, but it is necessary.

Fire, flood and storms are what we witness each day as well as escalating war and conflict. All these are necessary and are contributing to the changing of our world in energy terms but they will not end it in a physical sense only change the energy of it and our perception of our existence.

It was interesting to me to read the predictions and advice given about the destruction of our planet but at no time did I feel worried because I knew that no matter what happened we would ultimately be alright. That is the comfort that knowledge of the spirit world and the life beyond gives me. I know that life goes on in another form and that we meet our loved ones, people we have admired on earth, that we learn and are loved in that other form. Death holds no fear for me, however that's not to say that I'm ready to go there yet. There are things I want to do and see, achieve and learn. My family needs me and I them. Going to the world of spirit is wonderful but only when it's your time. 

When I talk of the spirit world and the higher life beyond I phrase it that way for this reason; the spirit world exists close to the earth plane. If you imagine our earth coated with chocolate you could call the chocolate the spirit world. Now all the space around the earth and beyond into the universe and infinity is the higher life. There are many beings of light that live outside of the ether of the earth but there are those spirit people that still think physically and are not spiritually developed enough to understand that life exists elsewhere. Just because a person passes to the spirit world does not make them all knowing. They do not suddenly possess ultimate knowledge. They retain their character, they think in physical terms, they often create a house for themselves to live in or speak of being in the pub or meeting their family. They relate to us (via a medium) often in terms that mirror our life here on earth. 
(Some mediums never transcend the spirit world during their work and their mediumship will plateau at the stage of bringing through spirit people and animals. Their readings may be good and accurate but will retain the opinion of the spirit giving the communication and will not always be completely truthful regarding prophecies depending upon the way the medium works with their own guides and contacts. The readings don't usually contain the deeper content that commercial mediums also tend not to give and may appear more ordinary than one that would deal with healing issues and give spiritual guidance.)

Ultimately our world will continue to evolve just as we do and there will be good times and bad and different parts of the world will evolve at different rates as they always have. For those of us who live in peace and comfort we can help the less fortunate financially but also spiritually by praying for them and asking the angels to help them. Often violence is more visible than love but does not have the same power. Love works on the will of the person and links directly to their spirit whereas violence can only force and harm. Don't add to the violence with negative thinking, send loving thoughts to heal instead.