Friday, 21 October 2011

luxury health care - for dogs

I've had my dog to the vet's this week, a thorn stuck in her paw caused an infection. I can't help comparing her experience to that of my recent trips to A&E.
I made a phone call, the vet said "bring her in right away." A quick car journey.
My husband's broken collar bone took us to A&E one evening.
The vet saw my dog within 3 minutes of signing in.
He waited 4 hours on a plastic bum numbing chair, to be seen.
The dog had a private consultation room.
He was seen in a draughty cubicle with many eyes watching.
The dog was treated with shots then scheduled for surgery the very next day.
Husband had to wait a further 2 hours for an x-ray. Then a further 1 hour 30 minutes for the result.
Dog was given a drink and a couple of treats.
He had nothing, not even pain relief, unless he used the vending machine full of unhealthy snacks.
No surgery required, luckily, but I wonder how long the wait would have been for something non urgent.
Is it me or do our pets get premium medical care while we languish in waiting rooms with people who come along in their slippers, empty the vending machines of chocolate and coke and settle down to watch the telly? Apparently it saves them putting a coin in the electric meter and they don't have to have their heating on at home.
I'm told the NHS is the pride of Britain. We all know it's in severe trouble. It will go the way of America, the rot has already set in, and we will have to pay a premium for private health care. It's only a matter of time before there are ambulances for the insured as in the US. Will we then be able to opt out of paying taxes into the NHS?

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