Wednesday, 11 January 2012

do you have a question?

If you have a question about the spirit world, a strange experience you have had that you would like to make sense of, think you've seen a ghost or think you might be psychic then post a comment and I will answer as honestly as I can. Thank you

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  1. Hello Avril

    My wife recently passed and I am a beliver of the spirit world. aged 47 following a long ilness. I have had trouble sleeping and early one morning i felt a presence above my face. This the heyfevour season and my eyes have been sticky in the mornings so usually i have to open them with my fingers. Feeling the presence I tried to open my eyes but for this reason i couldnt and when i went to move my hands towards my eyes i was unable to do so as if someone was holding my arms down. I was desperatly trying to open my eyes and then i felt soft hair sweep accross my face. I could then move my arms and managed to open my eyes but saw nothing. I wondered if that could have been the spirit of my wife visiting me as she said she would if it was possible and that she had prohibited me from seeing her. What do you think?