Wednesday, 11 January 2012

how to protect your house/car/loved ones from negativity

No matter what you do to keep negativity at bay it somehow creeps in to our homes and causes disagreements, mood swings, tension and irritability. Modern life is difficult enough without external problems manifesting in your private and social time. We can create our own negativity by the way we think about situations, our perception of scenarios and our reactions to those around us.
It takes practise and awareness of our weaknesses and patterns of behaviour to change those things about ourselves that we don't like or cause disruption and disharmony. We have to recognise when it is our behaviour that is causing problems in our lives or when it is outside influences, but even when it is an outside influence we still have control over our reaction to it and that's where self discipline and self knowledge comes in.
As we age and go through life's experiences we get to know ourselves more deeply and can predict our reactions more easily but at times we can become stuck in a pattern of behaviour that is harmful to us and to our relationships with others. The most obvious example is anger.
Anger can manifest in different guises such as irritability, impatience, a cluttered mind, distorted thought process, insomnia, worry that becomes out of proportion in relation to the problem, aggression towards others, fatigue and unthinking behaviour. The result of that is arguments, being disorganised, forgetful, restlessness and resentful towards others who seem to have an easier life, be more successful, happier and richer. ( I have to say here that you should eliminate the possibility of depression by seeing your Doctor but this is a self help method that will not interfere with medication or health in any detrimental manner).
The other way to have negativity in your life is by attracting it. Once you are full of negativity yet more will be attracted to you.
Spiritually speaking regarding energy, when you carry negative emotion in the energy field it is natural for it to attract to it more of the same but when you carry peace and acceptance in the energy field you will attract that and people who carry the same amount of light will be drawn to you. It may sound simplistic but that's because it is.
If you recognise that you are holding on to anger, frustration and hate there are ways to cleanse yourself and to keep yourself clean, the same techniques can then be applied to everyone and every place you choose to use them. You have the power to change you and the power to help others to change or you can stay stuck and undeveloped - it's your choice - but no-one can do the changing for you, as with most things you have to want to change for the better and wish for improvement in your life and relationships. Most people are aware that they are angry but don't question why, they may think it's because another driver cut them up, because someone at work is making their life a misery, that their marriage is unhappy but you need to question more deeply why you feel and think that, these could just be distractions that take your attention away from the real issue. It is not always possible to change your job, get more money or live better materially but you can change your perception and reaction to those difficulties in order to minimise stress and the further misery they can cause if you let them get hold of you.
The way to do it
Try to be as peaceful as possible the first time you attempt this technique, it can be done in a rush, when you are cross or tired etc., but you will feel the benefit sooner and more easily if you do it when you are calm.
Imagine your home, the whole of it, the boundary of the garden or yard space, the driveway and vehicles on it (if any), the ground below your home and the space above it. Encompass the whole of it in a large bubble, it doesn't have to be round, the bubble will stretch to any shape you need. See inside the bubble all that you possess and your family, pets, loved ones, including yourself. Don't worry about seeing or imagining detail, just know that you have put them all in the bubble.
Now fill the bubble with white light, this is cleansing, now use silver light, this will wash away any residues.
Know that all is as clean as it can be.
Now fill the bubble with green earth light, to nurture the earthly bodies and the mechanical and structural elements of your home.
Now fill it with pink light, for love, patience, nurturing and safety, this makes a home.
Know that all is protected, rejuvenated, enlivened with the right kind of power, inspired with the right kind of enthusiasm and that life will improve for you.
You can add gold light too if you want the angelic realm to connect with you and your household.
Keep positive and keep repeating the exercise for yourself, work place, wherever you find yourself, be it on public transport, driving in your vehicle, in a cafe or library, a work meeting room, always clear the space you visit to make sure you don't pick up any negativity and take it home with you.
This is a simple and easy to remember technique and it doesn't matter if you view it as a spiritual one or a mental one as long as it helps you to clear your mind of clutter and worry and to live a more positive and healthy life.
Spiritual practise should harm no-one but it should inspire and help better living. It is not impossible to be happy but in our world maintenance of our thoughts is often required to achieve it.

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