Friday, 10 February 2012

soul groups - in response to a question

It is believed and accepted in spiritual thinking that no-one is alone, we are independent in thought and action but our behaviour also affects other beings who are in our soul group and those beyond that boundary.

For the purposes of understanding think of your soul group as your family, friends and those people who are special in your life - just like here on earth but in the higher dimensions.

Think of a target with the bullseye, the inner circle and outer circle. Now imagine that the bullseye is where you and all your nearest and dearest live, they are closest to your heart and affect your life on many levels so are considered your core soul group.

This group travels together and learns together almost as a collective consciousness. They experience many lives together, all playing different parts during the lifetimes of learning. For example, your brother may once have been your father or you his wife, your dearest friend may have been a sibling or parent once before, the soul group has to act out all scenario's possible if they are going to progress and understand everything that life can teach them. Remember that the soul does not recognise things that are painful or wrong, difficult situations or heartbreaking circumstances - it is all learning and there is no wrong, only experience as far as the intelligence of the human soul is concerned. In order for the soul to understand something it must have experienced it first hand, it cannot take a shortcut and learn from other soul groups, it must absorb the energy itself, process it, understand and then move on to the next scenario in their development.

There will be some members of our core soul group that live away from us whilst on earth. They have chosen or volunteered to diversify and bring other learning into the group aside from the main issues that need to be understood. You may recognise someone from your soul group when you meet them as a person that you feel instantly comfortable with, you recognise them even though you have never met in your physical lives before. There seems to be a bond, sometimes very deep, that draws you to one another.
This connection does not mean that you should be together, does not mean that life would be easier if you were or that you are meant for each other. The contrary many be true however, that you are on very different paths and in fact you would not find happiness together as there would be a conflict of interests between the mind of the person and the intention of the soul.

You're probably asking "how do I know when I meet someone if they're the person I should love and spend my life with?" Easy - time. Spending long enough with someone, doing different activities, living together will show you if there is a conflict of interests, if you are compatible, if your aims and dreams are the same. These days couples get together too quickly for their relationship to develop naturally, before long a baby comes along and changes the dynamics of their pairing and lives are changed through commitment or absence.

Let's move to the inner of the target. This layer of soul group members will usually comprise of friends and colleagues and extended family. People who you are connected to but whose lives do not directly influence your own. These will present with situations, good and bad, that you may be able to influence because your soul has gone through that process already and you are bringing them along with you and encouraging them to keep up with the core group. If just one member of a soul group fails to grow and develop along with the others, the whole group will be held back and the situations experienced will have to be relived. This inner group are also our support network and allow us to observe experiences to deepen our understanding of them.

The outer ring of the target belongs more to the peripheral people in our lives. We may seldom have contact with these persons, but they are there and sometimes touch our lives. Occasionally you will meet someone from any of the circles of your soul group, something about them will stir you and there is always an emotional element to the recognition of them. Trust your instincts, asks the question of yourself and see what answer comes to you - the right answer is always the first.

Guides, Guardians and Angels do not belong in our soul group. They are teachers and when they reach an appropriate level of development they are able to split and work independently whilst still under supervision of the hierarchy that exists in the higher plains.  We are forever connected to our soul group but then we are all connected to each other too.

Look at your family and friends again and see if you know them more than you think you do. What do you imagine they have worn in a past life? what activity do you see them doing in another life? who do you see them with? Above all offer tolerance and love because you are all in this together and what you send out you in turn receive. If you want love you must create love first for yourself and then you will attract love to you.

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