Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I'm in the mood...

Although I'm not a moody person by nature I notice that these days I do get grumpy if I don't get to write. I suppose that's a sign of a writer who is serious about doing something with their (hopeful) talent and someone who writes as a hobby or for pleasure.
It's as though there is creative energy inside of me and if I don't let it out it leads to constipation - you know what I mean.
You will have heard advice in the past which told you to write down things that were making you unhappy and then throw the note on the fire or write a ranting letter to your other half to vent your frustrations, but then rip it up. It's a release of pent up emotions and ideas and writing creatively is the same.
My brain is like a busy airport runway. Ideas landing and taking off at all times of the day and night. Some ideas stick around longer than others and it's these that I need to type up asap. Trouble is when you have a family and you are wanted in three places at once. I'm good but I'm not that good.....

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