Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Spirit often communicate through symbolism. Imagine if the only way you could communicate was through pictures, you would have to be clever about the way you structured your message to someone so that it was received clearly and as intended. Many mediums rely on pictures received subtley through the third eye to build a structured message for a client. But what are the symbols?
Actually they're not symbols at all, they are just pictures of everyday objects that mean something to the medium. Every medium is different and it takes years of study to become quick and fluent in interpreting a message. Many times the message is misconstrued to mean something similar or not what the spirit person intended to say - often only the client/sitter can know for sure - the medium is reliant on their feed-back.
For example, if a spirit person impressed upon me the image of a daisy I would interpret that to mean summer, the month of August to be precise. My guides know that's what the daisy means to me and will help the spirit person to communicate their message through me. A daisy to another medium may mean a person, the name of a pet or a pattern on fabric. It's all down to personal experience and interpretation.
The colour pink to me means feminine love, the love of a mother or grandmother being sent to the client. To someone else it could be a colour that they can't stand or the colour of medicine or a name or even a baby girl.
It takes years of practise and giving messages, studying the craft of mediumship and communication to be able to pass on a meaningful reading with depth and accuracy. You need intelligence and empathy towards people to understand their problems and to get close to their energy so that they trust you enough to allow the message to come through naturally - without fighting for the information - which brings about a successful and healing sitting.
There is a huge responsibility on the part of the medium too and many novices and amateurs forget that. To give another person advice, that you say is from spirit (therefore passing the onus from yourself onto spirit), to have them accept that advice and perhaps act upon it is an honour and not something to be taken lightly. A medium has the ability to assist to change a person's life and that change should always be a positive one. A student of the esoteric has to have the best intentions at heart, must not cause harm and always work with love and kindness. There is no place for resentment, anger or any negative emotion when working with energy.
If you want to be a medium, healer or therapist of any kind then strive to be the best that you can be. Study your subject, immerse yourself in it, learn all there is to know. I have studied the paranormal and spirituality and religion for more than twenty years and still learn more on a daily basis. I will never be done - I will never know it all but I can be a good person, have integrity and be honest and teach what I have learned to others and so can you.
Tomorrow on this blog - a simple exercise to explore your thoughts on different objects which will expand your interpretation of symbolism ability.

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