Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Philosophy is a very important part of mediumship. When a service is taken or a group is receiving readings from a medium not all the members of that group may receive a message and this is where philosophy comes in. There are some in the spiritualist movement who think that philosophy is a waste of time but my opinion is that it stimulates the mind, thoughts then tumble into one another and into our imagination or our troubles can lead our thinking to new places and fresh inspiration.
If a group member does not receive a message, then the philosophy of the evening might be all that they take away. Higher evolved spirit usually teach us philosophy and higher thinking. Some mediums find it boring but I say how can it be so? We are receiving secrets of the universe, advice to live by and it is delivered with love and healing energy. It is usually channelled by the medium and is often an indicator as to how developed they are or how evolved their spirit team is. Remember like attracts like so a medium's philosophy can be a measure of them. Here is a little philosophy for your day.

Change is the will of the non-believer. He always wants what isn't there, the next big thing to feed his ego. His place in the world must be fought for when there is no war to fight.
Peace and acceptance bring all that is needed to your door. You will never be without your needs, if peace and love are carried in the heart as trophies. The flame of peace, strives beyond all that mankind can throw at it.
channelled by Avril Green 2011

Just a little snippet for you to ponder on today. I think I will incorporate more philosophy on the blog so watch this space for enlightenment and truths.

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