Friday, 18 May 2012

channeled philosophy May 2012

The philosophy of life is in the living. Doing good things that you enjoy to balance alongside the chores that must be done to function well.

In the spirit world there is no maintenance of the body or physical things like there is on earth so try to see your time here as an opportunity to get your hands dirty.

In spirit you are taught to take care of your energy body and soon it becomes second nature and you are able to go on to learn new skills. There are no worries, fears or dirty environments in spirit so earth is a difficult place to cope with for a pure spirit or one that has been in their energy body for a long time. Earth can seem like hell to them with its mix of peoples, bad energies, deep emotions and trials of life to endure. Of course life on earth also holds many joys.

You have choice. You can choose to be angry or you can choose to see the happiness around you - there is no simpler statement - but choice is the gift of intelligence and the soul.

The biggest thing that the soul has to learn and in turn the consciousness, is personal responsibility. This means that you take ownership of not only your actions but also your thoughts as negative ones are as damaging as any weapon but positive and loving ones are miracles in the ether.

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