Thursday, 24 November 2011

A noisy spirit - the poltergeist

If I was being ignored I reckon I would chuck a few things around and get a little noisy after a while don't you?
People fear the noisy spirit, the ghost but it is just a person. Just. A. Person.
A person who is frustrated, stuck between here and there, feared and ignored. Misunderstood and desperate for help.
When a spirit is trapped or earth-bound, they haven't crossed over to the spirit world properly and have hung back for any number of reasons. Their guides and loved ones that come to collect them cannot force them to cross over, they have to be willing and ready.
People can become trapped for a long, long time, hundreds of years. During that time the spirit person's awareness shrinks and they become the sum of their emotions. They can be sad, angry, confused, hateful, afraid or any combination of those feelings.
When we sense a ghost or earthbound spirit we pick up on their emotion and may feel their fear or anger which in turn frightens us as we can mistakenly think it is directed at us.
Knowledge is power. Understanding their predicament and being able to talk to them and using techniques to hold their attention whilst you speak to them all help to rescue them. That's all spirit rescue is - showing a lost soul the way home. It is a very humble form of mediumship as is healing and is undervalued by today's attention seeking celebrity mediums in my opinion. It is the backbone of mediumship and by contrast is highly valued in the higher realms of our existence and by those who reside there.
No medium can do it alone, there is usually someone on the other side to meet the spirit and failing that an angel will greet them. No-one is abandoned, no-one is unloved.
It is a sorry day when a ghost hunting party, complete with resident medium, try to track a spirit, speak to it, ask it to make a noise, in some cases goad it, then leave the ghost in situ for the next event. Do they forget that it is a person? A soul just like themselves? Someone's child or parent, someone lost?
If we are to believe that we are all one then it becomes easier to extend our love to others for they are the part of ourselves that needs healing.

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