Tuesday, 15 November 2011

a baby is born

This week a baby girl was born to our family, she is beautiful and will be much loved - but this got me thinking. When a child is born to us it is usual to celebrate, to be grateful that the baby is healthy and to welcome the much wanted newborn (in the ideal circumstances). The newborn is a soul just like the rest of us, it has a spirit and its own identity which is seperate from our own. The soul also has friends and loved ones in the spirit world - just like us - so how do the spirits and guides that love this soul feel when it leaves them for a while to come to us?
Many mediums will tell you that when one of us dies and crosses over there are great celebrations in the world of spirit, just at the time when we are mourning deeply here on earth for our partner, friend, loved one. So would it not make sense for the reverse to be true too? When a soul comes to be born to us would not those left behind mourn their loss?
The Universe has a wonderful way of achieving balance and can do so in many ways that we will never come to understand or ways that may seem cruel to us. Understanding or at least accepting the balance, the trade-off, the karma goes a long way to coping with modern demands in our lives. We have a lot to worry about and some of us become bogged down by worrying about global problems that we as individuals are powerless to influence, we cannot take on everything that is wrong, we can only heal ourselves and our immediate environment, but if everyone did that....the world would be a better place.
With rebirth comes sacrifice or loss and in turn further rebirth or renewal. Nothing ever truly ends and we never truly lose anyone, but understanding that is the key to peace.

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