Sunday, 30 October 2011

halloween witches

Halloween again. I love it the darkness, the pumpkins, children dressed up in scary costumes and the fun that it brings. The tradition of laughing at the evil spirits thought to be in the ether is an old one. Laughter dissipates fear and what better way to take away someone's power than to laugh at them?
I expect that there will be the usual witches dancing their ceremonies at Alderley Edge, Clumber Park, The New Forest and other beauty spots of the country. Let's hope it's not too chilly for their sake. I did once see some naked witches dancing around a fire in Clumber Park one evening. It was dark, their hair long and wild swaying around their bare skins as they danced, holding hands, singing and whooping as the fire crackled and spat its way through forest branches. They scared me at first but as I drove by I watched them and saw the joy of freedom on their faces. Eight women, dancing as they wished, naked, in the night air, flames at their feet and a song on their lips. I was just curious after that, to understand their beliefs and then to learn about other faiths.

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