Wednesday, 18 January 2012

inside trance

Trance mediumship is a speciality performed by mediums for the advancement of research in the spirit realms and energy world. It can be unsettling to observe but very interesting too. I will walk you through a typical sitting for trance which is when the medium gives their body over for the use of spirit, a bit like leaving your car with the engine running, popping to the shop but in the meantime someone else hops in and takes your car round the block a couple of times. You get the idea.
If you were to observe a sitting it would go something like this; a group of spectators is assembled and sit facing the medium who is seated on an ordinary upright chair.
The medium is introduced and you are asked to remain silent throughout the procedure as any noise can be dangerous for the medium as it can cause shock when the spirit rushes back to its body. (Just like when we are dozing and are woken by a noise but in this case the spirit is absent and must rush back to the body in order to protect it. The spirit is the life force of the medium and should return gently).
The lights are then turned down or off. Sometimes a red or green bulb/lamp is used to illuminate the energies that will manifest.
The medium then begins to attempt to go into trance - no mean feat. In order to do that the medium must have practised for years and developed spiritually enough to be able to trust their spirit guides with their life. The medium is attempting to leave their body, actually take the spirit out of it, and allow another entity to take its place albeit temporarily.
The medium will take themselves to a place in their mind, they will visualise the half-way point where they can be fetched by their guides.
When a medium is being called out of their body it is hard for the medium to stay awake, an overwhelming sense of needing sleep, no matter if they are sitting or laying, invades them and it is likened to having had a sedative. But sometimes it can be hard to leave the body.
The medium whilst out of the body will be looked after by spirit guides and helpers and kept safe. Meanwhile a control spirit guide will enter the medium's vacant body and usually introduce themselves to the observers and set the tone for the demonstration. The medium's eyes usually remain closed during this interaction but their body can become animated. They most often stay seated but arms, head, vocal chords and face are used as though their own.
The voice will be different from the medium's own both in tone and in sentence structure, there may be an accent, even a language that the medium isn't familiar with. The control usually gives a little philosophy and will introduce the next spirit waiting to use the body of the medium.
There will be at least one visiting spirit and maybe up to four but more than that would be a heavy punishment on the medium's body.
It may be possible to 'see' the visitor overshadowing the features of the medium but sometimes this is subjective rather than objective. It may be possible to see the structure that spirit are using to enable the phenomenon, it depends on what you are interested in and what you need to see and learn about. You may see energy movement and even objects that are materialised. It is very interesting and absorbing and if you get a chance to attend please do with an open heart and mind, there is nothing to fear.
At the end of the session the control spirit will once again take use of the body and close the evening. The medium's spirit returns to the body and regains awareness. And for the observer the evening ends, but for the medium it will take much longer to recover.
I have sat for trance on many occasions as the medium. I can assure you that being successful in pushing the spirit from the body is very difficult, it is not natural until the point of death you see. Once the spirit returns back to its body the aches and pains begin. It feels like you've been run over, sharp pains, aching bones and muscles, sore throat and somehow you can feel stretched sometimes or out of proportion, it is a very odd sensation which can take more than a week to subside. Of course someone else has been using your body and may not be as gentle as you, may not remember how to manipulate it or may have radically different energy to you that is incompatible.
Good trance mediums are few and far between, it is a delicate skill and one that requires dedication and understanding of the mechanics of mediumship. The hardest part is being absent when all the action takes place! So it's important to record such events for future reference. Also a trance medium needs someone to sit with them to make sure that they come back to their body properly and are lucid and steady before they move around. The medium may have been sat still in the same position for an hour or more so they may have pins and needles or feel numb too.
It is surprisingly easy for a medium to be disillusioned and believe that they are going into trance when in fact they are wishing it to happen and it is another aspect of their personality that is manifesting and not that of a visiting spirit, another important reason to have a chaperon and to use good practise but also to know yourself very, very well.
Trance mediumship has in the past produced outstanding evidence of the existence of the spirit realms. There are different disciplines of trance and I will write more on the subject but for now appreciate the medium and the sacrifices they make in order to research the spirit world and other dimensions, they hand over their mind and body in trust that they will be cared for and they hand over their reputation to sceptics and those people who can be surprisingly offensive and aggressive towards them. Remember that these are scientific experiments and explorations and at the very least the medium deserves respect whatever their beliefs.

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