Thursday, 24 November 2011

a simple exercise for mind expansion - symbolism

Below are some simple techniques for expanding the mind with regards to objects. We tend to take things at face value. We see something, we name it as we are conditioned to do, we move on. If we spend longer looking at something we may see more or something different than we at first realised.
There may be subtleties that are easily missed that with a closer look become the beauty of the object in hand.
Take for example a rose. Just a flower. Just a rose. You can see them all the time, they are familiar and innocuous.
To expand your mind you must examine the rose in minute detail and take your time discovering it as though for the first time. You look at the rose, you smell the rose, you notice the velvet of its petals and the way they curl so beautifully. You appreciate its perfection. Is it in full bloom or a bud? What does that signify for you?
Now you notice the colour. The next part of the exercise is to recognise what a rose means to you. Is it love, or a memory of something specific? Does it put you in mind of a relative? Could it be a name? Is a rose personal or something you associate with valentine's day or a wedding? Everyone has their own way of perceiving an object and you must recognise what things mean to you if you are to interpret spirit people successfully.
Now think of the colour of the rose. Whatever colour you have imagined your rose to be is meaningful to you. Spirit will bring their own colours to you for interpretation.
My rose is yellow. It reminds me of my grandma who grew and picked yellow roses because they were her favourite. It also takes me to the summer months when she would harvest the best ones for a vase. So a yellow rose for me means a close bond with another person and the summer months being significant in that relationship. Simple.
Your colour may remind you of a person, a time, a memory or a season. An event, a celebration or a funeral. It could symbolise romance to you. Think about all aspects of the rose and what they evoke in your mind. When you have exhausted examining the flower then you can move on to something else such as a piece of fruit, a vehicle, a tool, a book, a bird, an animal, a colour etc.
Spirit people can only work with the material that is already in your brain. It is very hard for them to plant information in your thoughts without there being something to build on unless you are in a trance state - and that is hard to achieve.
If you want to give structured, thoughtful and intelligent messages then the study of symbolism is important and practise of communication is vital. You don't have to know everything but the more you do know will make you a better and more interesting person as well as a good conduit for spirit.

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