Wednesday, 9 November 2011

After some work with the higher realms of the spiritual world today I learned something. That's not unusual, but this brought me a new understanding of the survival of the human soul.
I was informed that souls that are damaged, bad, wicked do not always survive in the long run, these souls are in fact corrupt, fragmented and there are parts of their physiology absent. I thought that ALL souls were immortal, that the less developed or criminal ones would evolve over time and become purer but that is not so.
For example, if a serial killer dies and finds himself in the custody of a higher evolved being (which happens - they do not suddenly gain freedom) after rehabilitation he may be offered another chance at life to amend for his crimes in some way (karma) or at least to be a good person. If he accepts the offer and tries again he will be observed for the duration. At the end of his time on earth if he has succeeded in being good he will cross over and will go for further rehabilitation and teaching. If however the soul returns to his old ways during his incarnation at his passing he will be met and be returned to custody in the spirit realms.
The soul must then express regret, remorse and understanding for his crimes before any help is given. If the soul cannot be changed, cannot be healed then the soul will continue to fragment and eventually disintegrate. So the soul is not necessarily immortal but it does exist after death for a long, long time.
There is small comfort to be had for those who have lost loved ones to violence in that for those criminals who are uncaught here on the earth plain there is no escaping their spiritual prison.

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