Tuesday, 29 November 2011

spirituality V spiritualist

Spirituality is not the same as being a spiritualist. People do get the two things mixed up but there are differences.
A person who is a spiritualist believes in the existence of the human soul after the death of the physical body. They often believe in reincarnation but not always. Some believe in Jesus Christ as a power and protection source, but not all. Some have a Christian faith and some do not and instead believe that there is a source of power and creation and that it is not for us to name.
Spiritualists who are practising their beliefs do not do anything special in their lives to set them apart from anyone else. They celebrate Christmas and birthdays, they have parties, they drink and eat a normal diet. They attend their church when they can, some prefer the divine service when prayers will be said and others feel more at home with the clairvoyant service where some philosophy will be given prior to messages from spirit via the attending medium. These services offer a means of comfort to the bereaved and bring people together. It would be unfair to criticise the practise without attending for yourself.
A person who has a spiritual outlook on life is not saying that they believe in anything other than being a good person and demonstrating love. Some people are more spiritual than others and that may come about through experiences during their life or simply their upbringing. They are often open minded and accept new experiences easily. They are philosophical about life and the challenges it brings and they value the people in their lives enormously. They are often generous and forgiving but not perfect - none of us are.
A spiritualist medium is someone who has reason to believe in the spirit world because of evidence given to them and their own direct experience of spirit, either sensing or seeing. When such a profound event happens in their lives they are drawn to research more deeply the hidden world. They then may choose to dedicate their lives to providing evidence to others, to training, to teaching and to furthering their own mediumship to a high standard. A spiritualist can be a spiritual person but a spiritual person is not necessarily involved in the belief of the spirit world.
Not everyone who lives under the label of spiritual has the same outlook, we are all different with our own ways of looking at life. Our experiences make us unique. There are good mediums and there are bad, there are wonderful people in the world and some you would rather not get to know. You can't like everyone and it's alright to be choosy who you allow to get close to you but not everyone should be thought of as the same just because they profess an interest in a certain way of life. There are many arms to spirituality and we can all find our place. Live well and harm no-one.

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