Monday, 14 November 2011

dead or alive?

Imagine you see the ghost of someone you know. It could be anyone - a relative or friend or even someone famous. Would you assume that the person concerned must have died? I expect that you would.
However, it is possible to see the ghost of a living person and it does happen. I could offer you several explanations but the most common reason you would see the ghost of a person you know to be living and well is because they are thinking of you or have something important to tell you.
When we are in the sleep state we all leave our physical bodies and travel in the astral body. The astral body is the replica of our physical body and so we look as we do now. Some practitioners can astrally project whilst still awake or using only light trance techniques but we can all do it when we sleep.
So if a familiar face wakes you in the night it does not necessarily mean that they have passed over, they could simply be visiting you, or wanting to be near you for a while. A person does not need to be dead to astrally project their image to the living.
A good example (I have many) happened just the other night. I was sleeping when I felt the bed move beside me (husband wasn't in bed at the time) I could hear steady breathing and so opened my eyes. I could plainly see my 10 year old daughter laying by me, her head on husband's pillow. She looked peaceful and asleep. She stretched her arms up and out over the pillow then put them to rest on her chest. The room was gloomy but the hallway night light provides enough light for me to see furnishings and make out the layout of the room and things in it.
I reached over to give my daughter a cuddle only to find she wasn't really there. It didn't surprise me that she evaporated in front of my eyes, it has happened before with her and with others. And before you start - yes, I get my eyes tested and no - I'm not nuts and nor was I dreaming. I just see things that you may or may not have done and I have worked to understand the mechanics of how such things occur. It is natural law and nothing to be afraid of. I do get a bit fed up with sceptics who think that they can belittle me or my intelligence and credibility by calling into question my experiences. There is so much evidence in the world if you bother to look for it and opportunities to learn how to sense and see but it takes dedication and a lack of fear to succeed. I just happen to be one of those people who can see and sense, like many before me, and who is brave enough to document it and speak of it. All I ask for is respect from others and mostly that is what I get because 9 out of 10 people I speak to have had a startling encounter or frightening experience themselves that has left them in no doubt about the spirit world. My response to sceptics is to say "When you die you will have to come back to me and say sorry for being rude, because you're going over before me." That usually shuts them up.

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