Thursday, 10 May 2012

the higher realms

There inevitably comes a point when working with spirit that the mediumship plateau's. The work becomes the same, repetitive and the medium feels as though they have stopped learning and growing. You could look at this two ways. You may think that you've made it, that there is no more to learn and that you have been successful in your development, you've cracked it and are working well without challenge, the work keeps coming in and you're ticking over nicely.

Or, you could look at it my way.

You have plateaued for a reason, probably to give you a rest, maybe whilst you understand a phase of development or have other physical commitments that are demanding of your time and mind. I find that once I have understood something and am working very well and smoothly that things will change, just when I think it's got easier for a while! My guides will change the method of working and begin showing me new ways to commune, connect and receive knowledge. But the point is that there is always a higher place to go to for development. As a human you will never reach the very top, be completely pure or know all there is to know about the spirit world and the higher realms because it's impossible for the mind in its human connection and state to perceive completely the environments of the energy bodies. There are things in existence that we simply cannot comprehend nor imagine whilst on earth.

A medium goes through stages of development and as the understanding grows so does the energy, connection and knowledge of the medium. Some knowledge is held latently and only when challenged or questioned does the medium realise that they have the answer within themselves. It is a deep knowing and unshakable trust that what you feel is right.

The furtherance of mediumship and its success relies upon the intelligence of the medium and their desire to understand the universe but also their disciplines that help to raise the vibration of the energy field as I've mentioned on the blog before, with diet, thoughts and behaviour. In order to grow spiritually the medium must grow physically, emotionally and in wisdom. There can be no ego or self interest for the medium to work safely, the ego is a huge chink in the armour of some mediums and they end up being deceived and working with beings who are not who they say they are and who use the medium badly.

In order to understand what I'm about to say you need to know that the spirit world is not all there is in terms of contact outside of the mediums' consciousness. There are higher realms too.

If you imagine a simple target, with concentric rings and place the earth in the centre then the next ring out is the lower realms of existence, a place of shadows and darkness, hopelessness and deceit, a place where you should not aim to go or to work. This is the place where earthbound spirit end up, lies are told and mediums deceived by spirits pretending to be their guides when in fact they know nothing and can offer only untruths. This is the realm of existence that we need psychic protection against, why a medium should ask where their guides and helpers are from and to see their true selves. There is no light in this realm, no joy and it is why people who have had near death experiences say that they travelled through a tunnel with light at the other end. They aim to reach the light with their helpers on either side of them protecting them from the temptation of the shadows surrounding their trip to the next level of existence.

The next ring out is the spirit world. These are souls that have passed over and into the world of spirit successfully but who are still very physically minded and connected to the earth and its inhabitants. In truth they somewhat clutter up the ether until they grow in understanding and ascend beyond that closest level, the bottom rung of the spirit world so to speak. It's a crowded place, much like any town or city, with buildings and physical surroundings created by the spirit people because they still need their comfort and the safety and familiarity of physical objects and houses. There are gatherings, libraries, jobs to learn, schools for children etc. It is this realm that most often commune with mediums at meetings because they are asked to join the circle or gathering for spirit contact. The medium will ask for the world of spirit to join them, so that's what they receive. If you want to contact a higher realm then you must ask for that and that too is what you will receive.

Within each 'level' there are more levels that entail finer experiences and understandings and study so being in the spirit world does not mean that everyone is together. Some souls are higher and more evolved and so reside on a clearer plain of which there are many but they are still associated with the earth and are not ready to leave its environment.

Beyond this state of the spirit world, where reincarnation is part of its circle of life there are the higher realms of existence. Here there are teachers, masters, healers, spiritual guides who teach the spirit guides and pass their knowledge down to be taught to mediums and those who meditate, give healing and study the esoteric.

In the higher realms there is no need for personal space as such in the spirit world. Everyone recognises that we are all one and work in teams or groups of souls that think alike and have the same aim and compatible energy. Each team will have a specific area where they work such as healing, soul rescue, teaching, helping children, working through animals, crystals, working with nature and so on. If you think that every healer on the earth plain works with a team of spirit healers and every hairdresser, therapist, doctor and any other vocational or "healing" profession then you get the idea of how many beings help us through our daily lives.

The higher realms are a place of study, knowledge and comprehension. Every question is asked and the answers given, but each soul must ask the questions individually, each soul must have full understanding in their own right so that communication between soul group and team members is fluid and instantly understood. The soul can't piggy back someone else's knowledge, it must learn for itself.

The higher realms are also a place of healing and purification. The desire of the soul is uppermost in any intention to improve or help a situation and a healer on the earth plane should always state that healing is given with the best of intention and to harm no-one. All actions in the higher realms consider the souls of all concerned and all must be in agreement and ready to receive the energy needed to raise the vibration of the group or to transmit healing to a recipient.

The higher realms are also where the demi-gods reside and their energies can be called upon to help with healing situations and people and to help you in your life, but remember that such beings are tools and can be used by you and will allow their  use so be careful what you ask for and consider why you are asking.

There is another level of light above the higher realms and that is the source. You can go to the source during meditation and ask for knowledge from there if you wish. There is no reason why a medium can't ask the higher realms to bring truth and information the same way that most mediums contact the spirit world. I prefer to work higher, not because I don't like working with spirit people but because they still have an opinion and their personality and life experiences will always influence their advice and knowledge, just like a living person. However, in the higher realms I receive truth as seen from a higher perspective than the spirit world, the final outcome of a problem for instance will be given to me and sometimes this can be a long way into the future. I also receive more fine detail and subliminal messages that give more information than I realise I have. I work best with that higher frequency of energy and so I work there. For other mediums they prefer the contact of spirit people, the familiarity of them, their humour, you don't get a lot of humour in the higher realms, they tend to be more serious and philosophical but they are always right and very loving. So if you have plateaued and want to progress further ask for the higher realms to intervene, ask them for contact and wisdom and you shall begin to progress again in your spiritual development. We all have the brakes put on at some stage and it can be frustrating but we all need a rest from time to time too, so trust your team and recognise that you never do any work, however small, alone.

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