Monday, 23 April 2012

Who does Jesus Pray to?

If you ask someone if they believe in God you usually receive a positive 'yes' or 'I'm an atheist' or 'I don't know, I want to see something with my own eyes.'

If you ask someone if they believe in Jesus Christ they usually answer 'yes' because they recognise that Jesus was a real man who walked the same earth as we do and his life is well documented and I don't mean by the King James bible that exists in the UK but by the ancient scrolls that are the original recordings of his teachings.

With this in mind and the knowledge that so many people pray to Jesus I sat in meditation to ask the following question;

If people pray to Jesus Christ to manifest their wishes who does HE pray to?

Because He must pray, He must meditate and contemplate to maintain his higher being. He may be all powerful and loving and forgiving but he must maintain that condition in some way because people ask and take so much from Him that he must replenish his energy somehow?

Here is the response;
The Christ when in receipt of a prayer in turn prays to the heart of the individual (you and me) on the earth. The heart of man is the purest connection to the Divine because it carries the Divine spark within it. (This is the chakra heart not the physical beating one.)

His Divine ray penetrates the hardest of hearts to bring compassion and recognition of beauty, life and charity to dissolve issues that cause pain, emotional and physical. The heart is used because it by-passes the interference of human thought and the heart belongs to the interior of man where the Divine connection is strongest and the interior of man is closest in its design to that of Heaven. (This relates to the energy body, its design, function and connections to its spiritual home.) The human thought process contaminates purity and must be by-passed for prayer and Divine connection to be successful.

Prayers are answered by your own Divinity and its connection to Christ, Your God, and not by human will. It is necessary to surrender yourself to Jesus Christ so that connection can be made but in truth all that is being surrendered is the human will and its interference in the process of developing spirituality and expansion of the mind.

When you invite the Divine into your heart by surrendering your human will the Christ then connects to the spark of the same energy. This enables the human heart to expand and be compassionate, loving, understanding and strong in decision making and intuition. A strong connection produces a balanced human being who is in contact with his exterior self (the physical body and its worldly functions) and his interior self (the Divine heaven that resides within him). To deprive either self of connection results in destruction either of the mental faculty or the physical.

Because God exists in each man/woman/child then you are in fact praying to the part of yourself that is capable of manifesting your dreams and wishes and in turn connecting to the Divine energy that can bring that wish about. You are part of the Divine and so Christ is forever connected to you regardless of if you recognise Him or not.

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