Monday, 20 February 2012


I'm currently reading the classic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Although I have read many books and seen many films in the horror genre the character of Dracula is one of the most enduring and fascinating. Bram Stoker's treatment of the elusive and secretive count is masterful leaving the reader knowing what a monster he is but also desperate to learn more about him but further succumbing to the romance of surrender to such a being. Although the writing itself is from a different era it remains clear and tantalising in the language used and I can't imagine it being written any other way and being successful in conjuring such a vivid picture of the era in which it was created.

That said, I began to wonder about vampires and if people believe in them in the Dracula sense or any other way they could be interpreted.

During my experience I have really only met vampires in the physical form of a human body and it's my guess that you all know one too - personally. Each of us knows the person that drains everyone they come into contact with. They always have a drama or a story that pins you down until you have no energy left. Or they are aggressive and critical and take your energy leaving you feeling useless, tired and beaten.

Energy vampires will offload their woes onto you, leave you feeling exhausted and go on their merry way feeling better. Of course they feel better, they have just taken your life force energy and consumed it and you have allowed it to happen.

Spirit vampires are rare and they certainly do not shape shift into the form of a bat or attach themselves to your neck! They are just the same as living ones and will try to take a bite out of your energy field. It is natural for all of us to seek energy when our own is low, the aura needs sustenance and a flow of cosmic and earth energy is needed to complete the circuit of our electro-magnetic body. Just as when we feel tired we might reach for a sugary snack to boost our energy the aura reaches out and searches for a shot of energy in the same way.

For an empath or healer this is a particularly difficult problem to live with but an easy one to solve. Without psychic protection you are open to such feasting from others, they see your energy, it glows and looks attractive and the natural light body part of a person will have a little taste in passing or take a chunk out of you over a longer time, this is detrimental to the empath/healer as they will tire easily and need more sleep to recuperate but then the cycle repeats itself and in the long term can lead to fatigue based illnesses. There is a post on here about psychic protection and how to perform it as well as cleansing the energy field which is paramount before you seal any undesirable energy inside with you.

Vampires in the physical body (as a person) usually try to instill fear in people and particularly children. Anything that promotes a fearful reaction means that the vampire can make a connecting cord that will provide him with a flow of energy over time, therefore he will try to intimidate, frighten, weaken his target. If you stand firm against such a person and resist their belittling attempts, not only will you feel better about yourself but you will have achieved a psychic protection technique I call blocking.

To block a person who is being confrontational, aggressive, passive aggressive or intimidating try this. You can use this technique as a spiritual one or if you have issues with spiritual belief then use it as a mental technique. It works particularly well with children who feel they are being bullied as it empowers them internally. Simply imagine a large mirror in front of you but facing away from you and at the person/vampire, this will reflect back to them the negative energy and thoughts they are sending to you. If you want to take this a step further you can imagine yourself inside a mirror ball, so that all angles are covered. However, I personally use the following technique to stop anything in its tracks. I have no patience or time for negative beings or actions and I give them little of my attention. I prefer to seal the offending being (physical or spiritual) within a crystal orb. I imagine a clear quartz crystal sphere surrounding the problem, I fill it with white light and the pink light of love. The crystal severs any cords that the being has managed to forge and cuts off their energy supply completely. Then I hand it over the the angels to deal with (simply by asking them to take over) and go about my day. I used to suffer with psychic attack on a regular basis (this can happen when you are developing and carrying a lot of light and power or simply through the jealousy of others) but I never suffer with it now since using my crystal technique, negativity is quickly and easily dispensed with at little energetic cost to me. Try it and let me know if it works for you.

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