Friday, 20 April 2012

how to raise your energy vibration with diet

It's common knowledge in the psychic and mediumship industry that performing mediums don't have food for some hours before they are due to connect with the spirit world. Any medium will tell you that the vibration of the earthly body is higher and more sensitive when food and drink are not being digested. When the body is not busy with basic functions it is free for other uses you see. This has long been taught to trainee mediums although there are no strict rules, each person works differently and finds their own way.
So to raise your vibration for meditation purposes, for clearer thought and for spiritual communion one of the starting points is with diet. Those of you familiar with Reiki will know of the cleansing period recommended before your attunement. At that time you are to think peaceful thoughts, abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, heavy foods and if possible red meat. Abstinence from all of these will help to lift your energy as they serve to make your energy denser, heavier and alcohol and smoking particularly punch holes in the auric field also affecting the strength of your psychic protection.

The healthier you can be, taking exercise, getting fresh air, laughing, being respectful towards others and being kind to yourself all bring your energy into balance and strengthen the aura against negative influence.

So what does raising your vibration mean? 

When we are concerned with earthly, physical matters then that is where we are directing our thoughts and energy and so it is where our focus lies, but when we want to elevate and expand the mind we need to think and focus on higher matters such as soul connection, consciousness, the cosmos, life after death, reincarnation, our faith (if you have one), angels, living well and so on. We need to leave our physical needs and habits behind for a while whilst this expansion takes place, thoughts alone, at this juvenile stage of development, cannot raise the energy vibration of the aura to such a level as contact with clarity can be made. 

When you sit to meditate do so on an empty stomach or some time after a light meal. For spirit contact, mediumship, the same. Our emotions are keener when we are hungry and we are more sensitive to outside influences. A good tip is to cut out sugar and caffeine too, so that the body's endocrine system is clean and can work with the stimulus that the spirit world use to communicate with us. (The endocrine system is the main part of the human body that spirit use to create feelings such as an emotion or a physical symptom which eventually builds a picture of a spirit person and their character or of a message for you.)

Raising your vibration means cleansing the body of poisons, artificial stimulants, sugars and drugs and alcohol. When the body is clear of toxins the aura will reflect the health of the body it surrounds just the same as when the aura reflects ill health in a person. The healthier you are the brighter your aura will shine and the stronger its natural protection against negative psychic forces and physical illness will be.

Foods that are of the earth vibration are the best to eat, such as fruit, vegetables and natural unprocessed foods. Avoid contaminants as much as possible and especially the dreaded aspartame, responsible for so much imbalance and ill health both physically and mentally. Drink water as much as possible and other clean drinks where you can. Shower frequently too to keep the aura cleansed and if you can endure it make it a cold shower or at least finish with a cold blast, it helps to close the chakras properly and creates a stronger aura.

You have to eat at some time of course, so make sure that you eat well, healthily and regularly. There is no point in being so hungry that you can't meditate because you can't concentrate. My own personal opinion of mediums not eating for hours before they are due to work is of it being unnecessary to some degree. You can't work if you can't concentrate and neither is it healthy for blood sugar levels and weight management. I see any self imposed restriction in the form of do's and don'ts as a mental block being put in place. If I believe that I can work no matter what the circumstances then I will be successful to some degree, if I want to improve I can instigate some of the purifying measures but I don't need to be extreme in any way. I am the master of my own mind and it is the biggest tool that I and spirit use.

Adding knowledge to yourself is very important in development too. The more knowledge you have in your head the more full your readings will be and the more information there is for spirit to use. Read everything you can get your hands on, learn, learn and learn again. Never stop growing and being inquisitive about the world that surrounds you and answers will be given and brought to you constantly. Look after yourself in body and mind and your intuition will reward you and you will be a balanced individual. Work lovingly with spirit and you will make a great medium, perhaps not famous, perhaps not rich, but one who works from the heart and is genuine. Development of spirituality is about self growth, not profit and gain in material wealth and should be treated with the reverence it deserves, after all, it is the most precious gift you can five to yourself and the hardest thing you will ever accomplish.

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