Wednesday, 4 January 2012

why do our loved ones stay near to us?

When someone passes over to the spirit world there is confusion on both sides of the veil. Those left behind are thrown into a state of turmoil and grief and those that have passed can often experience the same feelings. Although at their passing they are met by people they recognise and understand it can still be difficult for them to reconcile their new position and state of being.
Just as the grieving left here on earth have to come to terms with their loss, those in spirit have to come to terms with their loss of physicality. What I understand from the spirit people that have spoken to me directly is that they are often so amazed that life continues after the death of their body that they have an overwhelming desire to let us know. They want to lessen the grief we feel, take away our pain and offer reassurance that we will see them again. Knowledge and understanding of life after death lessens the grieving process considerably.
You, dear reader, may struggle with the concept that I talk to the spirits of those who have passed over but for me there is no doubt that this is possible. I have demonstrated to others many times my ability to connect with a life form outside of my own and separate from that of the sitter/client. I find myself once again recommending you to seek a well trained and registered medium, the Spiritualist movement is the best place to start, then you have a measure which you can compare other mediums to, who operate privately.
If you found yourself in a wondrous new world, with people around you who were full of knowledge, good will and vibrancy, if your eyes were suddenly opened to the beauty of life and the truth of the human spirit, wouldn't you want to share it with those closest to you? Of course you would, and those we know well and find themselves in that world are no different. So they visit us, they hang around a bit, they try to reach us through subtle thoughts and in our dream state. They will try any means to get their message across. A closed mind shuts them out so all that is required from you is an open mind towards the possibilities of other dimensions and existence within them for spirit to be able to make contact.
You may fear a dead person getting in touch with you by whatever means. Maybe you think that they will frighten you, that they will suddenly have power over you and possess your body? Not unreasonable in the circumstances but unlikely. Why would someone you know and who loves you want to scare you, want to spoil the the chance they have of getting through to you? Remember, this is a relative, a partner, a friend, open your heart to them and they will come. I have to point out here the difference between calling unknown spirits to you via the ouija board for example and simply having an open heart and mind regarding the hope that you will have a sign from a loved one. There is a huge difference in intention and it is intention that sets the tone. It IS dangerous for untrained and unknowledgeable persons to tinker about with what they don't understand and safety has always been a prime concern of mine regarding mediumship and psychic protection is something I teach and regard as vital.
There is another reason why spirit people hang around us and that is when there are unresolved issues between you. It may be that you argued before a death, that you never saw eye to eye during life, that you parted many years ago but on bad terms or that the death was tragic and unexpected leaving questions unanswered. Whatever the reason, a person reaching the spirit dimension needs to reconcile old hurts and repair damage caused in order for them to ascend and move on.
In these cases the person in spirit form tries very hard, with help from guides and healers, to reach the consciousness of the living person. They try every means open to them to reach a point of forgiveness and understanding. This can take many of our years and the living person may be oblivious to these efforts. Sometimes it is not until the living person eventually joins the spirit world that these reconciliations can be made.
Then there are those spirit that choose to stay around their loved ones. These are often sad spirit that can feel that their life came to an abrupt end and worry that those left behind in grief will not be able to cope without them. They want to stay and comfort them, be around their families to feel their love and experience what is familiar to them. Eventually they come to realise that this state is not helping them to recover. They turn to their guides, who never abandon them, work constantly to bring them to understanding, to rescue them and to receive them with open hearts in their spirit home.
Love never dies, the human mind never forgets and strong bonds never break. No matter what scenarios are played out here on earth our spirits remain connected to one another through the love vibration. Spirit remain around their families and friends because they love them, it's as simple as that.

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