Monday, 16 January 2012

ghost hunting

I was asked the other day, by a sixteen year old, what advice I could give them about ghost hunting. Here is what I said;
Stay at home, do your homework, get good grades, get a decent job. Then when you have enough money to have a hobby think about something other than ghost hunting. Ghosts are people - not prey - they are very damaged people and deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.
I wish more professional mediums would adopt that approach. I can't correlate the understanding I have as a medium with hunting down a poor trapped spirit who may then turn out to be a child.
Why would I do that, to them, to myself? Remember that every negative action you take is an action against yourself because of karma. All wrongs will have to be put right eventually and because earth is the place where karma is accumulated it is the place where karma can be cleared.
I have been on ghost hunts - as a guest observer only. One night I attended at an ancient castle was overseen by another medium whom I did not know. The whole event was chaos, there were people crying, screaming, nerves were shot to bits because the medium in charge was not controlling the events and was not strong enough to protect the amount of people at the evening. (I believe a medium is responsible for the psychic protection of the individuals in her care at such a meeting and at development groups and so on).
It was said that a bad spirit was in a particular room, this being the room where people were leaving in tears, shaking, etc., all totally unnecessary in my view. I have no time for all of that nonsense. A medium should know what they are doing, they have after all another person's sanity and belief system in their hands at such events.
I'd had enough of the ridiculous behaviour and barged into the haunted room flicking the light on as I entered, there is no need for any seance to be conducted in the dark. The hostess wasn't too happy but so what? no-one knew what they were doing and harm was the only outcome I could see.
The room emptied for all but two grown men, tough guys as it happened, experienced ex-soldiers. They were both sprawled on the floor, one was crying uncontrollably and the other a gibbering wreck, shaking, white faced and shocked. One said that the spirit had tried to get into him, that he felt sick and very frightened.
I and my friend who was less experienced comforted the men and then I set about sorting out the so-called bad spirit.
In the full glare of the lights I could see him. He tried to run away but I had anticipated his move and blocked his way with light. He turned to me and stared hard in to my eyes. I realised then that this was no evil spirit, no demon, but simply a lost soul. He had tried to get in to the body of the soldier as a means of safety and escape from the large group of people who had been hunting him each week for years. He was terrified.
I rescued the lost soul from his prison and took him home where he belonged. That's all that needed doing.
I don't believe in ghost hunts. I believe that activity should be recorded for scientific purpose but that the spirits causing it should be rescued and taken to their spirit home afterwards by the attending medium. No spirit should be spoken to badly, be goaded, tormented or teased, no threats should be issued, no ridiculous requests made. All of that is bad practise and dangerous.
Love and respect are the only tools a medium needs to rescue lost souls and I don't understand why a medium would want to cause harm to a fellow being. I don't hold with screaming and hysteria either as it merely attracts the wrong energies or beings and the hysterical persons can create more activity with their own fears and energies shooting off all over the place! That only leads to confusion. Calmness is required.
So if you decide to attend a ghost hunt think about the ethics of what you are doing. Remember that the spirit belongs to someone, is a person, they are lost and confused, they need help and you will be thanked and rewarded in return for your part in their rescue. Do not be drawn into the more negative side of thrill seeking and instead try to put yourself in the shoes of the spirit person and carry with you compassion and love. There is exercise on my blog that instructs in the rescue of spirit.

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