Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How to connect to the spirit world

It's the question everyone wants the answer to. Surprisingly it's easy to connect to the spirit world, whether you should or not is your decision. There are plenty of books and websites out there that will give you methods of contact so I have no problem with giving you an easy method here on my blog. This works for me and for many other mediums, it is safe as long as your intentions are good ones and you work with love. Try and work for self gain or manipulation of others and you're on your own, I'm not coming to fetch you from where you're going. So - the connection.
First find a place to sit down. Somewhere not too comfortable that you could go to sleep and not lying down because you will definately will drop off!
Make sure you are not hungry but have not just eaten a heavy meal, have water by your side, switch the phone off.
Close the curtains if you want to, have music if you want to, surround yourself with crystals if you want to - please yourself but none of these will make any difference to your connection. If spirit want to commune with you they will come regardless.
Whether you believe in a protective higher power or not is your choice, however it is always a good idea to ask the Source for protection when you work with spirit. I say a little prayer at this point, acknowledge how cared for I am, state that I work with love and ask for protection and guidance whilst I try to evolve. (psychic protection is ultimately your own responsibility. Guides will help if you ask but the object is to get you to be responsible for your own thoughts, actions and safety.)
Next take a few deep breaths and relax. Sit upright with your palms uppermost resting on your knees and your legs uncrossed, feet planted on the floor. Eyes closed but if you prefer them open - do that. We all sense in different ways.
Next imagine before you a gate. Any kind of gate, spirit don't care. Open the gate and walk through. This is you beginning to meet the spirit world half way. Close the gate after you. Don't worry you will be able to get back through it.
Imagine a path in front of you. There is only one path, to the left is forest or whatever you like and to the right is water or forest, again whatever you like. Your job is to stay on the path and walk ahead. Notice the flowers that border the path, notice the light that surrounds you, look at things close up, examine them for detail, how do you feel?
Then imagine a park bench on the right-hand side of the path and go and sit on it. Pick a flower that grows by the bench and look at its colour, the shape of the petals, smell its perfume, feel the velvety petals. Then notice a face emerging from the centre of the flower. It will be someone you know, someone in spirit who loves you and wishes to be remembered. When the person is clear in your mind look to your right and they will be sitting beside you on the bench.
Have a chat. A laugh. Share a memory. Arrange to meet again in the same place.
To come home all you need to do is to say goodbye and walk back down the path, through the gate, and bring your awareness into your body.
Put your hands together in the prayer position and imagine locking your astral body (which looks just like your physical one) back into you. Finally imagine small roots growing from the soles of your feet into the ground - to ground you so that you are not spaced out, dreamy or unable to concentrate.
Then - you're done. You can try this two or three times a week for ten to twenty minutes but no more to begin with. Try to sit around the same time each time so that spirit know where to find you and you build some discipline. Take a note of what you see so that you can record your progress.
At the very least you will have had a few minutes meditation and at best you will make a connection that will uplift you and give you strength for the future. So there you have it; easy peazy.

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  1. what if there is no one close to me in the spirit world ? who would communicate with me?
    can i find my twin flame in spirit world or can anybody in the spirit world help me seek my twin flame.????