Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Blogger Is Born

I've done it - at last. I've never been aftraid of technology, quite the opposite, I embrace it as long as it's easy to use and functional, but I have always been wary of putting myself in the public arena. However, today it seems that almost everyone lives their lives in the spotlight - so why shouldn't I? Afterall I am trying to build a career as a writer, if I don't tell people how will they know?
Right now I am unpublished but I'm working on that.
My first novel is called Inside The Light and the second is in progress and growing fast.
I try to write every day even if just a little. Rainy days are the best for writing; cosy up, wood burner on, dog at feet - bliss. Oh, and there might be a little stack of chocolate by my side too.

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