Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Many teachers of the esoteric and many healers will tell you that all illness stems from the soul. That the aura then becomes the messaging service of the soul and delivers the pain, emotional dysfunction and disease to the physical body which becomes the alarm to our conscious self.

I agree that all illness comes from the soul but not that all illness can be healed at soul level.

Sometimes the soul has chosen a disease, an illness so that the conscious self has to live with it, learn from it. It may be so that they learn of healing and can be made well again but there is always something to learn from the state of dis-ease.

Whether a person is born in a state of dysfunction, disablement or disease or acquires one during their lifetime is the soul's choice as is what kind of disease, its longevity and outcome. Some people are here to teach others about compassion and understanding too so their disease has the function of knowledge to others.

Without illness our medical advancements wouldn't be needed, talented doctors and nurses and researchers would be out of work or forced into other disciplines such as cosmetic and enhancement medecine. Although we strive as a civilisation to be healthy and disease free there will always be health issues whilst the planet has us on it.

Serious illness can teach us to appreciate life and the goodness in it.  Until such a point that a person has to evaluate their life it's easy for them to take things for granted, rush and never relax or slow enough to appreciate the nature around them, the people who love them or the amazing diversity of life and the opportunity it can offer.

For some people it is poverty that brings ill health and all this too is soul choice. It sounds like an easy explanation and one that dissolves the responsibility of others to offer help and donation to charity but the reverse is true. Giving to charity, helping those less fortunate than yourself, being kind and having compassion for others all raise the energy vibration of the giver and their soul. It's important for us to be in contact with all kinds of people but those in need or who are disadvantaged in some way deserve our kindness and love to help support them through their more difficult experiences on earth. We should see them as an extension of ourselves and love them accordingly sending only beneficial thoughts.

Many people fight their illness, deny it, become angry at it but I see that as a waste of energy and the creation of negative energy within the aura. If a person has an illness, disease, temporary or permanent, mild or severe orlife threatening I have the opinion that acceptance is the key to management of the illness. Once a person has accepted their condition it will often abate as they have acknowledged its existence. Also it's important to recognise what the illness is in your life for. There can be many reasons such as to slow you down, bring you understanding of suffering, take you down a different path of life, take you to new people and environments and new experiences.

Once recognition of the disease's presence is made it will not necessarily leave the person and effect a cure. The illness has manifested from the soul but that's not to say that the soul itself is sick, the soul has ultimate control over the condition of the human body and even prayers to Jesus Himself cannot bring about an improvement or a cure to the person, it is not His will but the will of the soul.

People often struggle to understand this concept that there is a higher part of us controlling our lives here on earth, but it is a higher part of yourself, it is the you that exists in the eternal state and it knows what it needs to learn to bring about ascension and growth. That is why acceptance of the condition of disease can bring about a certain amount of relief rather than using the energy to contradict it which is counterproductive. 

It is right to seek treatment, to improve diet and living but also to improve your mind and coping mechanisms. To combat illness medicines can and should be taken, it doesn't matter if you take the alternative route or the scientific as long as you don't deny yourself the opportunity for treatment. 

Illness has a place in our world, whether we like it or not. Some healers are very good at working at soul level to achieve a state of balance and have some success, sometimes temporary and sometimes long term but if the person's soul is sending the illness to them then only the soul can heal the person, but if the reason for the illness has a bigger value than the illness itself then it will remain but treatment should not be denied.

Different illnesses can signify different elements of the psyche or behaviour that need attention. If you or someone you know has ill health try to meditate on the reason for it with them, or for them and ask what can be done to improve the situation. Let me know of your results.

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