Monday, 23 April 2012

Who does Jesus Pray to?

If you ask someone if they believe in God you usually receive a positive 'yes' or 'I'm an atheist' or 'I don't know, I want to see something with my own eyes.'

If you ask someone if they believe in Jesus Christ they usually answer 'yes' because they recognise that Jesus was a real man who walked the same earth as we do and his life is well documented and I don't mean by the King James bible that exists in the UK but by the ancient scrolls that are the original recordings of his teachings.

With this in mind and the knowledge that so many people pray to Jesus I sat in meditation to ask the following question;

If people pray to Jesus Christ to manifest their wishes who does HE pray to?

Because He must pray, He must meditate and contemplate to maintain his higher being. He may be all powerful and loving and forgiving but he must maintain that condition in some way because people ask and take so much from Him that he must replenish his energy somehow?

Here is the response;
The Christ when in receipt of a prayer in turn prays to the heart of the individual (you and me) on the earth. The heart of man is the purest connection to the Divine because it carries the Divine spark within it. (This is the chakra heart not the physical beating one.)

His Divine ray penetrates the hardest of hearts to bring compassion and recognition of beauty, life and charity to dissolve issues that cause pain, emotional and physical. The heart is used because it by-passes the interference of human thought and the heart belongs to the interior of man where the Divine connection is strongest and the interior of man is closest in its design to that of Heaven. (This relates to the energy body, its design, function and connections to its spiritual home.) The human thought process contaminates purity and must be by-passed for prayer and Divine connection to be successful.

Prayers are answered by your own Divinity and its connection to Christ, Your God, and not by human will. It is necessary to surrender yourself to Jesus Christ so that connection can be made but in truth all that is being surrendered is the human will and its interference in the process of developing spirituality and expansion of the mind.

When you invite the Divine into your heart by surrendering your human will the Christ then connects to the spark of the same energy. This enables the human heart to expand and be compassionate, loving, understanding and strong in decision making and intuition. A strong connection produces a balanced human being who is in contact with his exterior self (the physical body and its worldly functions) and his interior self (the Divine heaven that resides within him). To deprive either self of connection results in destruction either of the mental faculty or the physical.

Because God exists in each man/woman/child then you are in fact praying to the part of yourself that is capable of manifesting your dreams and wishes and in turn connecting to the Divine energy that can bring that wish about. You are part of the Divine and so Christ is forever connected to you regardless of if you recognise Him or not.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Thank you to my readers

I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your support and for reading my blog. It means a lot when people take an interest and the blog has readers from all over the world, for which I am very grateful. Love to you all in the UK, Northern Ireland, USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Bahrain, New Zealand, Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Mann, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Bolivia, South Africa, Malta, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Brazil, India, Latvia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkey, Sweden, Lithuania, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Azerbaijan.

how to raise your energy vibration with diet

It's common knowledge in the psychic and mediumship industry that performing mediums don't have food for some hours before they are due to connect with the spirit world. Any medium will tell you that the vibration of the earthly body is higher and more sensitive when food and drink are not being digested. When the body is not busy with basic functions it is free for other uses you see. This has long been taught to trainee mediums although there are no strict rules, each person works differently and finds their own way.
So to raise your vibration for meditation purposes, for clearer thought and for spiritual communion one of the starting points is with diet. Those of you familiar with Reiki will know of the cleansing period recommended before your attunement. At that time you are to think peaceful thoughts, abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, heavy foods and if possible red meat. Abstinence from all of these will help to lift your energy as they serve to make your energy denser, heavier and alcohol and smoking particularly punch holes in the auric field also affecting the strength of your psychic protection.

The healthier you can be, taking exercise, getting fresh air, laughing, being respectful towards others and being kind to yourself all bring your energy into balance and strengthen the aura against negative influence.

So what does raising your vibration mean? 

When we are concerned with earthly, physical matters then that is where we are directing our thoughts and energy and so it is where our focus lies, but when we want to elevate and expand the mind we need to think and focus on higher matters such as soul connection, consciousness, the cosmos, life after death, reincarnation, our faith (if you have one), angels, living well and so on. We need to leave our physical needs and habits behind for a while whilst this expansion takes place, thoughts alone, at this juvenile stage of development, cannot raise the energy vibration of the aura to such a level as contact with clarity can be made. 

When you sit to meditate do so on an empty stomach or some time after a light meal. For spirit contact, mediumship, the same. Our emotions are keener when we are hungry and we are more sensitive to outside influences. A good tip is to cut out sugar and caffeine too, so that the body's endocrine system is clean and can work with the stimulus that the spirit world use to communicate with us. (The endocrine system is the main part of the human body that spirit use to create feelings such as an emotion or a physical symptom which eventually builds a picture of a spirit person and their character or of a message for you.)

Raising your vibration means cleansing the body of poisons, artificial stimulants, sugars and drugs and alcohol. When the body is clear of toxins the aura will reflect the health of the body it surrounds just the same as when the aura reflects ill health in a person. The healthier you are the brighter your aura will shine and the stronger its natural protection against negative psychic forces and physical illness will be.

Foods that are of the earth vibration are the best to eat, such as fruit, vegetables and natural unprocessed foods. Avoid contaminants as much as possible and especially the dreaded aspartame, responsible for so much imbalance and ill health both physically and mentally. Drink water as much as possible and other clean drinks where you can. Shower frequently too to keep the aura cleansed and if you can endure it make it a cold shower or at least finish with a cold blast, it helps to close the chakras properly and creates a stronger aura.

You have to eat at some time of course, so make sure that you eat well, healthily and regularly. There is no point in being so hungry that you can't meditate because you can't concentrate. My own personal opinion of mediums not eating for hours before they are due to work is of it being unnecessary to some degree. You can't work if you can't concentrate and neither is it healthy for blood sugar levels and weight management. I see any self imposed restriction in the form of do's and don'ts as a mental block being put in place. If I believe that I can work no matter what the circumstances then I will be successful to some degree, if I want to improve I can instigate some of the purifying measures but I don't need to be extreme in any way. I am the master of my own mind and it is the biggest tool that I and spirit use.

Adding knowledge to yourself is very important in development too. The more knowledge you have in your head the more full your readings will be and the more information there is for spirit to use. Read everything you can get your hands on, learn, learn and learn again. Never stop growing and being inquisitive about the world that surrounds you and answers will be given and brought to you constantly. Look after yourself in body and mind and your intuition will reward you and you will be a balanced individual. Work lovingly with spirit and you will make a great medium, perhaps not famous, perhaps not rich, but one who works from the heart and is genuine. Development of spirituality is about self growth, not profit and gain in material wealth and should be treated with the reverence it deserves, after all, it is the most precious gift you can five to yourself and the hardest thing you will ever accomplish.

Monday, 16 April 2012

in response to a question - contact?

Hello Avril My wife recently passed and I am a believer of the spirit world. aged 47 following a long illness. I have had trouble sleeping and early one morning i felt a presence above my face. This the hay fever season and my eyes have been sticky in the mornings so usually i have to open them with my fingers. Feeling the presence I tried to open my eyes but for this reason I couldn't and when i went to move my hands towards my eyes i was unable to do so as if someone was holding my arms down. I was desperately trying to open my eyes and then i felt soft hair sweep across my face. I could then move my arms and managed to open my eyes but saw nothing. I wondered if that could have been the spirit of my wife visiting me as she said she would if it was possible and that she had prohibited me from seeing her. What do you think? on do you have a question?

Hello Anon, thank you for your question and I'm sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter where you believe your loved one is, it still hurts to be separated and it's important that you acknowledge and accept the grieving process so that you are able to find joy in life and I wish you well with the hugely steep learning curve you have before you.

Now to your question. I'm sure you know about sleep paralysis and so I won't patronise you with that explanation because you felt as though something else was going on and your intuition is your most reliable tool. Reading between the lines and my experience tell me that you were more likely to be receiving healing than having an encounter with your wife, however don't see that as a setback or a negative response from me because that's not the case. Often we receive healing and 'adjustment' to our energy frequency before we are able to sense the spirit world or someone who is passed and is trying to reach us.

However more information from you will help to assess your experience more thoroughly. Did you feel any emotion during the encounter? Was there something that gave you a recognition of her? that could be a memory, a feeling, just words that she used, music or how you felt when she was close. I know it's hard to analyse these fleeting meetings but you will be surprised at how much information you have stored during those few moments and that is always key to determine between an imagined experience and a genuine one. Write down how you felt, what you remember, your deepest emotion, if the visitor felt male or female, if there was one or more, where their vibration is located i.e. in earth energy, spirit world or higher like the angelic realm. You will know the answers if you relax and allow the information to pop into your head. Take your first answer as being right, don't argue or fiddle with your responses and confuse your knowledge. Do this at a time when you are relaxed and don't care too much about the answer, you must be impartial not to influence the result and be distant emotionally.

Once you have your answers you will have used your intuition and natural ability to read energy to gain the solution to your query just as an experienced energy worker does.

If you find that you know, deep down and without doubt that this was a visit from your wife then keep that knowledge with you and expect her to visit again, if however you feel that she may have been nearby and observing the healing you were receiving then expect her to approach you as soon as the grief is clearer in your aura as this foggy cloud keeps her at bay (this is not deliberate of course but because she can't penetrate the murk just like other beings, spirit or higher friends). If you feel your wife was nowhere near you at this encounter then expect her to come to you soon but in the meantime welcome the healing you are receiving in preparation. Remember though to always ask for the Divine light of infinitesimal brightness to come to you and protect you and heal you, don't accept anything less than the highest energy and knowledge or you may be misled or confused. Go for the purest form of healing and information for ultimate truth. Either way your wife is on her way to you and I suspect that you would like to know that she passed over safely, yes she did and it was your gift to her, allowing her to leave, that made it much easier for her to go. You loved her enough to understand and have received blessings in return although some days it doesn't seem like that for you. It's early days yet and improvement is on its way to you, meditate for peace and love to surround you rather than spirit connection and at some point in the near future she will be brought to you safely and you will be in no doubt of her presence.

Thank you for your question and for reading my blog, it's good to know that people are gaining some understanding and comfort from my writing and are gaining confidence in their beliefs and own powers.

Try the creation of love exercise on the blog and imagine your wife within the love you create, surrounding her and protecting her, you can stop there knowing that you have sent her your love and she has received it or you can step into the love light and join her for a while of reunion. Expect that to be an emotional meditation if you try it but I think you can handle it. Afterwards step out of the light and back into your body and remember to close down and ground yourself with psychic protection around the aura. All the information is on here and I wish you success, let me know how it goes. love and light Avril.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Mirroring is a simple behaviour that happens around us often but you have to be alert and step back from your situation to recognise it.

This is how it works; someone quite close to you (but not always - could be a friend or acquaintance) will exhibit behaviour that you don't like, you find it offensive, irritating or simply infuriating. The person concerned repeats the annoying behaviour many times and the relationship breaks down, you don't understand their actions and for some reason they are the most irritating person in the world to you.
A way of looking at such a situation is viewing it as mirroring.

When someone does something or says something that really ticks you off, that you find rattles you, take a moment to consider why it offends you so much. Sometimes, but not always, your offense may be rooted in your own behaviour and the person can be considered as showing you an area of yourself that you need to work on and modify - known as mirroring.

For example, if you are faced with a person that always interrupts your words, does not listen to what you say no matter what the topic, then you could consider what it is about that situation that offends you and if you yourself do it to others. Another consideration is that you don't listen to others as you believe that you do and perhaps you are missing the point of issues raised or need to examine on a deeper level the meaning within them.

So often we gloss over things that are said and done, we skip over the surface of problems and also joys in order to move onto the next thing, the next phase of life. Maybe we should pause more often and absorb what is happening in the present, good or bad, easy or tough, because there is always more to everything we experience, always more to gain from it in terms of knowledge and understanding. From our experiences we grow and our energy expands and in turn our soul reaches further understanding.

We need all the experiences that life can offer so that the soul can become peaceful, it must know of everything, be everything, know about all that exists from the inside in order to reach its full light and potential of being. In that state is perfection and oneness with the light, the soul becomes the light.

So do not be afraid to feel, to experience and to examine all that happens to you and around you, that's not to say you should dwell, be morbid about sadder times or be guilty about mistakes, it merely means that you should try to understand, see things from all perspectives and accept the way things are at the present time, knowing that improvement will be coming to you in time.

Some people have very difficult lives whilst here on earth and often such people are kind, patient, have time for others and seem to accept what life has thrown their way. They are to be admired because they are moving through life's obstacles with grace. Some people can't manage to elevate themselves above their trials and bad times and they are to be offered understanding and compassion whilst they come to terms with things as they are. Nobody said life was easy but sometimes it seems so unfair, even so we must tune into our higher selves and find the peace that we all carry to help us through, trusting in our own judgement is key to our success and confidence.

Try the exercise on the blog for linking to your own spirit in the heart centre and maintain that connection once made and learn to trust yourself, your decisions and intuition to travel through life more easily and with the valuable feeling that you're not alone.

Monday, 2 April 2012

is the colour black bad or protection?

Many times I have had people describe spirit encounters to me and explain the fear they had when faced with a being in black from head to toe. People it seems, fear black as a manifestation, they see a spirit who is shrouded in black as a threat, something ominous and unreadable.

There is a simple explanation why spirit use black to cloak themselves and it is also something that I do myself. It is not a negative thing but quite the reverse. However there are dark spirits but they don't always present as so, they can trick you and show you whatever they want, it's up to you to ask to see their true self, if you don't ask, they wont bother.

When I am asked to clear a house or building or location of unwanted energy and activity I often do not want to announce my presence. I want to be able to sneak inside unseen and take a look around without drawing attention to myself. I don't want to go to the location in my healing state which is one of brightness, light and power. In order to clear an area it's necessary to make an evaluation and to be able to observe quietly any activity and to sense any vibration of energy without feeding it with power and light.

When I go to clear a home I ask that the householder not speak of the activity for the week prior to my visit, not mention the spirit or the fact that it is going to be moved on. I want to lull the spirit (especially if it is an unpleasant one) into a false sense of security so that it behaves as it normally would when I do arrive and does not know who I am, otherwise the spirit is likely to hide from me, to pretend to pass on, or be someone else, anything in order to get what they want and be undetected by me.

I want them to cooperate but if they won't then I will take them over whether they want to go or not. If they are causing problems for householders or locations then they need to go and indeed even for their own good, they are learning nothing by clinging to life here.

So that the attachment/earthbound spirit doesn't realise who I am when I first arrive there is often a bit of acting required on the part of the householder. Prior to my arrival I ask them to invite me in and offer me tea, we will talk like old friends, no mention of the purpose of my visit will be made. I need to assess the energy, read the intention of the spirit and contain it before I reveal myself. Remember some spirits are downright nasty and do not want to move on. Someone like me has to be tough with them, outwit them and take them home albeit kicking and screaming.

I remember one clearance I did that was at an old slaughter house. I was invited in and behaved casually. The spirit soon revealed himself to me. He was a huge man, unshaven with a big face. A rough man who stood over me and listened to our conversation. He was rude and lewd and very unwelcome. He had been causing arguments in the converted building between the couple living there, aggressive behaviour had been manifesting and many objects had been moved and lost. Financially the couple were struggling and their relationship was going very wrong.

Before I entered the property I covered myself in a black cloak of energy to disguise my own light. I wanted to be able to get close enough to the spirit to work on him without him seeing me - and it worked as it always does. The black cloak is wrapped completely around me, the cowl is drawn over my head and the cloak wrapped under my feet, no part of me is exposed, I am then disguised and can travel wherever I wish to work. The male spirit could not see me, I merged with his own darkness. He could see me as a living person but not my spiritual power which was a threat to him.

He played the game and came close to me, I could hear his voice, his thoughts and the disgusting words he uttered and his vile spewings. I ignored him. I spoke normally to the client, pretended I could not see him.

Then suddenly and quickly I encased him and his energy in a crystal. A prison to him. He called me lots of names and swore, angry and taken by surprise. He flailed his arms, punched at me and then I unveiled myself. He was silent. Seeing my light he knew that he was beaten and would not linger on the earth anymore.

I took him across for rehabilitation and from that day the financial situation eased for the couple, they became closer, had a child, life improved and has continued to do so for the following eight years.

Rescue and clearance work is not easy but it is necessary. All the foulness of that individual, his dark thoughts, murderous intentions and sexual vileness was polluting the atmosphere and affecting the inhabitants of the property, but more than that it reaches further than that into the earths ether. The thoughts then filter through to the young, the troubled, the vulnerable and the weak and replays in uncountable scenarios. History repeats itself. The vibration of energy is a powerful one, it can linger in buildings, families, locations, roads, even jewellery, so why not attach to a person too? Most people shake off dark thoughts after a couple of days, but the vulnerable and those with difficult lives soak up the vibration more easily and become more affected by it than a balanced and less troubled person might.

Psychic protection is very important as I always say, laughing at negativity is vital to disperse it and cleansing of dirty energy no matter where its location essential. There are many healers working in this way but not all take the necessary precautions of protection and their own auras become muddied which in turn affects their own health and mental well being. If you are someone that finds themselves in uncomfortable situations through work or home life try the cloaking exercise, see if you feel safer, less vulnerable, less jittery, less indecisive by using it. If you struggle to use it as a spiritual technique then use it as a mental one, a coping mechanism, it works well for children who are timid or fearful of new situations as does imagining that they are donning armour for protection. Let the child have control and imagine it for themselves, it empowers them and teaches them to use the mind as a tool. Use it yourself too whenever you feel the need and take note of the results. Good luck.