Monday, 30 January 2012


Another form of mediumship is called transfiguration.
The medium does not need to be in a trance state for this to happen and can be fully conscious and even unaware of the spirit working with them.
Transfiguration is when the visiting spirit overlays their image on top of the medium's features. This can be visible to an observer with the psychic eye only or also to the physical eye if the energy build up is strong enough.
No special lighting is needed to observe this phenomenon and it can seem to happen randomly. For example, I remember during several readings with clients that they noticed the face of their loved one projected over mine. My features would disappear to their eyes and be replaced by that of a familiar deceased relative or friend. It is a natural process when working with spirit as the medium is working closely with them anyway and requires little energy from the medium compared to trance manifestations.
Just a small amount of the medium's energy will be needed and if the medium creates external energy for the spirit team to use, then that reserve can be used for the projection. By that I mean that the medium will create a ball of energy and donate it for the use of spirit during the reading. This technique avoids the medium's energy being exhausted whilst working with spirit, which is easily done and in turn burns out the nervous system of the medium. It is better for the medium to use energy that is separate from themselves, it causes less harm and can be added to depending on how fast it is depleted and what the intended use is.
During the event of transfiguration the spirit will move into the medium's body but not in the same aggressive way that is required for full or partial trance. They then manipulate the etheric body of the medium to form a mask of their own face using light and colour to effect their features.
The image is usually clear and unmistakable. For those people struggling to believe that their loved ones are in spirit it provides strong evidence for them. Transfiguration can be filmed and photographed too.
Mediums who see spirit regularly see the projection of spirit people, ghosts are a projection too, but transfiguration provides good evidence for someone who is without the gift of seeing energy and spirit.
For the medium inside the transfiguration there are strange sensations that occur. I will notice firstly the increase in my heart rate and a drop in temperature. I will feel the spirit slide in to my body, their energy may feel heavier than my own or lighter, it may tingle as it blends with my energy and body or it may feel hot or cold. There may be pain or itching, a feeling of threads across my face which is the ectoplasm in its finest form and my eyes can become very dry, sting and hard to keep open.
The next stage may be a scratchy throat and the vocal chords need clearing (like a frog in the throat) but it is the spirit's energy adjusting to yours. Then I will feel a stretching sensation in my face, it feels as though it is being pulled in different directions, gently and slowly. My lips may swollen and feel oddly proportioned and I feel the energy moving across my face but also beneath the skin as the image is being formed.
Transfiguration can be a subtle demonstration or a very vivid one, it depends on the circumstances and the energy available, also the willingness of the medium to allow it to happen as it does feel very odd and doesn't suit everybody. It is something that should only be attempted by experienced mediums who are aware of psychic protection and of how to recover from trance as the spirit is sharing the aura of the medium, the energy of the physical body and the mind of the medium. It would be wrong to assume that this practise is safe because it is not trance, the reverse is true, it is a milder, gentler form of trance and physical mediumship and all the usual precautions should be put in place. Of course one thing to mention is that there is no point in trying transfiguration unless you have someone with you to observe the phenomenon and as with any trance work a trusted companion is required to spot problems and take care of the medium as they recover.
Transfiguration is not something that all mediums are cut out for as a deep trust of your guides and helpers is needed and that developes over time working with them. Not all mediums have the right frequency of energy to achieve results and some disagree with the need for it. Mediums still have opinions and they set boundaries and rules for working with their own spirit team and some mediums will simply not agree to work in such a way.
Transfiguration is an interesting and rare visual evidence and one that needs encouragement by mediums willing to experiment in this area to further our knowledge of it.

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  1. Mostly pretty accurate in my experience. Thanks. I am a transfiguration medium and do not really go into trance. Witnesses see different faces, or the entity in the room, body changes, and even the entity step out from my body and point a finger at a member of the audience. Very well done article.