Monday, 2 January 2012

a cord cutting exercise

This is the perfect time for such an exercise. If you are lucky enough to have been socialising and spending time with friends then cords of connection will have been made in your astral body. It is a natural process and one that cannot be avoided, we use the cords for information and knowledge of the person in question on a subtle and subconscious level but problems can arise if the cords are left tethered and not severed as they should be. There is good reason to sever cords and not leave them attached. Picture the scenario; you meet with a friend who is feeling down, you empathise and console and make all the right noises to make them feel better about their situation. At this point the cords have attached, usually the heart chakra, the solar plexus and the third eye are the culprits when it comes to gleaning information psychically although in practise I would also use the throat chakra when connecting deliberately to another person - alive or dead.
Somehow you know the right words to say to your friend, you understand and are able to get to the crux of the matter. You have noticed that this happens a lot and that people tend to come to you for advice.
Your friend feels better and you part wiser and slightly smug that you were able to offer such excellent solace and optimism for the future. Meanwhile the cords are still attached to your friend and hers to you - meeting in the middle shall we say. A mutual and willing connection.
During the next few weeks or days funny coincidences start to happen and you find yourself in similar if not exact situations as your friend has experienced. You wonder what the heck is going on? And so you should. You end up going through the same ordeal as the friend and come through the other side worn out, weary and even depressed.
What has happened here is that you have mirrored your friend because you are attached to their energy and are therefore a part of it or I should say an extension of it. Therefore whatever the friend is feeling, experiencing and thinking, you will too, albeit sometimes in a more subtle manner.
I see this happen with healers and mediums in particular - show me a healthy healing medium and I will show you someone who is working properly and knows their field inside out - the truth is that the majority don't and suffer for it. They suffer because they take on the illnesses they are trying to heal in others. They make a connection, what is called an attunement, with the patient/subject but forget to retrieve the part of their energy that has been sent into the patients/subjects energy field when the session is ended. The healer then begins to manifest illness as it remains in their aura and will eventually cause harm to the physical body.
I could give you many examples of when and how this happens but I'm sure you get the idea from the example above, we all have someone that we feel drains us of strength but we feel beholding to them in some way. We are connected to them and they to us, we then mirror each other and go down together like captains on a sinking ship. Old relationships, divorcees, people we no longer see, people we do see regularly - all benefit from the cutting of the cords. The only cord that should be in place in a persons' energy field is that of the parent and child cord. It is no accident that a baby is connected to its mother by a cord, it is the physical body mirroring the energy body, so that we remember, but of course we forget straight away.
Only a parent and only the heart chakra should be connected in their relationship with their child. The cord is then a way of communicating only through love and understanding which will be mirrored in the physical relationship between them.
If for example the solar plexus chakra was used to form a cord the relationship would be one of power struggle and arguments and potential violence.
To cut the cords sit or lie somewhere where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes. Breathe and be at peace with yourself before you begin. Imagine you and only you. You stand in the light. The light is gentle, loving and all encompassing. You are safe. Now focus on yourself. Slowly look down at your body. See how many cords are leaving your astral body, you may sense many or just a few or even just one. You may notice different colours or not, it doesn't matter. If you see no cords continue with the exercise anyway and see if you feel the difference afterwards.
Now visualise taking a large pair of scissors and cut through all the cords at once. Be brutal, you don't need to know who you are attached to and you don't need to care about harming yourself or anyone else. This practise cannot harm, it can only free and heal.
Now imagine that your part of the cords are shrinking back into your chakras, your energy returning to where it belongs. You may feel stronger, whole or more peaceful.
If you have a child or children, on earth or in the spirit world, you may reconnect to them and only them. Imagine a cord, pink and rosy with the light of love and extend it from your chest/the heart chakra to the front of you, then imagine your child/children and connect this gentle loving cord to each of their heart chakras. This is not an intrusion, this is natural and should occur. A parent is connected to their children always until both are once again in the spirit world and a new arrangement is  made. You may now put your hands together to centre the energy field and imagine those little roots growing from the soles of your feet into the earth to ground you. This is very important and should not be missed out. You are now free to go about your day. This exercise should be performed regularly but for a healer/medium or therapist should be done between clients.
Feel love and peace towards those you are connected to. If you have no children then do not extend the heart chakra cord. Keep it for yourself to attain self love. Even lovers and life partners should not be connected by the heart chakra or any other chakra permanently. Lovers connect all their chakras during orgasm, that's why orgasm is so euphoric, it's the closest we as humans can get to the divine feeling of love experienced in our light bodies.


  1. This is the best example of how i think and feel about my energy especially when relating to other people. A very important meditation.....

  2. Thank you anonymous. I agree that this is a very important exercise and one that should be done regularly. We have to think and sense for ourselves not through another being.