Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Philosophy is a very important part of mediumship. When a service is taken or a group is receiving readings from a medium not all the members of that group may receive a message and this is where philosophy comes in. There are some in the spiritualist movement who think that philosophy is a waste of time but my opinion is that it stimulates the mind, thoughts then tumble into one another and into our imagination or our troubles can lead our thinking to new places and fresh inspiration.
If a group member does not receive a message, then the philosophy of the evening might be all that they take away. Higher evolved spirit usually teach us philosophy and higher thinking. Some mediums find it boring but I say how can it be so? We are receiving secrets of the universe, advice to live by and it is delivered with love and healing energy. It is usually channelled by the medium and is often an indicator as to how developed they are or how evolved their spirit team is. Remember like attracts like so a medium's philosophy can be a measure of them. Here is a little philosophy for your day.

Change is the will of the non-believer. He always wants what isn't there, the next big thing to feed his ego. His place in the world must be fought for when there is no war to fight.
Peace and acceptance bring all that is needed to your door. You will never be without your needs, if peace and love are carried in the heart as trophies. The flame of peace, strives beyond all that mankind can throw at it.
channelled by Avril Green 2011

Just a little snippet for you to ponder on today. I think I will incorporate more philosophy on the blog so watch this space for enlightenment and truths.

Monday, 30 January 2012


Another form of mediumship is called transfiguration.
The medium does not need to be in a trance state for this to happen and can be fully conscious and even unaware of the spirit working with them.
Transfiguration is when the visiting spirit overlays their image on top of the medium's features. This can be visible to an observer with the psychic eye only or also to the physical eye if the energy build up is strong enough.
No special lighting is needed to observe this phenomenon and it can seem to happen randomly. For example, I remember during several readings with clients that they noticed the face of their loved one projected over mine. My features would disappear to their eyes and be replaced by that of a familiar deceased relative or friend. It is a natural process when working with spirit as the medium is working closely with them anyway and requires little energy from the medium compared to trance manifestations.
Just a small amount of the medium's energy will be needed and if the medium creates external energy for the spirit team to use, then that reserve can be used for the projection. By that I mean that the medium will create a ball of energy and donate it for the use of spirit during the reading. This technique avoids the medium's energy being exhausted whilst working with spirit, which is easily done and in turn burns out the nervous system of the medium. It is better for the medium to use energy that is separate from themselves, it causes less harm and can be added to depending on how fast it is depleted and what the intended use is.
During the event of transfiguration the spirit will move into the medium's body but not in the same aggressive way that is required for full or partial trance. They then manipulate the etheric body of the medium to form a mask of their own face using light and colour to effect their features.
The image is usually clear and unmistakable. For those people struggling to believe that their loved ones are in spirit it provides strong evidence for them. Transfiguration can be filmed and photographed too.
Mediums who see spirit regularly see the projection of spirit people, ghosts are a projection too, but transfiguration provides good evidence for someone who is without the gift of seeing energy and spirit.
For the medium inside the transfiguration there are strange sensations that occur. I will notice firstly the increase in my heart rate and a drop in temperature. I will feel the spirit slide in to my body, their energy may feel heavier than my own or lighter, it may tingle as it blends with my energy and body or it may feel hot or cold. There may be pain or itching, a feeling of threads across my face which is the ectoplasm in its finest form and my eyes can become very dry, sting and hard to keep open.
The next stage may be a scratchy throat and the vocal chords need clearing (like a frog in the throat) but it is the spirit's energy adjusting to yours. Then I will feel a stretching sensation in my face, it feels as though it is being pulled in different directions, gently and slowly. My lips may swollen and feel oddly proportioned and I feel the energy moving across my face but also beneath the skin as the image is being formed.
Transfiguration can be a subtle demonstration or a very vivid one, it depends on the circumstances and the energy available, also the willingness of the medium to allow it to happen as it does feel very odd and doesn't suit everybody. It is something that should only be attempted by experienced mediums who are aware of psychic protection and of how to recover from trance as the spirit is sharing the aura of the medium, the energy of the physical body and the mind of the medium. It would be wrong to assume that this practise is safe because it is not trance, the reverse is true, it is a milder, gentler form of trance and physical mediumship and all the usual precautions should be put in place. Of course one thing to mention is that there is no point in trying transfiguration unless you have someone with you to observe the phenomenon and as with any trance work a trusted companion is required to spot problems and take care of the medium as they recover.
Transfiguration is not something that all mediums are cut out for as a deep trust of your guides and helpers is needed and that developes over time working with them. Not all mediums have the right frequency of energy to achieve results and some disagree with the need for it. Mediums still have opinions and they set boundaries and rules for working with their own spirit team and some mediums will simply not agree to work in such a way.
Transfiguration is an interesting and rare visual evidence and one that needs encouragement by mediums willing to experiment in this area to further our knowledge of it.

Friday, 27 January 2012

in response to a question - how do you know if you are working with positive spirit?

Working with spirit is complicated and nothing is as it seems, certainly not simple and it's easy to get yourself into a bad or unhealthy situation where you are living more in your head than in the physical world and in order for you to function properly there must be balance of the two sides of your life.
One of the problems with setting out to contact the spirit world is that you have no control over who comes to check you out.
Imagine this - you set up your market stall in a public place, you can't then police who comes to view what you have for sale, anyone can come and look and poke about in your goods. Working with spirit is no different, if you call they will come, but who comes and who you work with are two very different energies and one you must learn to recognise if you are to stay safe. There are simple measures you can take but the more you progress and learn the more likely you are to encounter more difficult lessons that you may feel have put you at risk or you will in fact be contaminated with negative energy. It happens to all mediums and healers, they have to cleanse regularly and rid themselves of what does not belong to them, but it is still possible to hang on to energy that you have not learnt about yet without conscious knowledge of it - when the issue is dealt with or understood the energy will leave of its own accord. Only through experience can you learn and some of that experience may be frightening so a strong mental ability is needed before any spirit work begins. There must be no fear, worry or negative intention to begin with only love, a questioning attitude and respect.
Here are some tips that you can use to check out the spirit that comes to you or is around you so that you can commune safely.
When you aware of a spirit (you may sense, see or hear them) ask them who they are. You should receive an answer, not necessarily a name, but an answer that you can understand.
Always ask them if they are of the divine light and wait for their response. Here you have to know that shadow spirit can lie. It is within them to deceive you so you have to ask again and use the law of three to get the truth - ask three times and it is universal law that they must show you or tell you where they come from, divine light or shadow.
A quick way to see the truth of a spirit or energy is to ask it to show you its real or true self. (You can use this technique with living people too, no need to ask out loud, just wait for them to show you their true colours).
The answer is whatever comes to you first, ignore your own mind that interferes and asks questions, use your instinct.
A divine light spirit or being that comes to you will happily show you its true self without hesitation whereas a shadow being will try to trick you and show you what you want to see rather than the truth.
You must remember that your mind will interfere with this process and can even generate a spirit in your aura that is not real. If you will to have it enough you will create it yourself, so you must be sensible, accept what comes and what does not, do not push for information or phenomena and be balanced in your life. Do not work with alcohol, even smoking weakens the aura and leaves it tatty and weak so that foreign energy is able to breach it more easily.
Another form of protection is to raise your vibration and this is done by living cleanly, but also thinking higher thoughts of love and acceptance, none of negativity. In order to attract a high evolved being with knowledge to you you have to match its vibration with your own thoughts - not easy but possible to maintain.
The other way you could test your spirit visitors is with the cleansing exercise here on the blog, using white, green, gold and pink light. A shadow being will run a mile from these energies.
A final thing to note is that if you feel you are in good contact with your guide or spirit friend then bear the following in mind; the advice they give you should be loving and good advice, easy to carry out and logical. If it is none of these things and causes you harm and upset then it is not from the right place and you should simply tell the spirit to go away. Again you may have to repeat this three times but you also must mean what you say. Some people live lonely lives and welcome any attention whether negative or positive but with your sanity at stake it's important to be safe when communing in the ether.
Treat spirit that come to you sensibly and check them out before you allow them close to you. Take control of the communion and only go as far as you are happy to. Always begin your connections with a prayer of protection and state your intent so that there is no confusion about what you want to do and achieve.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

in response to a question - ectoplasm

Ectoplasm, what is it? Ectoplasm is understood to be the life force of the medium, it has properties that enable it to be become a physical matter by manipulation conducted by the spirit team. I don't believe it is fully understood yet how this is achieved but there is plenty of evidence and living witnesses of the phenomenon.
Ectoplasm when manipulated into physical form becomes similar in structure to that of melted cheese, although it feels cool to touch and can feel slightly sticky. It can feel like the rougher grip part of a household rubber glove. It is pale in appearance and has a creamy tone to it, I have also seen it when luminous, a soft green tinged glow is within it and around it.
It will emanate from an orifice of the medium, who is usually in deep trance when this occurs because the experiment is delicate and the medium's body needs to be in a state of complete relaxation. I believe that the ectoplasm will be made up of matter and cells from the medium's body that the spirit team add energy to in order to give it form. It is extruded from the medium by the spirit team and moulded into a form, rather like a puppet that the spirits can then use to communicate or manipulate. A spirit will also don the ectoplasm like a cloak or mask as it will then lie in the contours of the framework they are providing and give the observer a face, hand, pair of hands, upper body formation or whole manifestation. The ectoplasm may also act as a screen for an image to be projected upon. I think of this as a screen that spirit can project their thoughts on to or their science allows them to print on to it like we would print a photograph.
The victorian era is when experiements with ectoplasm seemed to be at their highest but there are still physical circles that sit today for further understanding of this phenomena. Conditions need to be right and the circle is not always successful in their attempts at producing ectoplasm. There have also been many accusations of fraud regarding the production of ectoplasm in the past which has caused doubt over its existence but there are many genuine photographs on the net as well as in private collections that show its structure. Sometimes it is quite thick and has weight to it and at others is almost weblike and light as silk. Its use is simply as a means of creating physical objects and body parts that can be touched and held by the sitters, powerful evidence if you are present. It may also be used to manufacture a voicebox outside of the medium that spirit will then speak directly from. More tantalising evidence if you recognise a relative's voice.
There are dangers for the medium associated with producing ectoplasm and so the spirit world has been developing new techniques over time to make the creation of materialisation safer.
A spirit can materialise without the use of ectoplasm but it takes a great deal of energy to form a physical body and can't be sustained over a long period, whereas ectoplasmic materialisation can go on for a couple of hours if the medium is in good health.
Ectoplasm is a difficult material to believe in if you haven't experienced it for yourself. It seems too crazy, too convenient to explain the pictures of mediums sitting trance-like covered in a cheese cloth material, but it does exist and is real.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

in response to a question - types of mediumship

Mediumship has different disciplines, you may have heard of a physical medium or mental mediumship.
A mental medium is what you would normally expect to see at a demonstration, it is what is screened on tv, what is offered by phone-in clairvoyant lines and practised by well known mediums for the general public. It can of course be faked and cold reading is surprisingly easy to do. Cold reading is when the reader watches their client for signs of acknowledgement, a nod of their head, a raised eyebrow, a tiny smile is all it takes for the cold reader to know that they are on the right track and for them to keep digging. This is why the spiritualists national union has registered their mediums, because they are tested, proven to be able to read correctly, to provide evidence of the survival of the soul with memories, names, dates, information that only the recipient can understand.
Cold reading does not give these specifics and the reading will be vague without the link to the description of a spirit person, their relationship, their message and relevant memories attached to them. You may have had a reading with a medium and been pleased with the results, but if you have not sat with a spiritualist medium you have not experienced true mediumship, only psychic connection.
Mental mediumship is as it is described. The mind is used, a kind of telepathy between the spirit person, the medium and the client/sitter. The spirit person "thinks" loudly, like a mental shout, that the medium receives usually as a picture. The job of the medium is then to interpret the image into something that the client can understand and relate to. The spirit person or their guide is connected by a cord of communication to both the medium and the client. They need to be connected to the medium in order to send signals and to the client in order to fetch the memories and links to the past and their current life. Mental mediumship is about the medium interpreting the message as it is received. It takes dedication on the part of the medium to learn how to interpret the signs and symbols that are given into a meaningful message and a lot of practise to work quickly, eloquently and accurately.
Psychic energy and connection is different to mental mediumship because it relies on the medium/psychic making a connection with the client only. There will be no spirit connection. The information given will be on a more superficial level than that of the spirit reading. It will contain a brief summary of your thoughts, a current situation around you, perhaps a wish you have for the future, your financial situation, relationship issues and some positive news for the future. I'm not saying that there is no valuable content in a psychic reading, just that you should be aware if you pay for one of what to expect and the usefulness of the information given. The psychic is reading you, your energy, the information is not magically coming to them from some all seeing power, we can all do this to some degree and all use it at some time in our lives if not regularly. It is a natural skill, but some are better at it than others.
Physical mediumship is the hardest of any spirit work and although is widely practised is not as widely demonstrated to the public. Because of the dangers associated with this kind of work it is often done in closed circles and groups where all the observers are known to one another. By a closed circle I mean a group of mediums that sit together regularly (most likely once a week) for spirit connection. It is necessary for the circle to meet each week in order to build the energy between them, build the trust that is required to work together and for the commitment of the intention of the group.
Physical mediumship and trance mediumship overlap as a discipline because in order for physical mediumship to take place and be successful it is most often required that at least one member of the group will be used by the spirit team and for them to be used without resistance it is best that they are in a trance state and therefore relaxed.
The relaxed state is required because the life-force of the medium will be used to create any phenomena ranging from direct voice communication, spirit manifestations, to hand or face manifestation to apports, sounds and touch that may be experienced by the sitters in the group. When I say life-force I mean that energy which is taken from the entranced medium and used to create ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is issued usually from an orifice of the medium although I have experienced it from the navel. It has a texture similar to stringy cheese and feels cool to the touch although not cold but it feels artificial, not smooth like human skin. It smells not unpleasant but that can depend upon the hygiene of the medium or even on their dietry intake, everyone is different and it most often smells of body odour but is distinctive and recognisable once it has been experienced.
The reason a trusted group of sitters is preferred for this kind of demonstration and research is that the general public unfortunately cannot be relied upon to be quiet and calm when activity begins. Sitting in the dark, something unknown touching you or unknown sounds close to you can be unsettling. Even just sitting in total darkness can be distressing and claustrophobic if you're not used to it. The medium being used needs to be protected from harm, if a sudden sound is made their life force returns to their body and if this happens too quickly can result in serious damage and even heart attack, so the risk is often not taken by opening such circles up. It does happen, but it's not for the faint hearted. The spiritualists national union headquarters at Stansted, London do hold demonstrations and anyone can attend.
Physical mediumship can also mean that a medium is used for a spirit to manifest. The medium can invite the spirit to use his/her energy but without them going in to trance. Physical mediumship can also relate to any physical phenomena that is produced by a single medium or group of sitters such as the manifestation of images on a barrel of camera film, writing on a slate or paper, hand prints or moulds, sounds, or apports which are objects that apparate into the circle. These can vary but are usually small objects such as coins, jewellery and flowers. Interestingly they are usually hot when first received.
A medium who is giving a demonstration of mental mediumship may also produce elements of physical mediumship through clairsentience. This is when the spirit who is in comunication with them impresses the medium with a health condition or emotion that they once suffered. The medium then feels that emotion or pain as their own but is strangely detached from it and knows that it does not belong to them. A medium soon learns to ask the spirit to take off these feelings or take them back as they can be overwhelming, but they do convey clearly what the spirit wants to say. Again the medium has to practise hard to recognise when they receive a sensation and exactly what it means.
Clairaudience is when the medium "hears" the voice of the spirit, literally speaking in their ear or close by. They will hear the accent if the spirit has one, the tone of voice and will speak the words as given, this is also a form of physical mediumship.
The french word "clair" translates as clear. Therefore the words relating to mediumship are as follows; clairvoyance means clear seeing, clairaudient means clear hearing and clairsentient means clear sensing.
The spirit teams are always working hard to find new ways of communicating with us without causing harm to our physical bodies but it is difficult. The human nervous system is delicate and a medium can easily burn out with the use of bad practise and over-use of their abilities. It is usual for a trance or physical medium to sit just once a month to be used in full by spirit as they need time to recover between sittings.
People all around the world will continue to work with spirit because they feel that they are uncovering a new world bit by bit. More is revealed and experienced each time contact is made, it is recorded and documented for the future. Science is regularly finding correlation between its findings and those of the spirit researchers and one day the truth will be known for sure to everyone - not just the determined explorers of the after-life.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

inside trance

Trance mediumship is a speciality performed by mediums for the advancement of research in the spirit realms and energy world. It can be unsettling to observe but very interesting too. I will walk you through a typical sitting for trance which is when the medium gives their body over for the use of spirit, a bit like leaving your car with the engine running, popping to the shop but in the meantime someone else hops in and takes your car round the block a couple of times. You get the idea.
If you were to observe a sitting it would go something like this; a group of spectators is assembled and sit facing the medium who is seated on an ordinary upright chair.
The medium is introduced and you are asked to remain silent throughout the procedure as any noise can be dangerous for the medium as it can cause shock when the spirit rushes back to its body. (Just like when we are dozing and are woken by a noise but in this case the spirit is absent and must rush back to the body in order to protect it. The spirit is the life force of the medium and should return gently).
The lights are then turned down or off. Sometimes a red or green bulb/lamp is used to illuminate the energies that will manifest.
The medium then begins to attempt to go into trance - no mean feat. In order to do that the medium must have practised for years and developed spiritually enough to be able to trust their spirit guides with their life. The medium is attempting to leave their body, actually take the spirit out of it, and allow another entity to take its place albeit temporarily.
The medium will take themselves to a place in their mind, they will visualise the half-way point where they can be fetched by their guides.
When a medium is being called out of their body it is hard for the medium to stay awake, an overwhelming sense of needing sleep, no matter if they are sitting or laying, invades them and it is likened to having had a sedative. But sometimes it can be hard to leave the body.
The medium whilst out of the body will be looked after by spirit guides and helpers and kept safe. Meanwhile a control spirit guide will enter the medium's vacant body and usually introduce themselves to the observers and set the tone for the demonstration. The medium's eyes usually remain closed during this interaction but their body can become animated. They most often stay seated but arms, head, vocal chords and face are used as though their own.
The voice will be different from the medium's own both in tone and in sentence structure, there may be an accent, even a language that the medium isn't familiar with. The control usually gives a little philosophy and will introduce the next spirit waiting to use the body of the medium.
There will be at least one visiting spirit and maybe up to four but more than that would be a heavy punishment on the medium's body.
It may be possible to 'see' the visitor overshadowing the features of the medium but sometimes this is subjective rather than objective. It may be possible to see the structure that spirit are using to enable the phenomenon, it depends on what you are interested in and what you need to see and learn about. You may see energy movement and even objects that are materialised. It is very interesting and absorbing and if you get a chance to attend please do with an open heart and mind, there is nothing to fear.
At the end of the session the control spirit will once again take use of the body and close the evening. The medium's spirit returns to the body and regains awareness. And for the observer the evening ends, but for the medium it will take much longer to recover.
I have sat for trance on many occasions as the medium. I can assure you that being successful in pushing the spirit from the body is very difficult, it is not natural until the point of death you see. Once the spirit returns back to its body the aches and pains begin. It feels like you've been run over, sharp pains, aching bones and muscles, sore throat and somehow you can feel stretched sometimes or out of proportion, it is a very odd sensation which can take more than a week to subside. Of course someone else has been using your body and may not be as gentle as you, may not remember how to manipulate it or may have radically different energy to you that is incompatible.
Good trance mediums are few and far between, it is a delicate skill and one that requires dedication and understanding of the mechanics of mediumship. The hardest part is being absent when all the action takes place! So it's important to record such events for future reference. Also a trance medium needs someone to sit with them to make sure that they come back to their body properly and are lucid and steady before they move around. The medium may have been sat still in the same position for an hour or more so they may have pins and needles or feel numb too.
It is surprisingly easy for a medium to be disillusioned and believe that they are going into trance when in fact they are wishing it to happen and it is another aspect of their personality that is manifesting and not that of a visiting spirit, another important reason to have a chaperon and to use good practise but also to know yourself very, very well.
Trance mediumship has in the past produced outstanding evidence of the existence of the spirit realms. There are different disciplines of trance and I will write more on the subject but for now appreciate the medium and the sacrifices they make in order to research the spirit world and other dimensions, they hand over their mind and body in trust that they will be cared for and they hand over their reputation to sceptics and those people who can be surprisingly offensive and aggressive towards them. Remember that these are scientific experiments and explorations and at the very least the medium deserves respect whatever their beliefs.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

do you have a question?

does a ouija board really work?

The short answer is yes it does. The ouija board is a tool just like any other, the users are putting their intention and therefore their energy into the board and so there will be a response of sorts.
The problem with the ouija board and any other prop or tool used, is who it is used by. The ouija in particular tends to attract young people who have perhaps had alcohol, have the wrong intention for its use and know nothing about the spirit world. The combination of these conditions can lead to dangerous results.
I used a ouija board when I was younger along with 3 other friends. We made our board, laid out the cards then turned a glass upside down and placed our index fingers on it. We didn't know what we were doing.
At our first question the glass began to move, we were all shocked but continued asking questions. The glass hurtled around the cards spelling out the answers to our questions. We used the ouija board a further 3 times before we began to get a bad feeling about it and became frightened of it. One of our group spoke briefly of a terrifying nighttime experience where he was attacked by a dark human shape, full of hate and violence.  was convinced that the board had allowed them through and never wanted to use it again and our activities on it stopped.
Knowing what I know now and with all that I have learnt during my years developing and practising my mediumship I realise where we went wrong. Our intention at the time was to see if the ouija board worked and no thought was given to how it worked or who made it work.
The board, as any other way of contacting the spirits, is an open door, it is merely your intention to break through the veil so there must be a form of protection put in place to stop any negative entities from coming through.
It sounds easy to do but what if you don't believe in a higher power? Then this will be your weakness.
You cannot use the word of God in prayer or as a form of protection if you do not believe. You cannot use the statement of protection from the source of all that is, if you do not believe in that source. You cannot use your own power if you don't believe you have any.
It takes mental strength and stamina to become a medium. It takes study and great understanding of all that comes your way, every little event must be analysed so that you don't miss anything that can be learnt. As with most things the learning comes about through mistakes.
When you pursue spiritual activities your energy field becomes brighter, you become like a beacon in the night and like moths all onlookers can see your light and gravitate towards it. When your energy is glowing and calling out you have no control over who comes to observe you just as you have no control over who knocks at your front door. Knowing who to let in comes with experience and knowledge.
As usual I would say that if you don't know enough about the subject then leave it alone until you do. A bad experience with a ouija board can leave people frightened for the rest of their lives, they can develop phobias and fears that are grounded more in imagination than in fact and if you allow 1 spirit through the board then you could allow 100, 1000, 1000,000, where does it end?
I am reminded of someone who recently shrugged off the idea that the ouija board worked at all but when I asked them if they had tried it I received the usual answer of "no". I will never understand people who claim to know all about my subject but have never had any experience of it, never explored it, never researched it, fear it and don't want to have it around them. Psychic and spiritual research are sciences that deserve a serious investigation with tests conducted under proper conditions.
The ouija board can be used in such tests but a prayer or statement of protection must be made by all the users, no alcohol can be drunk when doing any spiritual work, the weak link is the person who does not take the possibility of the spirit world seriously. As always respect and love should be shown at all times. These rules apply if you are dowsing, pulling tarot cards, giving a psychic reading, healing or any other kind of work that involves the subtle senses and the help of the unseen. To stay safe you must use discipline, educate yourself, be humble and know your limits.

Monday, 16 January 2012

ghost hunting

I was asked the other day, by a sixteen year old, what advice I could give them about ghost hunting. Here is what I said;
Stay at home, do your homework, get good grades, get a decent job. Then when you have enough money to have a hobby think about something other than ghost hunting. Ghosts are people - not prey - they are very damaged people and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.
I wish more professional mediums would adopt that approach. I can't correlate the understanding I have as a medium with hunting down a poor trapped spirit who may then turn out to be a child.
Why would I do that, to them, to myself? Remember that every negative action you take is an action against yourself because of karma. All wrongs will have to be put right eventually and because earth is the place where karma is accumulated it is the place where karma can be cleared.
I have been on ghost hunts - as a guest observer only. One night I attended at an ancient castle was overseen by another medium whom I did not know. The whole event was chaos, there were people crying, screaming, nerves were shot to bits because the medium in charge was not controlling the events and was not strong enough to protect the amount of people at the evening. (I believe a medium is responsible for the psychic protection of the individuals in her care at such a meeting and at development groups and so on).
It was said that a bad spirit was in a particular room, this being the room where people were leaving in tears, shaking, etc., all totally unnecessary in my view. I have no time for all of that nonsense. A medium should know what they are doing, they have after all another person's sanity and belief system in their hands at such events.
I'd had enough of the ridiculous behaviour and barged into the haunted room flicking the light on as I entered, there is no need for any seance to be conducted in the dark. The hostess wasn't too happy but so what? no-one knew what they were doing and harm was the only outcome I could see.
The room emptied for all but two grown men, tough guys as it happened, experienced ex-soldiers. They were both sprawled on the floor, one was crying uncontrollably and the other a gibbering wreck, shaking, white faced and shocked. One said that the spirit had tried to get into him, that he felt sick and very frightened.
I and my friend who was less experienced comforted the men and then I set about sorting out the so-called bad spirit.
In the full glare of the lights I could see him. He tried to run away but I had anticipated his move and blocked his way with light. He turned to me and stared hard in to my eyes. I realised then that this was no evil spirit, no demon, but simply a lost soul. He had tried to get in to the body of the soldier as a means of safety and escape from the large group of people who had been hunting him each week for years. He was terrified.
I rescued the lost soul from his prison and took him home where he belonged. That's all that needed doing.
I don't believe in ghost hunts. I believe that activity should be recorded for scientific purpose but that the spirits causing it should be rescued and taken to their spirit home afterwards by the attending medium. No spirit should be spoken to badly, be goaded, tormented or teased, no threats should be issued, no ridiculous requests made. All of that is bad practise and dangerous.
Love and respect are the only tools a medium needs to rescue lost souls and I don't understand why a medium would want to cause harm to a fellow being. I don't hold with screaming and hysteria either as it merely attracts the wrong energies or beings and the hysterical persons can create more activity with their own fears and energies shooting off all over the place! That only leads to confusion. Calmness is required.
So if you decide to attend a ghost hunt think about the ethics of what you are doing. Remember that the spirit belongs to someone, is a person, they are lost and confused, they need help and you will be thanked and rewarded in return for your part in their rescue. Do not be drawn into the more negative side of thrill seeking and instead try to put yourself in the shoes of the spirit person and carry with you compassion and love. There is exercise on my blog that instructs in the rescue of spirit.

Friday, 13 January 2012

what is a thought form?

A thought form is an energy manifestation created through the use of thought or thinking. For example if I were to think badly of someone, hate someone in fact and every time I thought about them I wanted something horrible to happen to them, for them to suffer, there is the possibility of my thoughts becoming tangible within the astral world. They are energy but they are full of shadow and poison instead of light and radiance.
The energy I have created is like an arrow, poison tipped, with a capability of causing damage and when it reaches its target, the person who has annoyed me, upset me or whatever, it punctures the aura and travels into their astral body. When the astral body is damaged, the physical body very quickly (within hours) will manifest the damage. So, if you receive a bad thought from someone else and it reaches your solar plexus you will feel sick and your stomach will feel tight even to the point of having pain. If the thought form reaches your head you will have sudden sharp pain which can turn into a headache.
I know this sounds far fetched but as someone who sees the energy created and sent I cannot argue with what my own eyes show me. I have conducted experiments with other mediums and with clients of mine to demonstrate how the process works. I have created the thought of love and light and sent the thought to them (just as you think of someone you love with fondness) and they have felt the warmth of it. When immediately afterwards, for contrast, I have thought of them badly and intended them harm they have felt it as a stabbing pain or a disruptive sense of swirling in the solar plexus chakra (lower stomach). It is a worthwhile experiment but one that you have to undo afterwards, you can't leave negativity within someone's aura, it must be cleansed to return them to their previous state.
When we argue with someone or worry about a situation we often say that the situation is making us ill and that is because there is disruption to the usual energy functioning of the non physical bodies so it follows to say that attack can be caused without the victim's awareness.
Psychic attack can happen when someone is falling victim to a barrage of thought forms of the negative kind from an individual or a group. Psychic attack is something that mystics and occultists have known about for centuries (I use the word occultists in its pure form of meaning hidden and unknown not the common misuse of evil doing). Voodoo works on the same premise as psychic attack as do curses by letting the victim know that they are being targeted either by words or symbols.
Working as a healing medium I have seen the results of psychic attack many times although it was not a conclusion I would immediately jump to but one that proved itself to exist over many years of administering healing, readings and the energy I was seeing.
A person who is being psychically attacked may also have frightening dreams or nightmares and become nervous without good reason, go off their food, prefer silence or to be alone or the opposite, in fact, and be afraid to be alone. They may develop unhealthy habits and even become paranoid. When spoken to they can often identify the source of their attack and recognise how the person concerned has got to them.
So how do you protect yourself from thought forms and how do you prevent yourself creating and sending them, bearing in mind that you receive what you send?
Hateful thoughts generate further hate just as loving thoughts bring love to you and have the potential to heal situations. Negativity causes stress whereas acceptance and love bring about balance and serenity. So the first point of protection is with your own thoughts and the management of them. Be aware of your thoughts, the type that you have, what is the habit you are  now in regarding how you view others? Accept others and their opinions and lives, they have freedom to think how they like, the issue is to improve your own well-being. It is a waste of your energy and resources to try to change another person, they may change through your example but they have to do it of their own volition.
There are exercises on my blog to cleanse and protect your energy field and that of your environment and these should be performed on a regular basis or at least when you feel things slipping.
The next point of cleansing and healing what you may have sent out is to recall it.
We have all done it, cursed a driver, bitched about a colleague, hated someone - even momentarily during a disagreement. To undo the negativity you have sent, intentionally or not, you can recall your energy - for that's what it is - to you and heal the karma you have created at the same time.
To meditate on this issue firstly sit quietly for a while and breathe. Do this until you feel peaceful within and ready to receive back any energy with harmful intention that you have sent during misunderstanding. Call this energy back to you, call back anything you have sent to another soul, person, place at any time during your existence. The energy belongs to you so when you have scattered it to many places you are no longer whole and peace and wisdom cannot be achieved if you are in that state so the use is of this technique is twofold regarding yourself.
Don't worry if you can't see or sense the energy, just know that it is coming back to you.
When you feel ready the next stage is to cleanse yourself of the energy you have recalled. Remember that the energy is damaging so you do not want to hold these old thoughts, opinions and aggressive thought forms. Use the cleansing exercise on this blog to finish the job and remember to ground yourself afterwards so that you can function in the world. You may have to repeat the exercise a few times so that you gather all the layers and parts of your energy but the calm of wholeness is worth it.
Good luck in your intention to bring about wholeness and balance.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

tomorrow on my blog - what is a thought form?

do you have a question?

If you have a question about the spirit world, a strange experience you have had that you would like to make sense of, think you've seen a ghost or think you might be psychic then post a comment and I will answer as honestly as I can. Thank you

how to protect your house/car/loved ones from negativity

No matter what you do to keep negativity at bay it somehow creeps in to our homes and causes disagreements, mood swings, tension and irritability. Modern life is difficult enough without external problems manifesting in your private and social time. We can create our own negativity by the way we think about situations, our perception of scenarios and our reactions to those around us.
It takes practise and awareness of our weaknesses and patterns of behaviour to change those things about ourselves that we don't like or cause disruption and disharmony. We have to recognise when it is our behaviour that is causing problems in our lives or when it is outside influences, but even when it is an outside influence we still have control over our reaction to it and that's where self discipline and self knowledge comes in.
As we age and go through life's experiences we get to know ourselves more deeply and can predict our reactions more easily but at times we can become stuck in a pattern of behaviour that is harmful to us and to our relationships with others. The most obvious example is anger.
Anger can manifest in different guises such as irritability, impatience, a cluttered mind, distorted thought process, insomnia, worry that becomes out of proportion in relation to the problem, aggression towards others, fatigue and unthinking behaviour. The result of that is arguments, being disorganised, forgetful, restlessness and resentful towards others who seem to have an easier life, be more successful, happier and richer. ( I have to say here that you should eliminate the possibility of depression by seeing your Doctor but this is a self help method that will not interfere with medication or health in any detrimental manner).
The other way to have negativity in your life is by attracting it. Once you are full of negativity yet more will be attracted to you.
Spiritually speaking regarding energy, when you carry negative emotion in the energy field it is natural for it to attract to it more of the same but when you carry peace and acceptance in the energy field you will attract that and people who carry the same amount of light will be drawn to you. It may sound simplistic but that's because it is.
If you recognise that you are holding on to anger, frustration and hate there are ways to cleanse yourself and to keep yourself clean, the same techniques can then be applied to everyone and every place you choose to use them. You have the power to change you and the power to help others to change or you can stay stuck and undeveloped - it's your choice - but no-one can do the changing for you, as with most things you have to want to change for the better and wish for improvement in your life and relationships. Most people are aware that they are angry but don't question why, they may think it's because another driver cut them up, because someone at work is making their life a misery, that their marriage is unhappy but you need to question more deeply why you feel and think that, these could just be distractions that take your attention away from the real issue. It is not always possible to change your job, get more money or live better materially but you can change your perception and reaction to those difficulties in order to minimise stress and the further misery they can cause if you let them get hold of you.
The way to do it
Try to be as peaceful as possible the first time you attempt this technique, it can be done in a rush, when you are cross or tired etc., but you will feel the benefit sooner and more easily if you do it when you are calm.
Imagine your home, the whole of it, the boundary of the garden or yard space, the driveway and vehicles on it (if any), the ground below your home and the space above it. Encompass the whole of it in a large bubble, it doesn't have to be round, the bubble will stretch to any shape you need. See inside the bubble all that you possess and your family, pets, loved ones, including yourself. Don't worry about seeing or imagining detail, just know that you have put them all in the bubble.
Now fill the bubble with white light, this is cleansing, now use silver light, this will wash away any residues.
Know that all is as clean as it can be.
Now fill the bubble with green earth light, to nurture the earthly bodies and the mechanical and structural elements of your home.
Now fill it with pink light, for love, patience, nurturing and safety, this makes a home.
Know that all is protected, rejuvenated, enlivened with the right kind of power, inspired with the right kind of enthusiasm and that life will improve for you.
You can add gold light too if you want the angelic realm to connect with you and your household.
Keep positive and keep repeating the exercise for yourself, work place, wherever you find yourself, be it on public transport, driving in your vehicle, in a cafe or library, a work meeting room, always clear the space you visit to make sure you don't pick up any negativity and take it home with you.
This is a simple and easy to remember technique and it doesn't matter if you view it as a spiritual one or a mental one as long as it helps you to clear your mind of clutter and worry and to live a more positive and healthy life.
Spiritual practise should harm no-one but it should inspire and help better living. It is not impossible to be happy but in our world maintenance of our thoughts is often required to achieve it.

Monday, 9 January 2012

laughter and its importance to the energy vibration

It's very easy when you are developing spiritually to become quite serious and for your sense of humour to desert you. To others you can appear to have become pious and over-sensitive. It's an easy trap to fall into but can be a phase that lasts a long time.
When your senses are heightening and you are investigating your true nature and the world around you becomes ever more vivid you can become over-sensitised to the brutality and cruelty that exists within it. Balancing your new understandings and the way human nature conflicts with your new way of thinking can be difficult.
Many people who develop spiritually and become more in tune with other creatures that we share our world with decide to become vegetarian or even vegan. This is understandable because of the inner conflict between reaching a higher state of consciousness and the lowering of your energy vibration through the eating of meat. Practising mediums know that heavy food, such as meat, is a grounding agent and makes the body feel heavier. This is a difficult experience to explain to someone who has never felt it, but I will try to help you to understand.
For a moment take your concentration to your own body. How does it feel today? Is it at rest? Do you feel turmoil inside? Do you have pain? Are you at peace with yourself? Now, take a moment to notice the density and weight of your body - this has nothing to do with size and excess weight - I want you to notice the presence of your body. Do you really feel like you are inside your skin, your feet planted firmly on the ground? If so then you are in your body and grounded, this is good for making decisions, being practical and being balanced. This state is strived for by mediums directly after they have worked with spirit, done trance or returning from meditation and it is usual after these activities for the medium to drink and eat something so that the body is reactivated in the physical world and the medium's spirit is firmly back inside it, so correct function is attained. It would be dangerous for them to go about their daily life in the higher state, it would be hard to concentrate, unwise and dangerous to drive, the medium would be scatty and forgetful, absent minded and unfocussed.
Before a medium works for spirit it is usual for them not to eat. They need to remain light of the body. It takes a long time of training to recognise the way the body manages these experiences but with practise understanding grows. When the body is free of managing the dietry needs and digestion its functions are more at rest which leaves additional energy for the body to use for spiritual adventures and activities. It becomes easier for the spirit of the medium to ascend and therefore meet the spirit helpers and visitors half-way.
For some mediums a light meal is required for them to function during  their spirit work, they need the energy from the food to be able to work, but it all depends upon the medium and the mediumship that they do.
If you haven't eaten for a while you will become light headed, you may feel tingly too but if you notice the state of your body at this point you will find that it feels lighter to your senses and you may feel floaty and disconnected to it as well as more sensitive to your emotions and those of others. This is the state the medium tries to acquire for clairvoyance and trance. It must be a state that is not detrimental to the medium as they still have to function, perhaps drive to the service or client, hold conversations and be lucid, so it is usual for them to eat earlier in the day and drink lots of water to prevent dehydration or eat fruit, which is nature's vibration and more in tune with our earth bodies. Starvation is never acceptable.
This is where some of the discipline is involved in doing the work. To work well for spirit, sacrifices are often made by the medium to their normal routine, food and drink of pleasure, time and careful management of the thought processes.
Attaining a higher vibration of the body is closely connected to the thought process and the lightness of mind.
Thoughts become valuable. Negativity is to be avoided, anger, jealousy and any negative emotion or response has to be managed by the medium so as not to let it creep in to their habits. This in turn lightens the mind and in turn the body. Such as a good experience makes you feel happy and lighter. Positive thinking has to become the habit of the developing medium in order to attain any progress and again self discipline is a strong factor for the successful medium. Negativity will attract the wrong kind of spirit and will endanger the medium, remember that in the world of the esoteric - like attracts like.
A great way to lighten the vibration and one used a lot by mediums before they sit for contact, for healing or for any other method they are using to contact spirit, is to laugh. Before a circle is opened a joke will be told or a funny story or anecdote causing fun and laughter to clear any negativity either in the location or the medium and group. Any nervousness by new sitters will be alleviated by the laughter as it makes an extraordinary situation seem usual and acceptable and laughter connects people to one another.
Laughter is healthy for you, seeing the best in all there is, being with friends and living well (by that I mean being the best person you can be) is the way to balance, success and happiness. That's not to say that everything will go right for you, where are life's lessons if you have no problems to overcome? It is your perception of situations that makes the difference. If you cannot change a situation around you - change your perception of it in order to bring about an improvement. Most importantly laugh at yourself, at trying situations. See humour in all that you can even if it is an effort and soon it will become habit and you will have raised your vibration.

Friday, 6 January 2012

does everyone have a spirit guide?

Every one of us has a guardian who serves to guide us when necessary but not on a regular or daily basis. Their objective is to learn from us and to exist beside us whilst we experience the physical life on earth. It is an arrangement made before we return to earth as babies. It is a mutual decision between us and the guardian. In my experience a guardian is usually someone who is known to us within the family, they can be traced and may be remembered by existing members of your family. They seem often to be of the time of two generations back. My own guardian is my great grandfather. He is there if I need him, but he never interferes unless my life is in danger or he is consulted directly. You will all have a guardian like that, it may be female or male but no-one is sent here alone, but you don't have to be aware of them.
There are also other members of your family and soul group who come around you to help you at times of difficulty and stress but they do not stay all the time. If you imagine that they are in the next room and can hear you call when you need them, then you are close to the reality of their existence and purpose in your life. They cannot help you directly unless you ask them to but they can be around you, remember that they learn from our experiences too and no opportunity to gain knowledge is missed.
Spirit guides however are a different matter and serve a different role. A spirit guide is someone/a soul who resides in higher realms than the average souls who have passed over. They are further developed and have more understanding than others but less than yet further evolved souls.
They are knowledgeable enough to be able to teach, they can control their energy sufficiently so as not to influence you in any way and they are drawn to you because of experiences you may be having and the level of development or understanding you have already achieved.
A spirit guide is not working as an individual and making decisions about your welfare without higher counsel, including that with your own soul choices. All considerations are taken into account as well as your actions and thoughts about issues affecting you so that only the best help comes to you.
Spirit guides often, but not always, present themselves as American Indians. It may seem like a cliche to have such a being with you because so many spirit workers claim to have them but they present this way for a reason. American Indians had a great understanding of the way the earth functioned, mother earth provided everything they needed to exist. They also accepted death as a natural part of life and embraced their time to pass over. They can teach the student a lot about their own energy, how to hold it, how to use it wisely and how to expand it, their knowledge is vast and valuable, but they also learn from the student and when their time with you is done, they move on to someone else and you gain another, more advanced guide to develop you further and they gain another student with different needs.
A spirit guide's purpose is to help you to grow but they cannot force the issue. Sometimes they wait around you for many months hoping that you will hear the call they send to you to discover yourself, your potential and power. That's not to say that everyone with a spirit guide will become a medium, far from it, there are many ways to develop spiritually other than mediumship. If, after an allotted time, you do not respond to the subtle hints being sent to you, the spirit guide will move on and work elsewhere until you are ready, if that day ever comes.
Only those of us who will work with and for spirit will have a guide for that development, they are not necessary for people who are not destined to work with them. It is possible to develop a deep and meaningful relationship with your guide if you meditate and connect with them regularly and that is how they should be used for clear instruction and strong connection. An open mind is needed to hear their guidance and determination to improve and grow because some of the lessons brought to you will be difficult to deal with. It is said by many mediums that guides will test you and that is true but they will never push you beyond your limits, only to them.
If you have been told that you have a spirit guide or sense that you have one, then you are receiving the call to develop spiritually. You can go to spiritualist church, seek out like-minded people, read the subject matter, join on-line groups for development, attend mind, body and spirit events and so on. We are lucky to live in an age when so much freedom and opportunity exists to be ourselves and remember that growth should not cost you a lot of money.
A spirit guide will manifest to you in a way that you can understand, for example, if you relate to an American Indian with teaching and strength, honesty and nature and you see him as a positive influence and a call to the beginning of your journey then that is what he will show you. If you ask him to show you his true self you will see something altogether different and beautiful.
So why do some people have guides and some not? Why are some of us destined to work with spirit and some not?
The earth and its inhabitants need to be in balance. It would serve no purpose if all the people were the same, having the same experiences, living the same lives and so some people have to be based in earth energy and some of us have to be based in universal energy. Some of us need to heal people in a traditional way through medicine and others need to work with the energy of an individual. There are very physical roles on earth and there are altruistic and vocational roles to fulfil, all are incredibly worthwhile and necessary.
Sometimes a person who wishes to develop spiritually becomes frustrated that they never sense, see or receive anything despite a lot of effort on their part, but it may not be their soul choice to use their energy that way and so results will not be forthcoming.
If you are lucky enough to have a guide, do work with them if you can, open your mind and heart to their teachings but always work safely, use psychic protection, check the answers you receive and always work with love and respect.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

why do our loved ones stay near to us?

When someone passes over to the spirit world there is confusion on both sides of the veil. Those left behind are thrown into a state of turmoil and grief and those that have passed can often experience the same feelings. Although at their passing they are met by people they recognise and understand it can still be difficult for them to reconcile their new position and state of being.
Just as the grieving left here on earth have to come to terms with their loss, those in spirit have to come to terms with their loss of physicality. What I understand from the spirit people that have spoken to me directly is that they are often so amazed that life continues after the death of their body that they have an overwhelming desire to let us know. They want to lessen the grief we feel, take away our pain and offer reassurance that we will see them again. Knowledge and understanding of life after death lessens the grieving process considerably.
You, dear reader, may struggle with the concept that I talk to the spirits of those who have passed over but for me there is no doubt that this is possible. I have demonstrated to others many times my ability to connect with a life form outside of my own and separate from that of the sitter/client. I find myself once again recommending you to seek a well trained and registered medium, the Spiritualist movement is the best place to start, then you have a measure which you can compare other mediums to, who operate privately.
If you found yourself in a wondrous new world, with people around you who were full of knowledge, good will and vibrancy, if your eyes were suddenly opened to the beauty of life and the truth of the human spirit, wouldn't you want to share it with those closest to you? Of course you would, and those we know well and find themselves in that world are no different. So they visit us, they hang around a bit, they try to reach us through subtle thoughts and in our dream state. They will try any means to get their message across. A closed mind shuts them out so all that is required from you is an open mind towards the possibilities of other dimensions and existence within them for spirit to be able to make contact.
You may fear a dead person getting in touch with you by whatever means. Maybe you think that they will frighten you, that they will suddenly have power over you and possess your body? Not unreasonable in the circumstances but unlikely. Why would someone you know and who loves you want to scare you, want to spoil the the chance they have of getting through to you? Remember, this is a relative, a partner, a friend, open your heart to them and they will come. I have to point out here the difference between calling unknown spirits to you via the ouija board for example and simply having an open heart and mind regarding the hope that you will have a sign from a loved one. There is a huge difference in intention and it is intention that sets the tone. It IS dangerous for untrained and unknowledgeable persons to tinker about with what they don't understand and safety has always been a prime concern of mine regarding mediumship and psychic protection is something I teach and regard as vital.
There is another reason why spirit people hang around us and that is when there are unresolved issues between you. It may be that you argued before a death, that you never saw eye to eye during life, that you parted many years ago but on bad terms or that the death was tragic and unexpected leaving questions unanswered. Whatever the reason, a person reaching the spirit dimension needs to reconcile old hurts and repair damage caused in order for them to ascend and move on.
In these cases the person in spirit form tries very hard, with help from guides and healers, to reach the consciousness of the living person. They try every means open to them to reach a point of forgiveness and understanding. This can take many of our years and the living person may be oblivious to these efforts. Sometimes it is not until the living person eventually joins the spirit world that these reconciliations can be made.
Then there are those spirit that choose to stay around their loved ones. These are often sad spirit that can feel that their life came to an abrupt end and worry that those left behind in grief will not be able to cope without them. They want to stay and comfort them, be around their families to feel their love and experience what is familiar to them. Eventually they come to realise that this state is not helping them to recover. They turn to their guides, who never abandon them, work constantly to bring them to understanding, to rescue them and to receive them with open hearts in their spirit home.
Love never dies, the human mind never forgets and strong bonds never break. No matter what scenarios are played out here on earth our spirits remain connected to one another through the love vibration. Spirit remain around their families and friends because they love them, it's as simple as that.

Monday, 2 January 2012

a cord cutting exercise

This is the perfect time for such an exercise. If you are lucky enough to have been socialising and spending time with friends then cords of connection will have been made in your astral body. It is a natural process and one that cannot be avoided, we use the cords for information and knowledge of the person in question on a subtle and subconscious level but problems can arise if the cords are left tethered and not severed as they should be. There is good reason to sever cords and not leave them attached. Picture the scenario; you meet with a friend who is feeling down, you empathise and console and make all the right noises to make them feel better about their situation. At this point the cords have attached, usually the heart chakra, the solar plexus and the third eye are the culprits when it comes to gleaning information psychically although in practise I would also use the throat chakra when connecting deliberately to another person - alive or dead.
Somehow you know the right words to say to your friend, you understand and are able to get to the crux of the matter. You have noticed that this happens a lot and that people tend to come to you for advice.
Your friend feels better and you part wiser and slightly smug that you were able to offer such excellent solace and optimism for the future. Meanwhile the cords are still attached to your friend and hers to you - meeting in the middle shall we say. A mutual and willing connection.
During the next few weeks or days funny coincidences start to happen and you find yourself in similar if not exact situations as your friend has experienced. You wonder what the heck is going on? And so you should. You end up going through the same ordeal as the friend and come through the other side worn out, weary and even depressed.
What has happened here is that you have mirrored your friend because you are attached to their energy and are therefore a part of it or I should say an extension of it. Therefore whatever the friend is feeling, experiencing and thinking, you will too, albeit sometimes in a more subtle manner.
I see this happen with healers and mediums in particular - show me a healthy healing medium and I will show you someone who is working properly and knows their field inside out - the truth is that the majority don't and suffer for it. They suffer because they take on the illnesses they are trying to heal in others. They make a connection, what is called an attunement, with the patient/subject but forget to retrieve the part of their energy that has been sent into the patients/subjects energy field when the session is ended. The healer then begins to manifest illness as it remains in their aura and will eventually cause harm to the physical body.
I could give you many examples of when and how this happens but I'm sure you get the idea from the example above, we all have someone that we feel drains us of strength but we feel beholding to them in some way. We are connected to them and they to us, we then mirror each other and go down together like captains on a sinking ship. Old relationships, divorcees, people we no longer see, people we do see regularly - all benefit from the cutting of the cords. The only cord that should be in place in a persons' energy field is that of the parent and child cord. It is no accident that a baby is connected to its mother by a cord, it is the physical body mirroring the energy body, so that we remember, but of course we forget straight away.
Only a parent and only the heart chakra should be connected in their relationship with their child. The cord is then a way of communicating only through love and understanding which will be mirrored in the physical relationship between them.
If for example the solar plexus chakra was used to form a cord the relationship would be one of power struggle and arguments and potential violence.
To cut the cords sit or lie somewhere where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes. Breathe and be at peace with yourself before you begin. Imagine you and only you. You stand in the light. The light is gentle, loving and all encompassing. You are safe. Now focus on yourself. Slowly look down at your body. See how many cords are leaving your astral body, you may sense many or just a few or even just one. You may notice different colours or not, it doesn't matter. If you see no cords continue with the exercise anyway and see if you feel the difference afterwards.
Now visualise taking a large pair of scissors and cut through all the cords at once. Be brutal, you don't need to know who you are attached to and you don't need to care about harming yourself or anyone else. This practise cannot harm, it can only free and heal.
Now imagine that your part of the cords are shrinking back into your chakras, your energy returning to where it belongs. You may feel stronger, whole or more peaceful.
If you have a child or children, on earth or in the spirit world, you may reconnect to them and only them. Imagine a cord, pink and rosy with the light of love and extend it from your chest/the heart chakra to the front of you, then imagine your child/children and connect this gentle loving cord to each of their heart chakras. This is not an intrusion, this is natural and should occur. A parent is connected to their children always until both are once again in the spirit world and a new arrangement is  made. You may now put your hands together to centre the energy field and imagine those little roots growing from the soles of your feet into the earth to ground you. This is very important and should not be missed out. You are now free to go about your day. This exercise should be performed regularly but for a healer/medium or therapist should be done between clients.
Feel love and peace towards those you are connected to. If you have no children then do not extend the heart chakra cord. Keep it for yourself to attain self love. Even lovers and life partners should not be connected by the heart chakra or any other chakra permanently. Lovers connect all their chakras during orgasm, that's why orgasm is so euphoric, it's the closest we as humans can get to the divine feeling of love experienced in our light bodies.

Your Input

I'd like to invite you to ask questions about spirituality and the spirit world. You can ask me anything you like on the topic and I will do my best to answer truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. This blog is for you, the readers, and so your input is valued. Thank you.