Friday, 18 November 2011

when spirit want you

It's all very well us here trying to connect with the spirit world but what about when they want to tell you something?
When someone passes to spirit they essentially stay the same, except they don't have a physical body or needs any more. Their character and personality however, remain. They may have more understanding and be more tolerant or humorous but you will still recognise them if they come to you in a reading.
When your head is busy with modern life and its distractions we forget to access our inner selves and connect with our own spirit so what chance do our spirit friends have of contacting us?
They have numerous methods of getting our attention but they are mostly subtle and mustn't intrude on our own thoughts too much or influence our choices too strongly - they are not allowed to interfere with our free will.
The most common connection is by dreaming about someone who is in spirit or living. This possibly means that spirit are trying to connect you to someone who needs your help or support or if you dream of a dead loved one that they are trying to give you a message. Try to analyse these dreams as they are special and usually hold a symbolic message that needs a bit of thought.
Another way that spirit can connect with us is by coincidence. They give us a thought, we recieve it and think it is our own mind, then a moment later you hear the song, hear or speak the words, or see a picture that connects all the things together. Don't dismiss coincidence as nothing. The other way they reach us is via others. I don't mean just through mediums but by our friends and family. When someone is thoughtful and gives us a card or gift just because they wanted to or calls us, it is lovely and is often influenced by spirit. Those kinds of gifts often come to us when we need them the most.
A favourite song is played just as you happen to turn the radio on, you notice the flowers that someone loved, any visual reminder could be spirit giving you a nudge.
They can of course come to us in visitation too. This is when they temporarily leave their spirit home and pass through the dividing dimensions to ours. We can sense them when they are that close and it is what happens when mediums work. When they are near you it can make you feel like you're being watched, you may smell a perfume or cigarette smoke or other familiar odours that you connect to a person. You may hear their breath, hear movement or even speech. If you are lucky you may even get a glimpse of them.
The best way to connect with them though is through meditation. There are different ways to meditate and everyone does it differently. With practise it is possible to be able to tune in very quickly when sensing spirit. It is a last resort when spirit start moving things or pushing things off shelves and tables to get your attention. By this time they are becoming frustrated at your lack of awareness!
If you do decide to tune in and meditate for contact always work with love and good intention and keep your sense of humour - you'll need it.

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