Friday, 13 January 2012

what is a thought form?

A thought form is an energy manifestation created through the use of thought or thinking. For example if I were to think badly of someone, hate someone in fact and every time I thought about them I wanted something horrible to happen to them, for them to suffer, there is the possibility of my thoughts becoming tangible within the astral world. They are energy but they are full of shadow and poison instead of light and radiance.
The energy I have created is like an arrow, poison tipped, with a capability of causing damage and when it reaches its target, the person who has annoyed me, upset me or whatever, it punctures the aura and travels into their astral body. When the astral body is damaged, the physical body very quickly (within hours) will manifest the damage. So, if you receive a bad thought from someone else and it reaches your solar plexus you will feel sick and your stomach will feel tight even to the point of having pain. If the thought form reaches your head you will have sudden sharp pain which can turn into a headache.
I know this sounds far fetched but as someone who sees the energy created and sent I cannot argue with what my own eyes show me. I have conducted experiments with other mediums and with clients of mine to demonstrate how the process works. I have created the thought of love and light and sent the thought to them (just as you think of someone you love with fondness) and they have felt the warmth of it. When immediately afterwards, for contrast, I have thought of them badly and intended them harm they have felt it as a stabbing pain or a disruptive sense of swirling in the solar plexus chakra (lower stomach). It is a worthwhile experiment but one that you have to undo afterwards, you can't leave negativity within someone's aura, it must be cleansed to return them to their previous state.
When we argue with someone or worry about a situation we often say that the situation is making us ill and that is because there is disruption to the usual energy functioning of the non physical bodies so it follows to say that attack can be caused without the victim's awareness.
Psychic attack can happen when someone is falling victim to a barrage of thought forms of the negative kind from an individual or a group. Psychic attack is something that mystics and occultists have known about for centuries (I use the word occultists in its pure form of meaning hidden and unknown not the common misuse of evil doing). Voodoo works on the same premise as psychic attack as do curses by letting the victim know that they are being targeted either by words or symbols.
Working as a healing medium I have seen the results of psychic attack many times although it was not a conclusion I would immediately jump to but one that proved itself to exist over many years of administering healing, readings and the energy I was seeing.
A person who is being psychically attacked may also have frightening dreams or nightmares and become nervous without good reason, go off their food, prefer silence or to be alone or the opposite, in fact, and be afraid to be alone. They may develop unhealthy habits and even become paranoid. When spoken to they can often identify the source of their attack and recognise how the person concerned has got to them.
So how do you protect yourself from thought forms and how do you prevent yourself creating and sending them, bearing in mind that you receive what you send?
Hateful thoughts generate further hate just as loving thoughts bring love to you and have the potential to heal situations. Negativity causes stress whereas acceptance and love bring about balance and serenity. So the first point of protection is with your own thoughts and the management of them. Be aware of your thoughts, the type that you have, what is the habit you are  now in regarding how you view others? Accept others and their opinions and lives, they have freedom to think how they like, the issue is to improve your own well-being. It is a waste of your energy and resources to try to change another person, they may change through your example but they have to do it of their own volition.
There are exercises on my blog to cleanse and protect your energy field and that of your environment and these should be performed on a regular basis or at least when you feel things slipping.
The next point of cleansing and healing what you may have sent out is to recall it.
We have all done it, cursed a driver, bitched about a colleague, hated someone - even momentarily during a disagreement. To undo the negativity you have sent, intentionally or not, you can recall your energy - for that's what it is - to you and heal the karma you have created at the same time.
To meditate on this issue firstly sit quietly for a while and breathe. Do this until you feel peaceful within and ready to receive back any energy with harmful intention that you have sent during misunderstanding. Call this energy back to you, call back anything you have sent to another soul, person, place at any time during your existence. The energy belongs to you so when you have scattered it to many places you are no longer whole and peace and wisdom cannot be achieved if you are in that state so the use is of this technique is twofold regarding yourself.
Don't worry if you can't see or sense the energy, just know that it is coming back to you.
When you feel ready the next stage is to cleanse yourself of the energy you have recalled. Remember that the energy is damaging so you do not want to hold these old thoughts, opinions and aggressive thought forms. Use the cleansing exercise on this blog to finish the job and remember to ground yourself afterwards so that you can function in the world. You may have to repeat the exercise a few times so that you gather all the layers and parts of your energy but the calm of wholeness is worth it.
Good luck in your intention to bring about wholeness and balance.

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