Tuesday, 29 November 2011

grief - here and there

When we lose someone close to us, through natural means or through tragedy, it is painful in the extreme. It is difficult to understand death; why someone loved would leave us, especially when they are young and full of life.
Feeling bereft, lonely and sad is natural. The energy of grief has its stages, it is a process that must be gone through and can't be ignored. Anger too is a natural stage of grief and understandable in situations where people have unresolved issues, unsaid words or have left problems and debt behind them.
Grief brings questions not just about life but the purpose of death. For some the questioning of God and His existence are to the fore - afterall why let someone love another only to be broken by their loss? Who could be so cruel - surely not a loving God?
Deep inside most of us there is a desire to believe that there is a God, that we are cared for, loved and watched over and indeed we are, but not in the way that some think.
Higher power is a benign source. It learns via us and our experiences, it will not interfere with our free will and therefore change our fortunes - our soul would not want that. All experience when seen at soul level is valued, however traumatic it may seem at the time.
For those who are grieving a sense of perspective of the overall picture can be helpful, but some are not ready for philosophy - their pain is still too raw. Understanding of the grieving process and the reasons for someones death can help the bereaved to heal, but what about those people that lose someone in extraordinary circumstances or the missing? Where questions are left unanswered? How do those people continue to live in despair?
Could you deny such a person some solace whatever the means? Mediumship can provide that solace. It can answer questions that no-one else can even guess at.
I have given messages to the grieving many times. I have sat with the mother whose son died riding his motorbike. I have held the hand of the father whose son hung himself. I have cried with the sister of a murder victim.
I have also described the appearance and character of the motorbike son and reunited him with his mother when no-one else could. I gave the father of the son a message containing intimate information only they could know. The murdered sister brought love and peace to her distraught sibling via mediumship. All of these meetings were possible through the power of love which cancels out all negative or harmful emotions.
I have many examples of profound experiences that have brought nothing but peace and understanding to my clients. Some I have charged a fee for, but many I have not, especially the more heart-breaking situations - how could I? Could you?
Through the wonderful people I have met I have gained understanding and compassion but also gratitude for the simplicity of my own life in contrast. Grief is helped to heal by understanding the process of death and its meaning for the person who has made the transition to spirit.
A person does not feel pain at the point of death - the spirit will be released before unbearable pain can be experienced. It will decide when enough is enough.
If you have a loved one in the spirit world who you are grieving for remember this:- think of them with love, remember the happy times for they receive the energy of the thoughts you send them. If the thoughts are of love then they will be able to come closer to you and your healing will be quicker. If you send grief and anger, your loved one will receive that energy too. The negative or heavier thoughts will cloud your aura and they will not be able to come close and give you comforting thoughts. If you love them, send them love so that you both heal together. They miss you too. They grieve too but they come to understanding faster than we do here on earth because of the healing and counselling they receive in the afterlife.
Grief is cruel, but is also a fact of life. Our hearts will break time and time again but in the end we will all be together in the light.

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