Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Spirit Rescue

I have been asked rather a lot lately for personal readings, which I have turned down, writing being my main focus just now. I have also been asked about spirit rescue and what it means.
Very simply it is when a medium visits a haunted place or person and identifies a trapped or lost spirit. This is just a person who has lost their way home and become stuck in the ether of our world. These spirits can still influence certain aspects in our physical surroundings such as electricity, water, emotions, movement of small objects and typically all of the symptoms of a haunting.
Why do they mess with our stuff? They are merely trying to get our attention. Imagine being invisible to others, being unable to communicate in your usual way. Being scared of other shadows and what you would see as ghosts but are in fact the evolved spirits trying to get your attention to move you on. How would you get yourself noticed without a voice? My guess is that you would make a noise, interfere somehow with the living so that help may come. A lost spirit is usually distressed, grieving and very confused. Remember that they belong to someone, they are loved by someone and deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. I don't like ghost hunters who don't understand the damage they do to such souls with taunts and tests for them to prove their existence. Next time you hear of a haunting think about who that person is, they are more than just a ghost they are the same as you or I.

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