Wednesday, 15 February 2012


There is a lot of talk about 2012 at the moment and the predicted changes that will happen to our planet. We have heard that there will be earthquakes, floods, fires, energy shifts, polar shift, planetary alignment, alien invasion, death and destruction. Sounds just like the end of the world doesn't it?
Some of the above things will happen, certainly the natural disasters, because they happen anyway on quite a regular basis if you follow international news you will know that. No-one can predict such things and maintain their credibility unless they are scientific predictions and precautions can be given to save lives. To predict them as a matter of course is to state the obvious, of course they will happen - in time.
As for the other things listed I understand that there is a polar shift that scientists are aware of that will happen this year in December. Also there is a planetary alignment that rarely happens that will take place. (you can google your own research on these events). As for aliens...well they're already here so nothing to fear there. Why should we fear anything? sometimes mans' sense of self preservation is so strong that he loses his reasoning regarding acceptance of other life forms and the true threat they pose. If we are to die, what then? will the world end, will life cease for ever, as individuals will we be alone?
No. None of these things will happen. We will continue to exist in our natural state of the light body - this physical body is only a temporary vehicle for us anyway. We will continue to love and learn and be in a state of acceptance - so that's not frightening is it.
What frightens me more is when people pass up opportunities, neglect their health, don't live life to the full - because of fear.
There are those groups of people who will fully embrace the energy changes this year will bring and they will immerse themselves in the knowledge and experience of it. There will be those people too who ignore and think ridiculous the forecast changes and that is their choice, they will continue to be physical and ignorant of the sensitivities of the human spirit and the meaning of life. Then there are those of us who sit somewhere in the middle expecting something to happen, but not wishing to be in the centre of things and certainly not wishing to suffer for the changes to occur - we will leave the suffering to others and be thankful that our lives wont be disrupted too much.
In all things there must be balance so there is a place for all of the groups and their thoughts and beliefs. I don't think that worry is a useful emotion regarding 2012 and neither is obsession. What will be will be and as with all things in life acceptance is the key to a smoother ride, so notice the changes, welcome them, be curious about your world but allow those who are in a better position than you to do what needs to be done to manage the changes. All you have to do is look after yourself and those you love and carry on as usual.

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