Wednesday, 14 December 2011

what does a spirit look like?

If you're lucky you may see a spirit in a form you can recognise, such as a person wearing clothes from a particular era which enables you to date when the person was in existence upon earth. Quite often though, spirit don't present that way. If they want to communicate with a medium and to pass a message on to someone they know, then they are likely to do so in order that the client will recognise who they are.
If a spirit is just passing through or visiting a location however, you would be more likely to see them in orb form. There are many pictures of orbs on the internet, many of which are not the real thing but also many that are. I usually see them with my eyes and then photograph them.
A common way to see a spirit is to see their chakra system as a heat haze effect. When they try to manifest and want to be seen, which is a difficult thing to achieve for a person who has passed over - it takes an immense amount of energy, the chakras can be visible rather than the physical projection of a body they are trying to create because the chakras store the power needed to manifest. The solar plexus being the power centre or battery pack of the energy system for all of us and therefore the easiest to see as it is larger.
A manifestation is usually a team effort and requires power and knowledge. For a spirit who is earthbound and has not crossed over to their spiritual home, harnessing available energy and holding it is easier and they are able, with practise, to manifest and sometimes very solidly.
It is possible for you to see an earthbound spirit and not realise it because they will look as solid as you or I. You may have walked by someone, sat by someone or even spoken to someone who is not in their physical body. Check back through your photos, you may have captured one.
An earthbound spirit can exist for many hundreds of years, trapped by their own emotion and never show themselves to anyone or they can learn to mimic the appearance of the spirit who visit them to try to get them to cross over. They can copy and learn to manipulate energy over time but a good medium will be able to see the difference immediately between the two energy systems because the earthbound spirit will be more dense in composition and will have little light, there will be no joy in their emotional state and there will be an underlying fear that can be sensed.
Earthbound spirit who become noisy are often ready to be noticed and to be rescued and therefore are trying to get your attention, but not always. A medium would be able to speak with the spirit to find out its intentions. Some spirit become noisy to get the household occupants to leave or to cause the energy of fear within them so that it can feed and grow stronger on the negative energy being produced.
I am always perturbed when people tell me that they have a spirit living in their house and they are happy to share their space with it and they live harmoniously together. This is not right.
Someone who has died needs to go home, to be with their soul group and to progress through the levels of development and understanding that exists in the higher realms. When just one soul from a group is missing then the whole group is held back, they cannot progress as a whole if they are not whole, that is their agreement.
It is not right to share your life with an earthbound spirit either. It can have consequences to you such as the spirit influencing your decisions, your health, finances and them trying to exist through you and then becoming attached to your energy, your personality can change as you become more in tune with the emotions of the spirit. This is not right either, you are an individual with your own path to follow and opportunities to take. Such a cohabitation holds you back too. You need privacy, you have intimate moments and you don't want a spirit watching you all the time, which it will do if it lives in your house or environment. They don't belong in this world anymore and need to go home - a good medium will take a spirit home even if it resists, they do not have choice when it is time to go - they pollute the atmosphere with their thoughts and fears, they clutter the airways of thought transmission and ultimately have their own agenda and become more selfish the longer they are in the astral body state. The majority do not do this on purpose or malevolently but because of the process of becoming an emotional representation of yourself rather than a physical one, it can't be helped. That's why they need to cross over and receive healing and guidance from the light angels. Your energy is being misused by a cohabiting spirit and the situation should not continue. Any medium that tells you that the spirit is happy living with you and does not need to go home is mistaken. There are ways to convince them to leave or at worst take them over without their consent. It comes down to a matter of knowing what's best for the stuck spirit and because the intention to help them is so high in comparison to the fleeting anger they may feel it is regarded by the light beings as being in the spirit's best interests and for the highest good, so the medium (aka me) is excused the interference.
Spirit who are living in the light and wish to let you know that they are alright tend to do so through the dreamstate. They choose this method because it is gentle and you are on the astral plain during this time anyway and so you are easier to access. Their intention is not to frighten you, manifesting before whilst you watch tv would probably be a shock! So they use a gentler method.
For mediums who work clairvoyantly spirit show themselves more subliminally or subjectively. They are given an impression within the mind of their appearance which they then translate. Objective manifestation is when it is seen with the physical eyes and perhaps by more than one person. A medium will know the difference between seeing subjectively and objectively, there is a definate difference in the type of energy and emotion felt during the encounter.
Spirit can also show themselves to you through thoughts. If you have a loud thought that doesn't seem to fit with the way you usually think or the way you structure a sentence and your words, question where that came from - it could be a loved one trying to get a message through, but if the message is hateful, spiteful or negative in any way send it away if you know it doesn't come from you. It may be from an earthbound spirit who is trying to latch on to you and if you tell it to go it will move on, but you must mean it.
Always work with love and never fear and if you are lucky enough to encounter spirit it will be a moment you wont forget.
Tomorrow on the blog cutting the chords - when a relationship ends

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