Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Being a medium

It's a funny thing being a medium. Once your mind has been opened to new possibilities you can't go back. Suddenly you think on multi levels of existence and using the brain for simple day to day functions seems like such a waste of intelligence. You consider how your actions will affect not just those that you share your physical life with but those spirit and light beings that also give you input and guidance.
As a medium you are working as part of a team, no-one does anything alone, here or there, all success is achieved as a soul group and any misfortune is also felt by all that are connected together.
The medium doesn't get much peace and quiet either. You might sit down with a nice cup of coffee and a biscuit or for a little sneaky doze during the day but spirit will have other ideas for your time whilst your thoughts are receptive to them. Before you know it your little daydream has turned into a full blown conversation with a spirit relative of your friend who wants them not to worry about something or other or to get the car tyres checked or remember someone's birthday! The medium is nothing if not a messaging service.
Even when a medium is switched off and going about their own business spirit will find a way of being noticed. You can be on a train, enjoying the countryside whizz by and a spirit might sit next to you and want you to pass on a message to the woman in the seat three down from yours or you might see an accident victim waiting by the roadside whilst you're driving, trying to get picked up and taken home. It never ends you see, they are everywhere. It's all well and good communing with your spirit guides and helpers who you have learned to recognise and know have your best interests at heart but it's a different matter dealing with strangers.
The same rules apply to stranger danger in spirit as they do here. Just because someone has left their physical body doesn't mean they suddenly turn into a nice and trustworthy person, you still have to check them out and  use your psychic protection, they retain their personality always and their anger and negative emotions until they cross over properly.
The biggest hazard relating to mediumship and particularly rescue work is contamination and I hark back to some of my earlier posts about cleansing the energy system and its importance. Without cleansing we become bogged down with problems that aren't our own and without the cord cutting exercise we can even manifest in our lives the problems of others and of those that we help. Remember to disconnect your energy from others, stay as a singular clean being and at least you will know that if any problems do come along they are yours. Check out the cord cutting exercise on here and the energy cleansing visualisation.

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