Thursday, 1 December 2011

how to cleanse an energy field

We all have an energy field - an aura. Some people are lucky enough to be able to see the energy in the form of colour and movement and some can sense it.
Most of us have sensed the aura without even realising. You know the feeling - you walk into a room and you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. Or we don't like being around a certain person or group of people, somehow they make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. These are times when your energy field is communicating to you and really we should all take more notice of the signs we receive. You should always trust your gut instinct.
If we have spent some time in an environment that we find unpleasant or unfriendly with people that are the same then we carry some of that energy within our aura. Think of the aura as an antenna that receives information, in order to process that information it must absorb some of the energy.
The aura is naturally able to cleanse itself to some degree and often when we leave a destructive or negative place or person the aura will shiver the contamination from it. We recognise it as a shiver down our spine and shoulders.
There is always a chance though that the absorbed part of the contamination will remain or if the energy has made you feel angry, tired or depressed it may be that you have allowed it to reach as far as the chakra system and affect your emotions. If that is the case a cleansing exercise is needed. Ideally you should cleanse your energy as regularly as you wash physically in order to stay clean and clear. That way you know that if you are feeling emotions they are your own and don't belong to someone else. We are sensitive beings, some more sensitive that others, but we all have the same physiology both physically and energetically.
The following exercise can be performed quickly or you can take your time. It can be used individually or for groups, buildings, cars or wherever energy needs to be purified. There are many ways to cleanse an atmosphere or person but this I have found to be the most effective. No tools are needed, it is free and easy to remember. It was taught to me by a spirit guide and there are clear reasons for each of the colours used.
Imagine before you what or whoever needs to be cleansed, if it is you then put the light into yourself at the appropriate points.
At the crown of the head imagine pure white light entering the body/house/car etc. Allow the light to fill the body completely, next allow green light to enter the soles of the feet/ground floor of the house etc. Green light belongs to the earth and everything with earth energy - that is to say everything physical - contains this energy therefore it must be renewed and replaced.
When a person performs a cleansing exercise and only brings in divine light through the crown they are ignoring their physical self and will find that they live in their head too much, they are too dreamy and lose focus on their lives. They think too much and do not have the balance of the spiritual/physical life as it should be. Bringing in the physical energy of the earth allows healing to take place, renewal of the cellular structure and grounding.
Then add golden light through the crown, this is the angelic ray and will bring guidance and peace into your aura enabling you to cope with situations and to see things in a more philosophical way. Blend these coloured lights together. Then cease the flow of light from the crown and feet until it is just a thin strand, do not cut off altogether.
Next in the heart imagine the pink light of love. Allow the light to grow and fill your aura with it. This is the protection of love. It will help to absorb negativity that comes to you and dissolves negativity within you. It will help to attract love to you.
Then put a thin bubble shell around your aura to lock all your good work in. You will still send and receive information via your aura, it will not be cut off from the outside influences, it will just be able to handle them better.
Finally centre your Hara line, there should be a solid white line that runs from the top of your head down to the root chakra. Then imagine small roots growing from the soles of your feet and into the earth to ground you so that you can function in the world.
Try the exercise, if you use it as a spiritual technique then that's good, if  you use it as a mental technique to bring peace into your busy schedule then that's even better because you are taking time out for yourself and acknowledging your body and spirituality which in turn will make you feel better and more balanced. You can't lose.


  1. Just 'happened'upon your blog (yeah right!) Love your clear explanations on so many interesting subjects. I appreciate your gift of service. Thank you very much x Jules in NZ.
    ps. I have never commented on a blog before so forgive the anonymous, don't know how to change that.

  2. thank you so much for your feedback, it's much appreciated. regards Avril