Monday, 9 January 2012

laughter and its importance to the energy vibration

It's very easy when you are developing spiritually to become quite serious and for your sense of humour to desert you. To others you can appear to have become pious and over-sensitive. It's an easy trap to fall into but can be a phase that lasts a long time.
When your senses are heightening and you are investigating your true nature and the world around you becomes ever more vivid you can become over-sensitised to the brutality and cruelty that exists within it. Balancing your new understandings and the way human nature conflicts with your new way of thinking can be difficult.
Many people who develop spiritually and become more in tune with other creatures that we share our world with decide to become vegetarian or even vegan. This is understandable because of the inner conflict between reaching a higher state of consciousness and the lowering of your energy vibration through the eating of meat. Practising mediums know that heavy food, such as meat, is a grounding agent and makes the body feel heavier. This is a difficult experience to explain to someone who has never felt it, but I will try to help you to understand.
For a moment take your concentration to your own body. How does it feel today? Is it at rest? Do you feel turmoil inside? Do you have pain? Are you at peace with yourself? Now, take a moment to notice the density and weight of your body - this has nothing to do with size and excess weight - I want you to notice the presence of your body. Do you really feel like you are inside your skin, your feet planted firmly on the ground? If so then you are in your body and grounded, this is good for making decisions, being practical and being balanced. This state is strived for by mediums directly after they have worked with spirit, done trance or returning from meditation and it is usual after these activities for the medium to drink and eat something so that the body is reactivated in the physical world and the medium's spirit is firmly back inside it, so correct function is attained. It would be dangerous for them to go about their daily life in the higher state, it would be hard to concentrate, unwise and dangerous to drive, the medium would be scatty and forgetful, absent minded and unfocussed.
Before a medium works for spirit it is usual for them not to eat. They need to remain light of the body. It takes a long time of training to recognise the way the body manages these experiences but with practise understanding grows. When the body is free of managing the dietry needs and digestion its functions are more at rest which leaves additional energy for the body to use for spiritual adventures and activities. It becomes easier for the spirit of the medium to ascend and therefore meet the spirit helpers and visitors half-way.
For some mediums a light meal is required for them to function during  their spirit work, they need the energy from the food to be able to work, but it all depends upon the medium and the mediumship that they do.
If you haven't eaten for a while you will become light headed, you may feel tingly too but if you notice the state of your body at this point you will find that it feels lighter to your senses and you may feel floaty and disconnected to it as well as more sensitive to your emotions and those of others. This is the state the medium tries to acquire for clairvoyance and trance. It must be a state that is not detrimental to the medium as they still have to function, perhaps drive to the service or client, hold conversations and be lucid, so it is usual for them to eat earlier in the day and drink lots of water to prevent dehydration or eat fruit, which is nature's vibration and more in tune with our earth bodies. Starvation is never acceptable.
This is where some of the discipline is involved in doing the work. To work well for spirit, sacrifices are often made by the medium to their normal routine, food and drink of pleasure, time and careful management of the thought processes.
Attaining a higher vibration of the body is closely connected to the thought process and the lightness of mind.
Thoughts become valuable. Negativity is to be avoided, anger, jealousy and any negative emotion or response has to be managed by the medium so as not to let it creep in to their habits. This in turn lightens the mind and in turn the body. Such as a good experience makes you feel happy and lighter. Positive thinking has to become the habit of the developing medium in order to attain any progress and again self discipline is a strong factor for the successful medium. Negativity will attract the wrong kind of spirit and will endanger the medium, remember that in the world of the esoteric - like attracts like.
A great way to lighten the vibration and one used a lot by mediums before they sit for contact, for healing or for any other method they are using to contact spirit, is to laugh. Before a circle is opened a joke will be told or a funny story or anecdote causing fun and laughter to clear any negativity either in the location or the medium and group. Any nervousness by new sitters will be alleviated by the laughter as it makes an extraordinary situation seem usual and acceptable and laughter connects people to one another.
Laughter is healthy for you, seeing the best in all there is, being with friends and living well (by that I mean being the best person you can be) is the way to balance, success and happiness. That's not to say that everything will go right for you, where are life's lessons if you have no problems to overcome? It is your perception of situations that makes the difference. If you cannot change a situation around you - change your perception of it in order to bring about an improvement. Most importantly laugh at yourself, at trying situations. See humour in all that you can even if it is an effort and soon it will become habit and you will have raised your vibration.

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