Friday, 13 April 2012


Mirroring is a simple behaviour that happens around us often but you have to be alert and step back from your situation to recognise it.

This is how it works; someone quite close to you (but not always - could be a friend or acquaintance) will exhibit behaviour that you don't like, you find it offensive, irritating or simply infuriating. The person concerned repeats the annoying behaviour many times and the relationship breaks down, you don't understand their actions and for some reason they are the most irritating person in the world to you.
A way of looking at such a situation is viewing it as mirroring.

When someone does something or says something that really ticks you off, that you find rattles you, take a moment to consider why it offends you so much. Sometimes, but not always, your offense may be rooted in your own behaviour and the person can be considered as showing you an area of yourself that you need to work on and modify - known as mirroring.

For example, if you are faced with a person that always interrupts your words, does not listen to what you say no matter what the topic, then you could consider what it is about that situation that offends you and if you yourself do it to others. Another consideration is that you don't listen to others as you believe that you do and perhaps you are missing the point of issues raised or need to examine on a deeper level the meaning within them.

So often we gloss over things that are said and done, we skip over the surface of problems and also joys in order to move onto the next thing, the next phase of life. Maybe we should pause more often and absorb what is happening in the present, good or bad, easy or tough, because there is always more to everything we experience, always more to gain from it in terms of knowledge and understanding. From our experiences we grow and our energy expands and in turn our soul reaches further understanding.

We need all the experiences that life can offer so that the soul can become peaceful, it must know of everything, be everything, know about all that exists from the inside in order to reach its full light and potential of being. In that state is perfection and oneness with the light, the soul becomes the light.

So do not be afraid to feel, to experience and to examine all that happens to you and around you, that's not to say you should dwell, be morbid about sadder times or be guilty about mistakes, it merely means that you should try to understand, see things from all perspectives and accept the way things are at the present time, knowing that improvement will be coming to you in time.

Some people have very difficult lives whilst here on earth and often such people are kind, patient, have time for others and seem to accept what life has thrown their way. They are to be admired because they are moving through life's obstacles with grace. Some people can't manage to elevate themselves above their trials and bad times and they are to be offered understanding and compassion whilst they come to terms with things as they are. Nobody said life was easy but sometimes it seems so unfair, even so we must tune into our higher selves and find the peace that we all carry to help us through, trusting in our own judgement is key to our success and confidence.

Try the exercise on the blog for linking to your own spirit in the heart centre and maintain that connection once made and learn to trust yourself, your decisions and intuition to travel through life more easily and with the valuable feeling that you're not alone.

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