Friday, 27 January 2012

in response to a question - how do you know if you are working with positive spirit?

Working with spirit is complicated and nothing is as it seems, certainly not simple and it's easy to get yourself into a bad or unhealthy situation where you are living more in your head than in the physical world and in order for you to function properly there must be balance of the two sides of your life.
One of the problems with setting out to contact the spirit world is that you have no control over who comes to check you out.
Imagine this - you set up your market stall in a public place, you can't then police who comes to view what you have for sale, anyone can come and look and poke about in your goods. Working with spirit is no different, if you call they will come, but who comes and who you work with are two very different energies and one you must learn to recognise if you are to stay safe. There are simple measures you can take but the more you progress and learn the more likely you are to encounter more difficult lessons that you may feel have put you at risk or you will in fact be contaminated with negative energy. It happens to all mediums and healers, they have to cleanse regularly and rid themselves of what does not belong to them, but it is still possible to hang on to energy that you have not learnt about yet without conscious knowledge of it - when the issue is dealt with or understood the energy will leave of its own accord. Only through experience can you learn and some of that experience may be frightening so a strong mental ability is needed before any spirit work begins. There must be no fear, worry or negative intention to begin with only love, a questioning attitude and respect.
Here are some tips that you can use to check out the spirit that comes to you or is around you so that you can commune safely.
When you aware of a spirit (you may sense, see or hear them) ask them who they are. You should receive an answer, not necessarily a name, but an answer that you can understand.
Always ask them if they are of the divine light and wait for their response. Here you have to know that shadow spirit can lie. It is within them to deceive you so you have to ask again and use the law of three to get the truth - ask three times and it is universal law that they must show you or tell you where they come from, divine light or shadow.
A quick way to see the truth of a spirit or energy is to ask it to show you its real or true self. (You can use this technique with living people too, no need to ask out loud, just wait for them to show you their true colours).
The answer is whatever comes to you first, ignore your own mind that interferes and asks questions, use your instinct.
A divine light spirit or being that comes to you will happily show you its true self without hesitation whereas a shadow being will try to trick you and show you what you want to see rather than the truth.
You must remember that your mind will interfere with this process and can even generate a spirit in your aura that is not real. If you will to have it enough you will create it yourself, so you must be sensible, accept what comes and what does not, do not push for information or phenomena and be balanced in your life. Do not work with alcohol, even smoking weakens the aura and leaves it tatty and weak so that foreign energy is able to breach it more easily.
Another form of protection is to raise your vibration and this is done by living cleanly, but also thinking higher thoughts of love and acceptance, none of negativity. In order to attract a high evolved being with knowledge to you you have to match its vibration with your own thoughts - not easy but possible to maintain.
The other way you could test your spirit visitors is with the cleansing exercise here on the blog, using white, green, gold and pink light. A shadow being will run a mile from these energies.
A final thing to note is that if you feel you are in good contact with your guide or spirit friend then bear the following in mind; the advice they give you should be loving and good advice, easy to carry out and logical. If it is none of these things and causes you harm and upset then it is not from the right place and you should simply tell the spirit to go away. Again you may have to repeat this three times but you also must mean what you say. Some people live lonely lives and welcome any attention whether negative or positive but with your sanity at stake it's important to be safe when communing in the ether.
Treat spirit that come to you sensibly and check them out before you allow them close to you. Take control of the communion and only go as far as you are happy to. Always begin your connections with a prayer of protection and state your intent so that there is no confusion about what you want to do and achieve.

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