Thursday, 20 October 2011

Clever Creation

Despite what people may think it is hard to sit down and think of something to write about that is interesting. It pulls a writer up short when they find they have no fabulous anecdotes or weird experiences to share - 'what a boring life I must have,' they cry.
So what? I say. We all have mundane tasks to do, we all have household admin and tedium in our lives. We do not live in a soap (although if you watch Jezza Kyle some people clearly do) with dramatic twists and turns. That's why people buy and read fiction, sci fi, fantasy, horror and all the other genres - for escapism.
Without the multitude of fabulous imaginations and clever authors that bring us things that we would never have thought of, life would be dull indeed. All the films you watch, all the programs on TV, all games you play are all devised by writers and put together as a team or solely. When you think of your favourite films and books you have to admire the human capacity for fantastic thought and creation.

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